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5 Most Anticipated Kickstarter Games in 2023



It's fair to say that Kickstarter, being a product that not only aids creator's dreams, but also helps bring their wildest fantasies to fruition, is one of the best launch pads on the known web. And it's a platform that garners fantastic results, too, with billions of dollars collected each and every day for an enormous variation of projects.

As a result of Kickstarter's infinite vitality, 2023 alone will see in yet another batch of globally backed video games, some of which foster thousands, if not millions of devoted supporters. Question is, which of them are worth keeping an eye out for as we gradually work toward the first quarter of a new year? Well, if you're an avid gamer with an eye for slept-on indies, then here are the five campaigns we'd recommend following right now.

5. Poglings

Poglings Kickstarter IS NOW LIVE!

Poglings is an upcoming pet simulation game set around the Wild Vine, a network of tropical islands that are reported to foster mysterious creatures known as, well, Poglings. As a Hatcher, you will set out to not only win over the hearts of the cutesy creatures, but parent their every trait and help them evolve. Your ultimate goal: to build your nest and become the best Pogling Hatcher the Wild Vine has ever seen. Simple, right?

As it stands, Poglings has accrued just shy of 5,000 backers over on Kickstarter, making up more than $300,000 out of a standard $40,000 goal. Safe to say, then, that the project will go full steam ahead, and will, if all goes according to plan, shape up for a Nintendo Switch and PC launch. Interested in checking out the progress for yourself? You can follow the campaign for all the latest updates here.

4. Firmament

Firmament Teaser Trailer

From the creators that brought us Myst comes Firmament, an all-new puzzle-heavy mystery game by Cyan Worlds. In a similar vein to its previous works, the upcoming adventure will whisk you away to a mythical realm that's home to a treasure trove of clocks, gears, and mechanical gizmos—all of which will play a key role in an intricate overarching narrative and theme. Think Myst, Riven, and Obduction, but with a steampunk aesthetic, and you'll have a vague idea of what we're talking about.

Of course, it wasn't long before Cyan Worlds snatched up the funds needed to launch the latest instalment in its universally acclaimed anthology. Fact is, it acquired the $1.2 million in backing—and then some—in a matter of weeks following its Kickstarter debut. And now, with a little luck, it'll gear up for a launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PS VR2, and PC VR without any hiccups. Until then, you can follow the campaign for all the latest updates here.

3. Camper Van: Make it Home

Camper Van: Make It Home Teaser Trailer

For those of you who enjoyed the zen puzzles and lo-fi aesthetic of Unpacked, Camper Van: Make it Home will be a real sight for sore eyes. Its concept is simple: turn a bog-standard van into an idyllic home away from home, and take it on the road on a journey of self discovery. That's really all there is to it, and it'll no doubt bring a well-balanced palette of gameplay elements and cutesy cinematics to boot. And what's more, it'll surely serve its purpose of providing respite for those in need of a well-deserved break away from traditional—and let's face it—more demanding RPGs on the market.

We can't say for sure when Camper Van: Make it Home will launch just yet, though going by its Kickstarter campaign, the project was funded in just 16 hours. With that, we can expect to see more details unraveled in the near future. If you're interested in keeping tabs on the game, then you can always check in with the campaign page here.

2. Agony: Lords of Hell

Agony: Lords of Hell Trailer

Serving as a sequel to Agony, Lords of Hell will once again turn players to the fiery shores of the Underworld—a realm where four religions fight for dominance over its twisted borders. However, unlike its first game—a first-person survival-horror at heart—the upcoming sequel will foster a real-time strategy structure. Your goal? Take the reins of an army and become the new appointed ruler of Hell and all its unearthly inhabitants.

At the time of writing, Madmind Studio has secured 99% of its funding, which leads us to believe that it'll be going under the hammer as a full-scale project later this year. And while we can't say for certain when it'll arrive, we can say that work is underway, and that it'll be releasing on PC via Steam. For more updates on the game, be sure to check in with the Kickstarter campaign handle here.


GENOKIDS - Kickstarter Trailer

If Hi-Fi Rush and Sunset Overdrive had a baby, then chances are, it'd look a whole lot like GENOKIDS. Why? Well, the blatant connection to rock and rhythm games, for starters. Add the fact that it pays tribute to the both through its comic book-esque visuals, and you've got yourself one of the best-looking love letters on all of Kickstarter. And as it turns out, it's already doubled its funding target, which means work on it is already well underway.

GENOKIDS, to put it short, is a 3D hack and slash adventure game set around an alien invasion, and a rock band's effort to flip the tide and drive it back. According to its devs, the game will take a leaf out Devil May Cry and Kingdom Hearts' books, and in turn develop a high-octane and highly addictive over-the-top combat schematic. So, expect plenty of flashy visuals, and more button mashing than your average hack and slash indie. You can check it out for yourself by backing the Kickstarter campaign here.


So, what's your take? Will you be pledging to any of the above Kickstarter campaigns at any point this year? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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