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5 Best Games Like Coral Island



Coral Island is a game that has garnered a lot of games that undoubtedly were inspired by it. Whether through their gameplay or aesthetics, these games are very reminiscent of Coral Island. As farming sim games are growing in popularity, now is the time for games like this to thrive. These games have their charm and offer relaxing gameplay, deep systems, and mechanics. Here are our picks for the 5 best games like Coral Island.

5. Sun Haven

Sun Haven is a delightful game reminiscent of games such as Harvest Moon. The game features a heavy emphasis on player professions. These professions range in scope, but all are viable paths to success in Sun Haven. The list of occupations available in the game is as follows: miner, fisher, mage, farmer, and warrior. All these occupations have their abilities and quirks though any of them can be enjoyed by players. This ability to choose what you want to be offering varied gameplay within the game and adds to its replayability.

Players who want a more combat experience, however, will be glad to find there is an entirely separate area for such activities. In conclusion, Sun Haven is a game that players of many types can enjoy. Players fond of games such as Coral Island will undoubtedly enjoy Sun Haven. Additionally, this game has hours upon hours of content to offer players who want to delve into it. These reasons listed are why Sun Haven is the first on our list of 5 games like Coral Island.


4. Potion Permit

Potion Permit is a fun experience and a great time for players who enjoy games similar to Coral Island. The game follows the player character who wishes to save a town called Moonbury. In this charming town, there is a disease that players seek to heal. Seeking to accomplish this through their alchemical knowledge, the player must save patients with various ailments. However, they are not alone in this journey, as they have their trusty brewing cauldron and a canine companion. Ingredients for these medicines can be gathered throughout the world, adding a bit of gathering to the player experience.

In conclusion, Potion Permit is a game that players who love Coral Island would enjoy, whether for their gathering gameplay or the ability to gain materials from various wildlife. Furthermore, Potion Permit is a game for players who want this type of gameplay to rally behind. Finally, players can also build relationships with the townsfolk, allowing a little downtime between saving the town. Therefore, we can safely recommend Potion Permit for the above reasons and many others.


3. Roots of Pacha

Roots of Pacha is a cooperative farming and life sim similar to Harvest Moon and Coral Island titles. The game is set in the Stone Age and invites players to create their communities within the game. The players are encouraged to make their villages last as long as possible. Being able to develop and use different technologies makes this task rather fun and exciting. Players can find new animals, discover new crops, and participate in the game's many festivals.

In closing, Roots of Pacha is a delight to play with friends and solo. Whether you want to engage in combat or fish to pass the time, because it shares many similarities to Coral Island and other titles listed here, Roots of Pacha offers a polished experience for players. It is for that reason, as well as others, that it is listed here. Players should look into Roots of Pacha if they are interested in games such as Coral Island. This similarity in quality Makes it the third entry on our list of 5 games like Coral Island.


2. My Time At Sandrock

My Time At Sandrock is the second My Time At series installment. Existing alongside My Time At Portia, My Time At Sandrock is a game based in a desert biome, filled with more lush greenery than Portia's location. My Time At Sandrock is connected to the other game, as they share a timeline. The game features genre staples such as farming, crafting, and gathering. Crafting and gathering are how most of the time in the game will be spent.

Possessing its unique charm, the land of Sandrock is quite endearing. The game certainly makes up for what it is missing in terms of foliage and Viewtiful vistas. While it lacks the lush greenery of Portia, there is also something beautiful about the scarce desert oasis. While the game might have a similar gameplay loop to its sister title, the identity of My Time At Sandrock is all its own. For this reason, we have no qualms with recommending My Time At Sandrock as the second entry on our list of 5 games like Coral Island.


1. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the finest games of its genre. Being inspired by games such as Harvest Moon, this title is an extemporary example of what a farming/crafting sim can be. Seen as the forerunner in the resurgence of these types of games, Stardew Valley is unique from a lot of its contemporaries. The gameplay loop of Stardew Valley is immensely satisfying, and the ease with which players can understand and accomplish many things in the game is astounding.

Whether you are the type of player that likes to stick to farming or the adventurous type Stardew Valley has something to offer everyone. It is this variety in gameplay that keeps players returning again and again. Players who do not wish to farm can find themselves in the mines battling with skeletons if they choose. That being said, if players enjoy gardening, nothing hinders them from merely doing so throughout the game. This variability helps Stardew Valley stand out amongst its competition as one of the 5 best games like Coral Island.


So, what do you think of our list of the 5 best games like Coral Island? Do you agree with our top five picks? Are there any games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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