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Every New Pokémon Announced For Pokémon Scarlet and Violet



Pokémon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are set to release soon. The Paldea region is teeming with new life and has a wide array of new Pokemon to collect and enjoy. These Pokemon are different in many ways, ranging in typing and overall ability. These Pokemon have been announced ahead of the game's release, and that is what we will be covering today. However, you should be careful because there are many unofficial leaks, but the information below is confirmed. So without further ado, here is Every New Pokemon Announced for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


15. Wiglett

Wiglett is an interesting Pokemon to cover. However, the garden eel Pokemon has a rather outlandish appearance. While they may look like the familiar Pokemon Diglett, the two are not related in any shape or form. Wiglett has a keen sense of smell, allowing it to evade enemies at a decent distance. Once it senses danger, it will burrow into a hole and hide from its enemies. While their appearance may not look it, Wiglett is a Water-type Pokemon.


14. Klawf

Klawf is a  cantankerous crab Pokemon that loves to ambush its foes. However, it is hard to sneak up on Klawf due to its rotating vision. One of the main ways Klawf attacks its prey is by pinching its enemies with one claw and attacking with another. This Pokemon can also regenerate its claws if lost in battle or whatever the situation may be. Ever the survivalist, when Klawf's health is reduced to below half, they gain attack power at the cost of some defense.


13. Greavard

This delightful dog has made quite an impression on players. Greavard is Featured heavily in one of the trailers for the upcoming games. This dog features a candle on its head that pokes out of the ground when it burrows. This dog is sure to be popular with many Pokemon fans in the upcoming games. While these Pokemon may have a spooky vibe, they are incredibly friendly. This makes Greavard one of the most anticipated Pokemon.

12. Farigiraf

This evolution of Girafarig is unique in its design. The Pokemon features the psychic tail of the giraffe Pokemon on its head instead of its tail. This allegedly raises the psychic prowess of the Pokemon. This Pokemon is also the first confirmed evolution within the new games. Their striking design is sure to leave an impression on players. The Long Neck Pokemon finally received some love in the form of this evolution.

11. Ceruledge

Ceruledge is a Pokemon that has a lot of mystery around it. With people speculating early that it could be a Legendary-type Pokemon. This Pokemon features Fire Blades prominently in its hands. This Pokemon is not above using sneak attacks to win a battle, either. All in all, the design of Ceruledge is excellent and rather imposing. Making it one of the most visually striking designs in the new games.

9. Armarouge

Armarouge is an absolute joy to look at. This Pokemon has one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs within the new roster. While they may only be exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet, based on looks, this Pokemon is set to be popular. This Pokemon also features Megaman-inspired cannons in which to blast away their enemies. This Pokemon seems to be on track to impact the community significantly.

8. Grafaiai

Grafaiai not only has an interesting name but an attractive design as well. This Pokemon is a Poison-type monkey that has saliva that resembles paint. This makes for a very intriguing design at first glance. However, this Pokemon also has a quirk about them, where their saliva will change color depending on their diet.

7. Fidough

Fidough is an adorable puppy Pokemon. It has an interesting intimidation tactic because it puffs up its body, which is made of yeast, to frighten foes. This Pokemon is sure to be popular among fans for its cute factor, so be on the lookout for Fidough.

6. Paldean Wooper

Paldean Wooper is similar to its standard form. Except that it is covered in dirt, giving it a distinct brown coloring. The Poison Fish Pokemon, otherwise, is essentially the same as Wooper. Its typing is also interesting because Poison and Ground type is quite different from the norm. This Pokemon might not be on everyone's team, but they are certainly interesting.

5. Pawmi

Pawmi is an Electric mouse-type Pokemon. Not to be confused with that other Electric mouse. The two do share similarities, however, with the paw pads on this puppy being able to shock enemies, much like Pikachu. Altogether Pawmi seems to be an exciting addition to the roster in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

4. Cetitan

Cetitan is the Terra Whale Pokemon. Being able to survive in harsh colds, this Pokemon has adapted to its surroundings. It features thick blubber to insulate itself from the cold and uses its horn to freeze its enemies. This Pokemon has one of the more outlandish designs but seems quite imposing based on design alone.

3. Smoliv

Smoliv is an Olive-type Pokemon. This is a unique design choice, as the Pokemon appears to be a frightened olive. The oil created by this Pokemon is used to slow enemies as well as nourish Smoliv. Smoliv is an adorable addition to the Pokemon roster. The frightened look on its face is pretty adorable when you stop and look at it enough. Players who like unconventional Pokemon designs should love this olive Pokemon.

2. Lechonk

Lechonk is an adorable hog Pokemon. This Pokemon appears to have an incredible sense of smell, which it uses to evade enemies. However, this isn't the only line of defense it has, as the smell it radiates also deters Bug-type Pokemon. While it may appear rotund and slow, Lechonk is surprisingly muscular, showing more than meets the eye with this Pokemon.


1. Bellibolt

Bellibolt is one of the new Pokemon being introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This Frog-type Pokemon is a partner to one of the new Gym Leaders, Iono. So we will surely see more of this fascinating frog along our travels through the games.

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