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Rise of Industry 2: Everything We Know

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Rise of Industry made a big splash among fans who love to dive deep into the world of business games. It is all about creating your own industrial empire from scratch, figuring out the best ways to manage resources, produce goods, and make your businesses thrive. It became a favorite, with players spending countless hours figuring out the best ways to grow their businesses in a game world that felt alive and constantly changing.

Now, there's a buzz around Rise of Industry 2, and it's shaping up to be even more engaging than the first. The sequel builds on what fans loved about the original, and if you're a seasoned player of the first game or someone new to the series, there's a lot to look forward to. So, let's dive into what Rise of Industry 2 has in store for us.

What is Rise of Industry 2?

Rise of Industry 2 features an intricate snow-covered industrial cityscape

Rise of Industry 2 is an upcoming sequel that promises to redefine the landscape of business simulation games. It builds on what players loved about the first Rise of Industry but aims to bring even more to the table. It's designed to be a deep dive into the world of building and running your own business empire.

At its core, the sequel is all about the excitement and challenges of managing a manufacturing empire. This isn't just a repeat of the first game; the developers are promising new features and improvements that will make managing your business more interesting and realistic. They're putting a lot of effort into making every part of the game better, from how it looks to how it plays, showing their commitment to delivering a top-notch gaming experience. It invites players to step into this iconic era and tackle the unique business challenges it presents.


Industrial complex ablaze with activity in Rise of Industry 2

The backdrop of Rise of Industry 2 is an era defined by its spirit of innovation and the pursuit of profit. Players will transport themselves to the 80s U.S.A., a time when the country's economy was booming, and opportunities for business expansion were vast. The narrative of the game does not follow a single storyline but instead offers players the freedom to carve out their path to industrial success. Through strategic decision-making, players will navigate the complexities of the global market and technological advancements to establish their empire.


Rise of Industry game shows a vibrant, thriving farm scene

Rise of Industry 2 is set to be the next big thing for fans of business simulation games. This upcoming game builds on what players loved about the first game, but with even more depth and features to explore. Players will get to create and grow their own manufacturing empire, facing new challenges and making strategic decisions every step of the way.

For those who've enjoyed Rise of Industry, this sequel will feel familiar yet fresh. The game will introduce 15 unique scenarios, each with its own set of challenges. Whether you're trying to turn around a struggling business or aiming to dominate a market, these scenarios will test your ability to think ahead and adapt. And if you like doing things your own way, the sandbox mode lets you build your business empire without limits.

Moreover, you will get to decide what your factories make, from toys and drinks to high-tech gadgets. It’s like being a real business owner, making all the big decisions about what to produce and how to get it to customers. You have to think about how to keep things running smoothly, making sure you have all the resources you need, and finding the best ways to make your products.

In addition to this, trading with other countries is a big part of the game too. The game will allow players to buy resources from around the world that they need for their factories and sell what they make to other countries. It’s a great way to see how businesses depend on each other globally. So, players will need to be smart about how you deal with other companies and keep up with what's happening in the world market to make the most money.


Image depicts a bustling, futuristic city at night

Rise of Industry 2 is being developed by SomaSim and published by Kasedo Game. The developers are bringing their passion for the genre and their expertise to the table, promising to elevate the game to new heights. “We’re thrilled to be working on a game with an existing player-base and a devoted community such as Rise of Industry 2. We know players will have certain expectations of a sequel, and we’re excited to be able to meet those while still bringing in a range of innovative new features for new and existing players alike,” said Matt Viglione, co-founder of SomaSim.

Another SomaSim co-founder mentioned, “Continuing our relationship with Kasedo Games also made this an easy decision for us to make. This will be our third game working together following Project Highrise and City Gangsters and the relationship we’ve built over the last decade has been a great foundation for us to really hit the ground running”. This strong partnership means that players can look forward to a game that's well thought out and fun to play.


Rise of Industry 2 | Announcement Trailer

The Rise of Industry 2 trailer is a standout, quickly diving into the game's vast features and industries players will explore. It's a vibrant peek into the strategic depth and diverse opportunities that await in this eagerly anticipated sequel. For a glimpse into what makes this game special, make sure to check out the trailer!

Release Date, Platforms, and Editions

A game showcases vibrant city-building simulation

The developers have not announced a specific release date for Rise of Industry 2 yet, but anticipation is high for its arrival on PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S platforms. They have not revealed details regarding different editions of the game or any potential pre-order bonuses. For the latest updates and announcements, you can follow the official social media accounts of the developers here.

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