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5 Features That Should be Added in The Next Stardew Valley Update

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Stardew Valley is nothing short of a magnificent game and helped change the scope of farming games when it was released. Over the years, ConcernedApe has continued to put out the contact for the game. This includes the addition of new quests and even a whole island. Now that the game has had its credit roll, though, players can't help but wonder about the future of the game. Luckily, it seems a new Stardew Valley update from the creator will always be on the way. ConcernedApe doesn't seem to be done with the games, and players can't help but talk about the features they want next.


5. New Marriage Candidates

One of the biggest draws to sim games like Stardew Valley is marriage. The next Stardew Valley update would do well to include some new marriage candidates. The ones already in the game are fleshed out well and most players have married all of them. The inclusion of the fourteen heart event for all the candidates was a huge step, but players want more. Many players have always wanted the ability to marry Sandy, or Clint, the blacksmith. These would be easier to implement and would help bring a bit more lore to the already established world.

If it wasn't one of these already established characters, then maybe someone new could move to town. It could even go the route of other farming games where a seasonal character appeared that you could work towards marrying over a period of several years. No matter the route that the new characters would go, players would be pleased. It's already hard to pick who the best NPC is in the game due to the intresting lore surrounding all of them.


4. A Tractor

One of the most popular mods you can get for Stardew Valley is a tractor. In the next Stardew Valley update, this mod could be made official to make the act of carrying for large farms a bit easier. In the mod, you do have to purchase the Tractor before using it to keep the game balanced. Once you do, you can hop on your tractor and choose what you want to do. You can use the tractor to plow your field for the new season, help plant seeds, fertilize the ground, or even water your crops.

This would likely be an endgame-type purchase, but it would be great for players who have special goals. After all, running a large farm can be quite time-consuming, even if you have sprinklers installed and Juminos running around. The game could even let you ride the tractor into town and make it a little faster than your horse.


3. Rival Marriages

As mentioned above, marriage is a huge draw for farming sims. One feature that doesn't get used to often in the genre is rival marriages. This allows for marriage candidates to marry each other. For example, Harvey and Maru are shown together during the Flower Dance, implying a possible relationship. This feature would allow couples to get married after a few years and move in together. At the very least, they could be shown as dating and have a slight schedule change.

Furthermore, in some games, rival marriages have led to kids. This could make it, so your child had the option to have playdates in town. If the game ever let you child grow up, then they'd be able to marry one of the children of the rival marriage. This would also force players to work a bit harder towards marriage as there would be an end date for wooing the partner of your dreams. While this would be a complex Stardew Valley update, players would love it.


2. City Travel

From the very start of the game, we know that there are cities present far away from Pelican Town. In fact, Pam drives a bus that can take you to Zuzu City, a location that is briefly scene during certain heart scenes. The city can offer unique items that a small town won't have. If a small portion of the city was available, it could be a great way to get new items. Players could buy things like trends clothes or furniture from city shops. There may even be some new tech they could pick up to make their lives easier.

In addition, a city area could be used like the town movie theater for dates. Opening up a small portion of Zuzu City to visit creates a huge amount of possibilities. ConcernedApe could even show some Jojo corp. goodness using this populated location or let you visit the home office. There are a lot of possibilities that any new area would open up, and this could be similar to how Ginger Island was done.


1. Wizard Lore

One of the most asked-about characters in Stardew Valley is the Wizard. The Wizard does help you learn about the Juminos, but he doesn't play a major role in town. He hides away at festivals, and little is known about him in general. One of the game's most interesting pieces of lore is that he has a daughter. It is even confirmed that he knows this daughter lives in town leading to all sorts of fan theories. The most popular being that Haley is actually his child.

Players are hungry for ConcernedApe to reveal the Wizard's secrets. In fact, many would be happy if the character would also talk more about what happened with his wife. Lore about the character may even be more requested than some of the other features above. After all, players love putting together the secrets of Pelican Town, and this is one that's yet to be solved. It also wouldn't be out of place as the game already deals with heavy topics in Shane's route.


So, do you think that all these features would enhance Stardew Valley? Do you agree with our top five picks? Are there any games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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