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5 Games Like Potion Craft

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5 Games like Potion Craft

Potion Craft is an online simulator that allows gamers to make potions. Gamers get to run a shop where they can create an inventory, curate new recipes, and experiment as much as they want. You also get to customize everything. You get a chance to unleash your inner alchemist without fear of being physically harmed by the chemicals. If you never got your letter to Hogwarts and you missed out on your wizardly career, you can unleash your inner Merlin to your heart's content in this simulation. Gamers can take on the role of a noble artisan, a weasel, or a mysterious dark master of the mystic arts. If you enjoyed medieval times, magic potions, and gothic fonts in Potion Craft, then you might dig these games like Potion Craft.


5. Graveyard Keepers

Graveyard Keeper Launch Trailer

Graveyard Keepers is a game created by Lazy Bears and published by tinyBuild. The game begins with the player being run over by a car and tasked with maintaining the local cemetery. In his day to day he learns of a magic portal that will take them back to life. Gamers can build a medieval graveyard and manage it from scratch. You can expand your graveyard job to include more ventures. 

You have a lot of resources at your disposal, and you should try to expand your venture into a thriving business. There is also an underlying love story in the mix. Gamers also have to solve moral dilemmas along the way. For example, you can choose the proper quests to expand your business or choose to grind the corpses and sell the meat to the local butcher. You can also explore the mysterious dungeons and see what they are up to. This game is a dark kind of medieval exploration, but you will enjoy living with the townsfolk and building a life with them, so much so that you might find yourself not wanting to go back to your real life. 


4. Stardew Valley Game

Stardew Valley Trailer

Do you love the process of food production or fancy a homesteading lifestyle? This is just the game for you.  Developed by Concerned Ape, Stardew Valley is a farming simulator that allows gamers to live in a farming village and thrive as a farmer.  

That is just part of the game. You also have to develop working relationships with the townsfolk and work with them in the mines. The game calls for attention to detail, which is great because you can spend hours building up the little things. Listening to the villagers and their stories really gives life to the game, so it connects the town to the world at large. Gamers learn the value of family and community.


3. Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher - Official Launch Trailer

This is another farming simulation, but unlike Stardew Valley, where it is mostly farm work in the field, this one involves slime keeping. Slime Rancher involves a first-person perspective where gamers collect slime. As you continue to play, you develop more “plorts” and grow your farm. You can cultivate different slimes by feeding them different things. If one slime is fed two different splorts that don't go well with each other, it becomes a black evil slime called “Tarr”. This slime can cause chaos in the slime farm, and the gamer must use precious water to wash it away. The small touch the developers added where they create a real-life demand-supply gives the edge a realistic edge.

The slimes are colorful and wobbly creatures that dwell on Rainbow Island. Slime Rancher is not a multiplayer game, but using a few techniques, you can enjoy the game with friends. The game might have an unusual twist with the farming of slime, but this absurdity gives it the creative edge it needs to become a popular game for kids and adults alike.


2. Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress on Steam Announcement Teaser

Set in a fantasy world, Dwarf Fortress requires gamers to control a group of dwarfs who are on a quest to construct a wealthy fortress. It is quite expansive in its detailing as it includes very detailed characters, psychology, geopolitics, landscape, creatures, and specific minerals. The gamer gets to select a location on the map, and together with the seven dwarves allocated, they can begin building their colony. 

Amidst the building, you and your team will be doing woodworking, farming, metalworking, and masonry while fighting off goblins who invade your territory. You can also designate other skills such as glassmaking, pottery, tailoring, and leatherworking to your dwarves. Each dwarf has physical and skilled attributes that set them apart from each other, so you don't have to worry about mixing them up. In the game, you can build a reliable community that keeps growing, and at some point, you can collaborate with other villages to build a kingdom. 


1. Stoneshard

Stoneshard – Early Access Release Trailer

Well if you like medieval era games then you will like with Stoneshard, a role-playing game that follows a medieval mercenary. From Stone Shard, the game is based on a medieval mercenary on a quest through a war-torn kingdom. The mercenary has to take on contracts. fight and tend to wounds in order to develop characters. In this game, the player has many routes to take, and they can win or die in the process. 

Over time and experience, you learn more about the landscape and the tactics at your disposal. You get to explore the ruins that were once villages, fight the monsters lurking in dungeons, and traverse the abandoned road. The game has been designed to track your physical and psychological welfare. It also allows you to develop and use potions and weapons to help you win. So, in essence, you can also be a sorcerer of sorts. You have the freedom to choose what goes into your potion to make it more successful. 


There you go our top picks of games like Potion Craft. Do you have one you think we missed on the list? We would love to hear about it on our social media here or comments section below.

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