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5 Best Survival Games on iOS & Android (March 2024)

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Survival mobile game character faces menacing spiders

Mobile survival games have become a big hit, as they're all about using your skills to make it through tough situations. Think of being lost on a deserted island or finding your way in a world after everything's gone wrong. As our phones get better, these games do too. They let us experience big adventures no matter where we are. Many people love these games because they're exciting and challenging. But with so many games out there, it can be hard to pick the best ones. So, we've put together a list of the five best survival games on iOS and Android to help you out.

5. Lost Future

Play NOW in Lost Future

In Lost Future, the game drops players into a world filled with zombies, where staying alive is the main goal. You get to roam a big area set in a time not too far from now, fighting zombies, finding food, and making weapons. The game looks amazing, with animations and graphics that feel like they belong on a gaming console.

Also, the story is a big part of the game, taking you on an adventure in a place called the Appalachians in the year 2035. As you play, you'll uncover a story that explains how the world ended up this way. This makes the game more than just surviving; it's also about discovering what happened. You get to pick your character and make them better over time, which means you can get really good at fighting zombies. But it's not all about fighting; sometimes you have to know when to stay back and keep safe to live another day.

You'll spend a lot of time making weapons and finding supplies to keep going. The game makes you think about when to fight and when it's smarter to avoid danger. And you need to keep an eye on your food and water too. It lets you wander through different places, each with its own dangers and stories. So, you'll face off against zombies and other survivors, using everything you've learned to stay alive.

4. Prey Day

Prey Day: Online Survival Trailer (Android & iOS)

In 2033, the world changed forever with the outbreak of a mysterious infection. This infection turned most people into zombies or strange mutants. Prey Day is a survival game set in a big city after this apocalypse. Players get to navigate through empty streets, build safe spots to keep zombies away, and explore to find out what caused this disaster. As one of the survivors, you'll need to manage hunger and thirst, find other survivors, and build a shelter from the materials you collect.

The game is an online, multiplayer experience where you share this new world with other real players. The city is huge, giving you lots of places to explore without any set rules. This open world is full of danger but also opportunities to find rare items and secrets.

Furthermore, clans allow you to access special areas, find unique items, and unlock new things to make. With a clan, you can take over military spots, set up a base, and have bigger fights on the streets. Crafting is key in Prey Day. You can make new weapons and gear from what you find around you. Here, crafting not only helps you defend but also lets you build your own safe space with traps to keep enemies out.

3. Frostborn

Frostborn - Trailer

This survival mobile game wraps players in a world full of myths where they team up with friends to fight off the undead and bring Viking lands back to glory. In this online RPG, players start from scratch, building a new capital and going on adventures to unknown places for treasures. The game's setting is a dark, cursed world where players, as immortal Viking warriors, must fight against dark forces and monsters to survive and reclaim their homeland.

In this game, players no longer fear death. They become immortal warriors, facing a new challenge: to defeat the darkness and its creatures without the risk of dying. This twist makes the game more about strategy and skill. So, players need to arm themselves, fight off dark creatures, and work together to overcome the challenges posed by the goddess Hel's black magic.

Furthermore, the game is built on teamwork and it mixes survival with MMORPG elements, allowing players to collaborate with others. They can build strong bases, face shadowy creatures, and compete with other players in exciting battles. The game has a class system that lets players choose their path, whether they want to be in the thick of battle, attack from a distance, or sneak up on enemies. In addition, players can trade with others, form alliances, or even betray friends for resources.

2. Doomsday: Last Survivors

Doomsday: Fight and survive!

If you enjoy games where strategy meets survival in a world taken over by zombies, then Doomsday: Last Survivors is a great pick. As a player, you become the leader of a group of survivors. Your job is to build and strengthen your base, explore areas hidden by fog, and fight against zombies and other groups. It has a detailed map that lets you zoom in and out, from seeing your shelter up close to viewing the entire world from above.

The game demands that you be smart about where you place your heroes and how you build your defenses to keep the zombies out. The game has a variety of skilled survivors, each with their own special abilities, to help you explore the world and defend your base. You have to lead your people, fight off zombies, and sometimes even attack other shelters to get what you need. Overall, it is one of the best choice for anyone looking for survival games on iOS and Android.

1. Don't Starve: Pocket Edition

Don't Starve: Pocket Edition Available Now on iPad

The final game on our list, Don't Starve: Pocket Edition, brings the wildly acclaimed survival experience from consoles and PCs straight into the palms of mobile gamers. This game keeps everything players love about the original—exploring, surviving, and uncovering secrets in a world that's a little spooky and very intriguing. As a player, you land in a place that's both weird and wonderful, filled with odd creatures and mysteries. Your goal is simple: stay alive. You need to keep an eye on your food, your mind, and your health as you make your way through a world that's different every time you play.

In this game, you need to be smart about how you use your resources. You'll collect stuff to make tools and build shelters. There's also a magic side to the world, where you can find and use special items that change the game in fun ways. The game has a lot of different things you can make, from a basic axe for cutting trees to magical potions. It keeps you thinking about what to do next to stay alive.

Moreover, the game's unique art style is a spectacle in itself, featuring hand-drawn characters and environments that evoke the feel of a living. Plus, the music and sounds make you feel like you're really in its strange world. This beautiful but eerie style makes playing the game a special experience, mixing fun with a bit of a scare.

So, which of these best survival mobile games has captured your attention the most? Are there any hidden gems we missed? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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