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5 Best Platforming Games on iOS & Android (March 2024)

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Platformers have always been popular. From old arcade games to today's consoles, we've loved them. Now, with phones and tablets, these games are everywhere. The platforming games let us jump, run, and explore right from our pockets. They remind us of old times but are made for today's screens. And there are so many games available for mobile that finding the best ones can be tricky. That's why we looked for the very best platforming games on mobile. So, read on to see our list of the five best platforming games on iOS & Android.

5. Swordigo

Swordigo Gameplay Trailer (Google Play, Android)

Swordigo takes you on a fun adventure where you get to explore a big world filled with secrets and challenges. The game makes moving and fighting smooth and exciting. You'll jump, run, and battle through different places like dark caves and green forests. Each area brings new and fun challenges that keep the game interesting.

As you play, you'll find cool weapons and magic spells. These help you fight enemies and reach places you couldn't before. Finding new powers makes the game even more fun because you can customize your character. Additionally, there are hidden treasures and puzzles all over the place. Solving these puzzles or finding hidden spots is rewarding. You'll get helpful items and feel great for uncovering the game's secrets.

Moreover, you can make your character stronger and learn new skills. This makes facing tougher enemies a lot more doable. Deciding how to make your character stronger is an interesting part of the game. Swordigo does a great job of mixing together action, adventure, and the chance to build up your character, making it a game you'll want to keep playing.

4. Darkrise

Darkrise - Pixel Action RPG - Teaser

Darkrise plunges players into a hardcore action RPG experience, where you can play as one of four classes: Mage, Warrior, Archer, or Rogue. Each character has their special moves and strengths, making the game exciting in different ways depending on who you pick. And hence, learning how to best use your character's abilities is part of the fun and challenge.

The game's story is about fighting off invaders like goblins, undead creatures, demons, and enemies from other places. You'll travel through 50 different areas, facing enemies that pop up out of nowhere or come through portals that appear randomly. The fights are exciting and keep you moving, with cool effects like the screen shaking and items flying everywhere when you defeat an enemy.

Additionally, the game allows you to upgrade your character. There are lots of different types of armor and weapons you can find, and you can make them even better by adding gems or getting them upgraded by the smith in town. So, there are many ways to make your hero stronger, ready to take on whatever the game throws at you.

3. Banana Kong 2

Banana Kong 2 Gameplay Trailer

If you love adventures and discovering new things, Banana Kong 2 is a game full of fun and surprises. This game takes you on a fast-paced journey through different places like forests, caves, treetops, and even icy lands at the north pole. You won't just run and jump; you also get to slide on snow with a penguin or surf on waves. Every time you play, you'll find new things to do, making every run exciting.

In this game, your animal friends come along for the ride, making things even more fun. You can glide on snow with a penguin or catch waves on a surfboard. Besides the fun rides, there are also missions to complete, bananas to collect, and special coins to earn. These help you buy cool stuff and make the game even more enjoyable. The controls are simple, so it's easy for anyone to start playing and have a good time.

Banana Kong 2 also lets you see how well you're doing compared to your friends. You can check out each other's best scores and try to beat them. Since the game changes every time you play, you always have new challenges. You can smash through obstacles, find hidden things, and keep improving your score.

2. Dead Cells

Dead Cells - Break the Bank, Breaking Barriers and Enter the Panchaku mobile release

Dead Cells is a thrilling platformer game for iOS and Android that mixes exciting combat with the unpredictability of rogue-like games. Players get a fresh adventure every time they start, making each game session unique and exciting. The game is all about exploring, fighting enemies, and getting better as you go. It's fun because it changes every time you play, offering endless new challenges and surprises.

The fighting in Dead Cells is really smooth and fun. You get a lot of weapons and special abilities to choose from, so you can fight in your own style. Whether you like to attack from far away or up close, there's something for everyone. The game encourages you to try different combinations of weapons and abilities to see what works best for you. Getting good at the combat feels great, especially when you're able to zip around enemies and take them down without getting hit.

Also, the game is designed so that each time you play, you discover new things and figure out better ways to beat the challenges. This keeps the game exciting because you're always finding new secrets and strategies. It's all about learning and improving, which makes playing feel really rewarding.

1. Grimvalor

Grimvalor - Android Trailer

For those who love jumping and fighting their way through games, Grimvalor is a real treat. It mixes quick action with cleverly designed levels. Players get to explore the dark, mysterious kingdom of Vallaris, filled with secrets and dangers. The fighting feels smooth, making it fun to beat enemies and jump around. Every move you make feels right and keeps you hooked, wanting to see what's next.

Grimvalor stands out because it lets players grow and change their characters. As you explore Vallaris, you'll find new weapons and powers. You can make these stronger and adjust them to suit how you like to play. Also, beating these bosses isn't just about being strong; you have to learn how they move and find the right moment to strike. Even if you lose a few times, the game makes you want to try again. And when you finally win, it feels great.

So, what's your take on our picks of the best platforming games on iOS and Android? Are there any other titles you believe should contend for the top spot? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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