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Hi-Fi Rush, Xbox Exclusive Might Join PS5 or Switch in 2024



Hi-Fi Rush in PS5 Switch??

In an ever-growing rumor in the video industry socials, the 2023 biggest Xbox surprise of the year could be coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2024. This follows an earlier revelation by a renown YouTube leaker, NatetheHate. The gaming vlogger suggests that Microsoft will be releasing a couple of their games to rival consoles. While no one is ultimately certain, it seems that many gamers and acclaimed leakers agree on the possibility of Tango Gameworks' Hi-Fi Rush crossing over.

The much-loved 2023 anticipation brought gamers new excitement, as it promised and delivered a unique game-style experience. The action game sets players in a highly chaotic environment with a mission to save the world through combat. However, each move and strike must be aligned to the rhythm of different music.

With such exciting expeditions, the game managed to scoop the best audio in The Game Awards 2023. Such a move would make it seemingly difficult to understand how Hi-Fi Rush would exit, given its success.

However, during December's end-year analysis, the game did not record a high ranking in play time. In fact, Hi-Fi Rush scooped a position just below 200th place with less than 1% playtime. Such statistics, following Microsoft's high anticipation, could be the deal-breaker for the franchise.

In the event that the game joins more consoles, more players will get the chance to enjoy this revolutionary game. Currently, the game is exclusive to the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Cloud Gaming and Microsoft Windows.

In much recent news, the game might not join the Switch versions. Instead, Hi-Fi Rush will head over to PS5 and Steam. Such a move will definitely increase the game's play time substantially. If all goes according to plan, PlayStation 5 owners will have something to smile about this year.

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