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5 Games Like Potion Permit

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Potion Permit is a game with a unique charm and endearing gameplay elements. Potion Permit is a game that tasks the player with saving a tiny town through alchemical means. Players can scavenge for ingredients and farm as well. Farming is done so players can craft the necessary items to save the city of Moonbury. Armed with your witchy knowledge and a cauldron in which to brew potions, the player must save the city. With that being said, here are 5 games like Potion Permit.

5. Wylde Flowers

Wylde Flowers is a beautifully stylized game with many elements you will be familiar with in other farming simulation games. Players take on the role of Tara, a girl initially from the city that has moved to the more rural area of Fairhaven. Her purpose there is rather multifaceted. Serving to tend to a farm, fish, cook, and craft, Tara soon becomes essential to the city and its people. Wylde Flowers takes the formula popularized by games such as Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley and adds its unique twist to them.

While the game does not hide its influences, it adds a mystical flair to them. This mysterious flair makes for a more exciting experience for those interested in the more magical elements of the game. However, Tara's journey to becoming a witch is one they have to discover on their own. Adding this element to Tara's character also opens up a new world of possibilities for the player. How will you choose to help the town of Fairhaven? All of this is up to you in this beautifully stylized title.


4. WytchwoodBest Games Like Little Witch in the Woods

Wytchwood is a game that is as enchanting as the magic used within it. This title is enveloped in an adorable aesthetic. However, while the game appears cute, some of its influences are anything but sweet. Players will explore to learn more about the world they inhabit by featuring a mix of gothic fairy tales nestled in its cozy charm. The world of Wytchwood is rather strange, with its mysteries and curiosities to discover. The lands you inhabit all have their unique charm and are an adventure to explore.

All in all, Wytchwood is a game that allows the player to become a witch in the classic sense, brewing potions and crafting spells. However, while it will enable the player to do so, the game does not feature a traditional combat system, instead opting for a trap system in which you can ensnare your enemies. Every enemy is not the same; however, each has its weaknesses that the player can exploit. Doing so will allow the player to get further into the game and obtain specific items. All this adventure and more await the player if they decide to play Wytchwood.


3. Sun Haven

Sun Haven is a terrific game that focuses on trade. Players can choose which profession best suits them to become as lucrative as possible or to enjoy themselves. With several options as to what the player can become, such as a farmer, warrior, fisher, or miner, the game certainly isn't short on opportunities for the player to explore. Sun Haven is a game with a heavy emphasis on skill progression and many other RPG elements.

Sun Haven even features questlines for the player to undergo, as well as romantic options for those who choose to woo their way through the game. However, romance and farming are not the only way to progress, as there is another land in which players can battle monsters called Withergate. In between trips to this area, players can tend to their crops which offers a more relaxing experience. Sun Haven also features multiplayer for those who want to explore these lands with friends. In conclusion, Sun Haven is a bright star who follows in the footsteps of games such as Potion Permit, which players should undoubtedly enjoy.


2. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an absolute icon among games of its type. This game charms the player relatively quickly by featuring farming, combat, and romance options. To offer a quick synopsis of the main story of Stardew Valley, the player character is whisked away to farm life at the behest of their dying grandfather. Through this move, they are encouraged to discover what is truly important in life. Working on the farm is framed as a path of self-discovery.

Players can also battle enemies. Battling enemies is done by visiting mines in the game. Doing so will allow players to fight slimes in the world's caves. Fighting these slimes will let you find and craft gear within the game. The items obtained from fighting in the mines also benefit the player. With so many options for the player to explore and a charming lovely world, Stardew Valley is undoubtedly one of the most solid titles of its kind. For players who seek an experience similar to Potion Permit, Stardew Valley offers a truly remarkable experience.


1. Littlewood 

Littlewood is a town-building game that offers a lot of heart. After the player begins rebuilding the world after an unknown entity, a strange force saves the world, and Littlewood begins. Players can explore the world of Solemn to their heart's content. In addition, players can persuade different NPCs to join their town and add to its ranks. Meeting and conversing with these people may hold the secret to unlocking the key to past events. Finally, players who wish to become rich can find that selling items to the shops in-game is a lucrative way to earn currency.

In conclusion, Littlewood is a game that players who enjoy Potion Permit will enjoy. With many crafting and gathering elements, players will feel right at home. For that reason, as well as others, we choose Little Wood as a game in which those who enjoyed Potion Permit can rally behind. So please check out this title and the other titles on our list of 5 games like Potion Permit.


So, what do you think of our list of the 5  games like Potion Permit? Do you agree with our top five picks? Are there any games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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