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N64’s Turok Rumoured to Join PlayStation Store This Month

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Seeing as we're on the hot topic of games crossing into new platforms, we thought it would be worth pointing out a new rumour which has since come to light. Turok, for anyone that can remember the critically-acclaimed Nintendo 64 series, is expected to hit the PlayStation Store this very month. Of course, as this is strictly rumoured at present and without any major evidence backing the claim — we do have to take it with a grain of salt.

That being said, Turok did happen to launch on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2019 after Nightdive Studios published remastered editions of both games. And, although PlayStation sadly missed the rollcall, it does seem likely that they'll be receiving their own slice of the pie soon enough. Plus, rumours suggest the Turok series could very well be hitting the shelves at some point this month, too. The 25th, to be more precise.

Turok Remastered - Gameplay Trailer

So, where does this all stem from?

Well, it just so happens that the UK PlayStation Store app recently published PS4 listings for both Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, and Turok: Seeds of Evil. Although both listings were removed shortly after dropping the hint, Reddit users were quick to take note of the error. Sadly, no screenshots were taken to help aid the leak — which is why we're sticking by our guns for the time being. But who knows — perhaps we could be seeing the 1997 first-person shooter hit the PS market soon? After all, the 25th is just a stone's throw away.

On another note, if you're feeling the urge to step back into the prehistoric shooter before the 25th, you could always pick up the remastered editions on Xbox One and Switch? Or, if you're gravitating more towards Windows or OS X, you can always locate the nostalgic editions via Steam? They are 60% off, after all.

Keep your eyes peeled for Turok on your next PlayStation shopping trip. We're crossing our fingers that, come the 25th, we'll be picking up where we left off in 1997.

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