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Pokémon Violet: 5 Best Pokémon for Beginners



Pokemon Violet is a fantastic title that sees players exploring the Paldea region. In this game, there are many Pokemon to choose from, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. There are Pokemon with several unique abilities, and some are better starting out than others. This makes knowing what Pokemon to use early on really important. So, if you are someone who just recently got into the world of Pokemon Violet we hope you enjoy Pokémon Violet: 5 Best Pokémon for Beginners.

5. Lechonk

Starting off our list today of the best Pokemon for beginners in Pokemon Violet, we have Lechonk. Lechonk is a pig Pokemon that has an amazing starting defense stat, which makes them really durable in battle. This makes it a great early-game pick, in case you need a Pokemon who is able to soak up tons of damage. However, that is far from the only thing that this outstanding oinker is great at. Being a Normal type Pokemon, they are able to learn a great number of moves throughout the game.

This gives Lechonk a surprising amount of versatility, which is fantastic. Also, as far as aesthetics go, this Pokemon is absolutely adorable. Additionally, if you are looking for a Pokemon capable of applying status effects, this one definitely fits the bill. This makes Lechonk a wonderful pick for players who are just starting out in the game. Also, the Pokemon is rather easy to catch, and crops up quite often, giving you ample amounts of chances to catch one. All in all, Lechonk is one of the best Pokemon for beginners in Pokemon Violet.

4. Klawf

Switching things up quite a bit, our next best Pokemon for beginners is Klawf. Known as the Ambush Pokemon Klawf does a great job of surprising their enemies. For players who like to live a bit dangerously, Klawf has a passive ability in which they gain attack when they are lower than half health. This gives players just that extra boost of strength needed to defeat their opponents. This also is a great ability in that it makes dealing with more tanky opponents a bit easier.

Klawf is a Pokemon with an emphasis on Fighting-type and Rock-type moves. This combination allows for Klawf to hit enemies incredibly hard, while also being able to take damage. This tankiness is absolutely going to help newer players in the early game. Additionally, there are a plethora of moves for Klawf to learn, meaning you can adapt the Pokemon to different builds. This is wonderful, as it allows many players to have their own playstyle with the same Pokemon. To close, Klawf is one of the best Pokemon for beginners in Pokemon Violet.

3. Pawmi

Pawmi Pokemon

Next up on our list of the best Pokemon in Pokemon Violet for beginners we have Pawmi. Pawmi is an absolutely wonderful Pokemon for players to pick up early on. This is for a few reasons and there are quite a few factors that make them a great choice starting out. Pawmi features some devastating passive abilities that allow them to easily deal with their opponents. Firstly, Pawmi has the Static ability which greatly increases the chance of stunning an opponent. This can come in especially handy when facing slower opponents.

Secondly, Pawmi has the wonderous ability to heal themselves of status effects when being removed from battle. This is an absolute life-saver in several situations. For example, if players are being hit with status effects, they could send out Pawmi and return them in order to take on the effect. This is great, as it deals with the more pesky status-changing Pokemon in the game. So, with such versatility and resistance to status effects, it is no wonder Pawmi is one of the best Pokemon in Pokemon Violet.

2. Shinx

For the next entry on our list, we have Shinx. Shinx is an Electric-type Pokemon that has access to a great moveset throughout the game. This can be seen not only in the versatility of the moves they can learn but how effective they are at using them. Shinx is one of the stronger early-game Pokemon so it is highly advised that players seek one out and capture them. Doing so will ensure that your team has a great asset even early on. Consisting mainly of Electric-type and Dark-type moves, Shinx's move pool is certainly impressive and adaptable.

For players looking for an all-around solid pick, and a Pokemon you can depend on, you would be hard-pressed to find a better one than Shinx. Couple this with the relative ease they can be captured, and you have a recipe for success. Shinx is one of the best Pokemon for players starting out due to the variety of moves they learn early on, as well as overall dependability in the heat of battle. It is for these reasons, that we consider Shinx one of the best Pokemon in Pokemon Violet for beginners.

1. Paldean Wooper

For our final entry on our list of the best Pokemon in Pokemon Violet for beginners, we have Paldean Wooper. Now, Paldean Wooper, as the name would imply, the variety of Wooper only found in the Paldea region. However, there are quite a few aspects that separate this particular form of Wooper from your stock standard Wooper. For starters, the Paldean form of this Pokemon is a Poison type as opposed to the natural Water type. This simple change alone opens a world of possibilities for players starting out with Paldean Wooper.

Players will have several strong Poison-type as well as Psychic-type moves to choose from. This allows players to have a decent amount of variety when building their specific Pokemon. Additionally, this Pokemon can learn devastating moves such as Earthquake, which make it pack quite a punch. Also, for fans of Poison damage in the game, there is the Toxic move, which allows Wooper to poison their opponents strongly for several turns. In conclusion, there are many different Pokemon to choose from, even early on, however, we believe Paldean Wooper is the strongest pick for beginners early on in Pokemon Violet.

So, what's your take on our picks for the Pokémon Violet: 5 Best Pokémon for Beginners? What are some of your favorite Pokemon? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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