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Raft: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



If you're new to the game Raft, you'll quickly find out it's all about staying alive on the open sea. You start on a small raft with just a plastic hook and you’re surrounded by water, floating debris, and yes, a very hungry shark. It might seem like there's a lot to take in at first, especially when you're trying not to get eaten or die of thirst. But don't worry, with some beginner tips for Raft, you can get a good start and make your ocean adventure a successful one.

So, what's the best way to survive and make the most out of your floating home? The game has its own set of rules, and it's important to learn them well. To help you out, here are five important tips that every beginner should keep in mind.

5. Understand the Crafting System

Raft Tips and Tricks

As the backbone of your survival, the crafting system in Raft is a multifaceted tool that can mean the difference between thriving or sinking. The first time you open your crafting menu, you might be overwhelmed by the array of items and structures available. It's crucial to familiarize yourself with different categories, from simple tools to complex building materials.

In the beginning, prioritize tools like the plastic hook to gather more materials quickly. As you progress, keep an eye out for blueprints and other special items, as they can unlock more advanced crafting options. These advanced items will be essential for improving the quality of your life on the raft, and eventually leading you to the endgame. Remember, in Raft, every crafted item has its unique utility, so never hesitate to experiment and learn.

4. Be Strategic with Building

With a plethora of building options at your disposal, you might be tempted to craft a mega-raft immediately. However, it’s vital to plan out your construction strategically. At the start, your raft is small and vulnerable, especially to our sharp-toothed friend (more on that later). Ensuring a stable foundation with enough space for essential tools and storage is more vital than aesthetic considerations.

Moreover, as you expand your raft, always think about defense. The ocean’s waves and that pesky shark can quickly undo all your hard work. Building nets on the outer edges of your raft can help collect resources as you float by them while reinforcing the base of your raft can keep the shark at bay. As you progress, the multi-level structures can help you organize and better manage your floating haven.

3. Keep an Eye on Your Vital Stats

Raft Beginner Tips

In Raft, you need to watch three important numbers: Health, Hunger, and Thirst. If you want to survive, you can't ignore these. Health is simple; it’s your life bar. If this number reaches zero, you lose. But, it's the Hunger and Thirst bars that will often give you the most trouble. When they get too low, your Health starts to drop, and you can die if you're not careful. Your Hunger goes down over time and when you're doing hard work. If you let it go too low, not only will your Health start to drop, but you'll also move slower and get less done. Thirst is a little more urgent. So, finding fresh water is a big deal from the moment you start playing. If you don't drink enough, your Health will go down really fast.

So, start by making a simple grill for cooking food and a water purifier for fresh water. You can cook things like potatoes, beets, and fish on the grill. For water, you take a cup of ocean water, put it in the water purifier, and wait for it to turn fresh. As you get better in the game, you can make even better food and drinks that help you in different ways. It's easy to forget to check these important numbers when you're busy building or finding materials. So, try to make a habit of looking at them often. Some players even make a special area on their raft just for storing food and water. That way, it's easy to remember to eat and drink.

2. Shark Defense Basics

If you're playing Raft, you already know that the shark is a big problem. It keeps coming back to bite your raft, and if you're not ready for it, you can lose a lot of your hard work. But don't worry, handling the shark is easier than you think. You just need the right tools and some smart planning. Your first tool should be the Wooden Spear. Make it as soon as you can. When the shark tries to bite your raft, use the spear to poke it a few times. This will make the shark go away for a little while. As you collect more stuff, think about upgrading to a stronger Metal Spear.

You can also make Shark Bait to keep the shark busy. Throw it in the water, and the shark will go after it, leaving you free to fix your raft or gather more resources. Next, you should know that the shark has a pattern. It doesn't attack randomly. After you use your spear to make the shark go away, you can guess when it will come back. Use this time to fix your raft or get more items. Being ready for the shark is better than just waiting for it to come back.

1. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Last but certainly not least, Raft is a game that shines when played with friends. Playing this game with friends is a game-changer. When you're part of a team, everyone can focus on doing one thing really well. One person can look after steering the raft and fixing it, another can work on collecting stuff, and someone else can keep the shark away. By splitting up the work, everyone can be more efficient, and you're more likely to survive for a longer time.

Being part of a team also makes decision-making a lot more fun and interesting. When you're alone, you make all the calls. But with friends, you have to talk things through and make plans together. This can be really exciting. You'll need to figure out how to share resources and decide where to steer the raft. Playing this way makes the game much more than just trying to survive; it makes it a team effort where you learn to work together. Another great thing about having teammates is that they can help you out if you get into trouble. If you get knocked out, a friend can revive you and save you from losing the game.

What's your take on these beginner tips for Raft? Have you found any strategies of your own that have been game-changers for you? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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