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How Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Are Different From Previous Games



Pokemon Scarlet & Violet seek to be quite different from their predecessors in the Pokemon franchise. As a result, these games feature several other aspects that make them unique from the games that came before them. In this article, we will discuss the differences brought forth in these new titles and what precisely these changes mean for a player looking to get into the games. So without further ado, here is How Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are Different From Previous Games.


5. The Emphasis on Player Choice

With the newest entries into the Pokemon series. Players are able to choose their own route this time around. Whereas older titles were a more straightforward experience, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet features many branching paths. This change in design philosophy means that players can now have more freedom to explore the world as they wish. For example, if you want to go down a particular branching path, nothing prevents you from doing so. In fact, if you want to follow multiple paths at once, then you can do so. Players can choose three paths or leading story routes this go-around.

The Victory Road path should undoubtedly be familiar to players who are not new to the Pokemon franchise. Within this path, players will travel across the region collecting Gym badges, ultimately leading them to Victory Road, after which they will become a Pokemon Champion. If players want a Pokemon experience that isn't so traditional, they can choose another one of the three main story routes. This emphasis on the player choice makes these titles stand out from previous games in the series.


4. A Sprawling Open World

While the open-world concept isn't inherently new to the franchise, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet implements this concept in a way that is quite different from previous games in the series. The focus on having such a large open world in which to explore makes the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet region feel more lived in than past offerings. The region of Paldea also offers players quite a bit of reward for exploring. For example, if you find that you are in an unknown area, perhaps you will find a new species of Pokemon you need for your Pokedex.

Players should not fear exploring the world in these newest entries because Pokemon Centers are often centrally located in your travels. Going to these stations will heal your Pokemon and allow you to shop for items you need. This new open-ended approach to gameplay adds a lot of variety in terms of what players can do within the games. While the game introduces paths to you, it does not hold your hand in how you go about doing them. This adds much player autonomy to the game, letting you explore this world how you want to.


3. The Terastal System

A new addition to the Pokemon franchise is the Terastal system. This system allows Pokemon to undergo a transformation that changes their typing. So, for example, if you had a Water-type Pokemon and used your Tera Orb to Terasttalize it, it would change the type of the Pokemon according to its Tera Type. This attempts to change up the somewhat predictable typing system within the game. This adds a layer of complexity to the battles as there are more typings possible now. The physical appearance of your Pokemon will also change according to their Tera Type. These Pokemon will begin to glitter and gleam as you use your Tera Orb to engage their transformation.

There are currently eighteen different Tera types for players to experiment with. Players can also charge their Tera Orb at any Pokemon Center. It should be noted, however, that you can only undergo this transformation once during the battle. There is also a chance for players to charge their Tera Orb in the wild due to the crystals overflowing with the energy found in the wilderness. Knowing how to use this system will determine your success in battle in the new games. This system hopes to change how Pokemon battles are fought and add another layer of depth to the time-tested battle system.



2. The Emphasis on Multiplayer Content

While there have been Pokemon games that featured multiplayer content in the past, these entries seek to implement this content in a whole new way. With the Tera Raid battle system, players will have to seek help from other adventurers to complete them. The Tera Raids are multiplayer raids that see players facing off against powerful opponents. Several new systems complement this new way of battling as well. These raids will also have a time limit, making their completion feel more like an event occurring in the world as opposed to another system to be interacted with.

Players will be able to team up with their friends and capture these Tera Raid Pokemon as well. This will give the player many items for completing the raid as well as being able to catch the Pokemon you raided for. This can be done by obtaining the players you want to work with's Link Code, which is needed to party up in this way. In addition, players whose Pokemon were defeated in the Tera Raid can still support their team through cheering, which boosts the allied Pokemon‘s stats. Altogether, the emphasis on multiplayer content is quite different in these new versions of Pokemon, and hopes to add more longevity to these titles.


1. A Truly Varied Experience

Players of these new Pokemon games will experience a variety that the other titles could not offer. In addition, the ability for players to chart their own path makes this title unlike many of the Pokemon games before. Whether you want to focus on capturing Titan Pokemon or find yourself enthralled with the world itself. There is no shortage of things to do in this title. That, I believe, is the element of these games that feels so different from other entries. Typically you know what you are getting within a Pokemon game, whereas with the new entries, they have been less predictable than ever before.

If you want to enjoy the world at your own pace, do so. But, on the other hand, if you're going to blaze through it and reach the end as soon as possible, that is also valid. This open-ended nature of the game design allows for the only limitation on the player is their imagination. The added multiplayer element is also distinctively different from past entries as well. These games focus more so on the cooperative component of playing together. Granting players brand new challenges to conquer together. I feel this spirit of togetherness permeates these Pokemon titles, making them more interactive and social than ever before. I believe this separates these entries from their predecessors within the Pokemon franchise.


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