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5 Best JRPGs on Android and iOS

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5 Best JRPGs on Android and iOS

There are plenty of JRPGs on android and iOS to choose from, whether you prefer the classics or the new-school games. You can find all these types in your mobile Play Store. However, the overflow of titles may distract you from identifying which ones are worth spending your time on. That's where we come in; to provide you with the best story-driven titles with content you can enjoy. This way, you don't miss out on the best mobile gaming experience.

Despite the tiny screens they feature, mobile JRPGs still give us a chance to get lost in fantastical worlds of adventure. And since not all mobile RPGs are free-to-play, you'd want to make sure the experience is worth the price you pay for. That's why we put together a list of five of the best JRPGs on android and iOS today. Find out which games these are below.


5. Chrono Trigger

chrono trigger

Chrono Trigger is among the biggest mobile JRPGs that you do not want to miss out on. Some would even rank it among the first RPGs that helped popularize the genre. Aside from being one of the earliest games on the list, it is also one of the best. Sure, it has had to go through a few quality upgrades, like some graphic touch-ups and optimizations to accommodate the modern touchscreen, but the game retains its originality. 

Chrono Trigger features a brilliant story with amazing world-building mechanisms. And for those who grew up playing the game, you are bound to experience nostalgic episodes as it is one of the most memorable JRPGs on mobile today. The game gives you an overhead view of the terrain from the aerial map. As you explore the open world, engage in dialogue with NPCs who can help you acquire the equipment and services you need. When you are not too busy taking down enemies, you can also indulge in some of the game's puzzles and try to unravel them.


4. Honkai Impact 3rd

JRPGs on Android and iOS

Honkai Impact 3rd is more of an action than an open-world-based game; although the mode exists as an in-game feature. The game is well recognized for its diversity as it incorporates variant genres into its in-game modes. In this JRPG, you take control of a team of women called Valkyries to fight against alien invaders who have infiltrated the world. Subsequently, as you move forward in the game, you can recruit more Valkyries to fight for you to defend the planet. 

The combat system is pretty impressive for a mobile game. The characters can dish out a variety of combo attacks to overwhelm and eventually defeat enemies. Your Valkyrie skills can come in handy when you need to evade attacks and dodge enemy hits, which gives you the upper hand in combat. In addition, you can lead your strong team of Valkyries to decimate enemies and acquire victory. The graphics on Honkai Impact 3rd are impressive with amazing console-level clarity. 


3. Dragalia Lost

JRPGs on Android and iOS

Dragalia Lost is a Nintendo JRPG that is a lot less complicated than the rest of the games on this list. Nonetheless, it has managed to feature all aspects a good mobile JRPG should have. The game incorporated massive action plus an incredible story to go along. Not forgetting the intriguing voice-acting you most likely wouldn't want to skip. The most exciting part of the game is the hero can briefly transform into a dragon to deliver great damage to enemies.

Moreover, characters have different types of ability classes; these include healing, attack, defense and support. The game fully supports both multiplayer and single-player modes; up to 16 players can join a single game. This game mode is dubbed Raid Battles; players team up in groups of four and split the group into four different teams. Explore the kingdom of Alberia in an exciting adventure through the dragon age in one of the most exciting JRPGs on android and iOS today.


2. Final Fantasy IX

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One of the biggest games to ever come out on Playstation 1, Final Fantasy IX, has covered all the bases as to what made the Final Fantasy franchise special. The mobile version is just as good, with a brilliant story about a war-torn medieval fantasy world of Gaia. Enjoy hours of adventure involving a brilliant narrative, incredible playable and non-playable characters and cool battle systems.

The Final Fantasy series continues to kick ass from the time of its release to date. In this case, developers decided to update the game with the release of the mobile version. The main motivator being the need to remaster it to fit the dynamics of a handheld gadget. Therefore they modified some of the characters and tweaked a bit with the graphics to make the game more suitable for a lower RAM. They added in a few perks as well; the mobile version lets you max out your stats whenever you need to. This allows you to take down tougher bosses much quicker.


1. Genshin Impact

5 Best JRPGs on Android and iOS



Genshin Impact is a fantastical action-adventure game that is filled with exciting battles involving fun elements. You are required to switch between characters while playing this game; that is if you want to acquire swift victories. You'll have an impressive catalog to choose from, containing impressive characters, each with their own special abilities. 

The map content features a beautiful open world with plenty of quests to engage in, monsters to fight, and lots of resources up for grabs. You need to use the game's currency for new weapons and faster upgrades. As one of the newer titles on this list, the game lets you experience some of the best modern JRPG features, such as anime-like temperaments, dynamic gameplay and more. As the protagonist, you are required to rescue your kin from captivity and battle a god holding them prisoner. In case you decide to try out Genshin Impact, prepare to be stunned by the mysteries, quests and vast world that awaits to be explored. 

Which game from the list above do you think is the best JRPGs on android and iOS? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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