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My Time At Sandrock: Best Tips for Beginners



My Time At Sandrock is an amazingly charming game. In the sequel to My Time At Portia, the game follows a similar formula. While the game is still in Early Access, it has garnered much attention. Many improvements in My Time At Sandrock have been made that weren't present in My Time At Portia. These improvements in the game have led to a higher amount of interest and investment from players. Here is My Time At Sandrock: Best Tips for Beginners.

5. Do Your Commissions

Doing your daily commissions in the game is a surefire way to make sure you progress rapidly. If you are unsure about undertaking these commissions, it is as simple as going to the commissions office and accepting a commission from the board. While you are limited to one commission per day, doing these tasks are vital to success. These commissions can range in what they want you to do and the reward you get upon completing the task. In addition, completing these tasks will ensure you have enough gold to manage resources and tools and garner more reputation for your workshop.

Reputation is essential in My Time At Sandrock, as you want your workshop to be as successful as possible while going through the game. Therefore, leveling up your workshop through the reputation system is crucial to be as efficient as possible throughout the game. Furthermore, doing this will ensure you can upgrade your equipment, increasing your productivity. All in all, undertaking commissions is critical for players who wish to get ahead in the game early.

4. Building and Managing Storage

Building and managing storage is essential within a game like My Life At Sandrock. If players cannot properly utilize their inventory space, it can lead to significant issues progressing in the game. So it is recommended that you build storage space as soon as possible. Doing so will allow you to place all the items you gather items and place them in a space that isn't get cluttered like your on-hand inventory will. Cluttering up your inventory is one way to become frustrated with the game, as it can be time-consuming. So it is better to mitigate this problem early.

This tip is significant for players who wish to focus more on crafting as they will use a lot of their inventory space on crafting materials. Unfortunately, these materials often require too much space in the player's inventory and become quite cumbersome as they play. This makes regularly cleaning out your inventory a quick and easy way to be as efficient as possible when you play. The simplest way to alleviate these problems is to upgrade your inventory. However, if players do not wish to upgrade their inventory or don't have the means to, they can also build storage spaces to hold their items. This makes building and managing storage an essential tip for beginners.

3. Meeting New People

Meeting new people within My Time At Sandrock is one of the most enjoyable ways to put yourself ahead within the game. Players wishing to help out various townsfolk around Sandrock will find it advantageous to do so. Often these characters will have bonuses or even gifts for the player to accept that will help them along their journey. Players can see what kind of bonuses they can receive from helping these people within the Social Journal menu.

Checking in on this Social Journal will help ensure that your relationships with the various townspeople go smoothly. This will allow players to be rewarded for befriending these characters. In addition, it allows them to get ahead of the game early if they nurture the right relationships. One of the easiest yet most effective ways to gain a reputation with a particular member of the town is by talking to them daily and tending to their needs. As simple as it may sound, meeting new people is one of the best ways players can get ahead of the game in My Time At Sandrock.


2. Upgrade Your Workshop

Upgrading your workshop is one of the best ways to ensure success within My Life At Sandrock. Players can achieve this by going to the machine menu in-game, obtaining blueprints, and giving them to the Research Center. In addition, upgrading your equipment is crucial to increasing the productivity of your workshop. This will allow you to produce more items, making it easier to do commissions and generate gold. Upgrading and tending to these machines will inevitably create a domino effect leading players to gain more and more resources for their time invested.

In conclusion, upgrading your workshop is crucial to the player's success in My Life At Sandrock. Doing so will allow you access to new crops to tend to and create new facilities to support your endeavors. In addition, this will increase the efficiency with which players can work within the game. Therefore, upgrading your workshop, while it may sound like a simple tip, is critical to a player's success within My Time At Sandrock. Furthermore, this makes it one of the best tips for beginners just starting the game.

1. Do Not Deplete Resources

Players will no doubt find the resources located around their farm. However, it might seem simple to start using them and chopping or mining away, as this harms players in the long run. Furthermore, players who choose this easy route will soon have to start paying fines for their resources. This is not the only deterrent, however, as players will also fall out of favor with the townspeople the more they deplete around the area.

Robbing an area of its resources will hurt the player exponentially. While they might not feel this right away, removing resources from Sandrock's barren landscape will prove problematic. This doesn't mean that players cannot harvest these resources. However, it just means that they have to be wiser about it. Players can grow a tree farm on their land, making it easier to grab these resources without affecting the local area. All in all, players should seek to gather resources efficiently. This will ensure both the player and the townsfolk will be happy and provide the player's success.


So, what's your take on My Time at Sandrock? Do you agree with our tips? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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