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RIN: The Last Child Game

Metroidvania games have a special allure, inviting players into magical worlds full of exploration and secrets. And there's an upcoming title that promises to deliver an enchanting experience: RIN: The Last Child. It is a spellbinding Metroidvania fairy tale that blends exploration and crafting for a unique gaming experience. As RIN, you'll venture through mythical lands, rediscovering your mythical abilities and facing formidable foes—your own transformed siblings!

But what secrets lie within these fantastical realms? And who or what stands in the way of RIN's quest to save the world? Well, keep on reading because we've got everything you need to know about this game!

What is RIN: The Last Child?

RIN: The Last Child is an upcoming Metroidvania game that invites players on a magical journey. You play as RIN, the last child of the Creator, on a mission to restore balance to a mystical world facing chaos. The game focuses on exploration and crafting, giving you a unique experience every time you discover the secrets of the Aspects of Magic and embark on a self-discovery adventure. The story draws inspiration from ancient myths and explores themes like authority versus freedom and the power of choices

As described by the developers, “Rin is a branching story Metroidvania in which the player will explore the world and fight challenging enemies with unique magic combinations. We play as Rin – a demigoddess – who’s burdened with the task of restoring balance to the decaying World. Soon she’ll discover the hidden truth behind her mission and that her decisions will decide the fate of the World – and the fate of the Divine Order.”


The story of RIN: The Last Child is set in a world where ancient myths and magic blend together. It draws inspiration from the legendary tale of Cronus and his troubled relationship with his children. As RIN, the last child of the powerful Creator known as the Teller of Tales, players embark on a quest to restore balance and order to the mystical lands.

But this is more than just a retelling of old stories. The game explores the essence of creation and the passing of gods, contemplating how new divine beings replace the old. The tale weaves themes of obedience to authority versus the longing for personal freedom, as RIN grapples with the impact of her choices. It's a dark fairy tale filled with magic, where the fate of the world hangs in the balance. With three possible endings, players' decisions will shape RIN's path and the destiny of the mystical realm.


RIN: The Last Child Gameplay

The gameplay of RIN: The Last Child revolves around exploration, spell-crafting, and intense boss battles. It invites you for a dark fairy tale adventure that will take you through mystical lands full of wonders and dangers. Based on the trailer and revealed details, the gameplay is a masterpiece that will keep you hooked.

The gameplay centers on a fascinating spell system. You can create 18 different elemental spells in attack, defense, and utility categories. Combine Aspects of Magic and Spell Patterns to craft these spells, resulting in a whopping 7776 variants with Lesser Runes, Great Runes, and Upgrades. You'll have the freedom to disassemble spells and reuse their components, encouraging creativity and strategy.

As you proceed, you'll encounter various creatures formed by their surroundings, from pesky Slimes to menacing Rats. But the real challenge lies in facing the powerful bosses, your transformed siblings. These battles aren't just about strength; your choices shape the story and lead to three different endings. It adds depth and keeps you invested in RIN's quest to save the world.

Furthermore, you'll unlock RIN's mythical powers, making her even stronger. The blend of exploration, spell crafting, decision-making, and epic boss battles creates an engaging experience. The dark fairy tale setting, inspired by ancient myths, weaves a rich narrative that complements the gameplay seamlessly. Overall, RIN: The Last Child's gameplay promises an exciting and immersive adventure.


RIN Game

The RIN: The Last Child is developed through a collaborative effort between Space Fox Games and Klabater. Space Fox Games, formerly known as World-Loom Games, has a history of partnering with leading premium casual game publishers like iWin, GameHouse, Big Fish Games, Artifex Mundi, and Sheepyard. On the other hand, Klabater, an indie game developer and publisher based in Poland, boasts a diverse catalog of over 30 games published on various platforms. Together, these talented teams have combined their expertise and creativity to bring us the enchanting world of RIN and her mystical adventure.


RIN: The Last Child - trailer 2023

Space Fox Games has unveiled a tantalizing trailer, offering a captivating glimpse into the world of RIN: The Last Child. With breathtaking visuals and thrilling gameplay, the trailer leaves us craving for more. If you haven't seen it yet, don't miss the video embedded above for a thrilling preview of the game's gameplay.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

RIN: The Last Child is set to release on on September 21, 2023. It will be available on a wide range of platforms, ensuring that players from different gaming communities can join in the adventure. The game will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. So, whether you are a console enthusiast or prefer the flexibility of PC gaming, you won't miss out on the chance to experience this enchanting tale.

As for special editions, the developers have yet to reveal any official announcements. The developers have kept things under wraps for now, but fans are eagerly waiting for any updates on limited editions. While the standard edition promises an exciting experience, there might be special editions with exclusive in-game items or art books.

So, don't forget to mark your calendars for September 21 and get ready for an immersive adventure! Also, you can stay up-to-date with the latest announcements and updates by following the official social media accounts of developers here.

So, are you excited to embark on the mystical journey of RIN: The Last Child? And what aspect of the game intrigues you the most? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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