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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Release Date Announced



It's time to get your hunting gear ready for the upcoming expansion to Monster Hunter Rise. The first addition to the series, Capcom announced Sunbreak will be available for purchase on June 30th. Featured in the Monster Hunter digital event on YouTube, details were discussed surrounding the world and story of the upcoming expansion. As well as some insight into the new beasts, or walking materials, the game will offer.

The stream offers a lot of information. Full of wonderful new monsters and stellar vistas to immerse yourself in. Breaking down the new territories as well as introducing some major characters. There is a lot to look forward to for all Monster Hunter players, new and returning.

Monster Hunter Digital Event - March 2022


Unlike the release of Monster Hunter Rise, which came to PC some time after it's Switch Release. Sunbreak will be available to everyone at the same time. Centering around the land of Elgado, faced with a new wildlife to discover and areas to explore. There will once again be a suite of new armours and weapons to craft, upgrade and use to hunt the next biggest thing in the land. There are some requirements to access the new content, but Capcom has decided to help. Sunbreak can be accessed once the Hub 7 Quest: Serpent Goddess of Thunder is completed. Capcom is giving out powerful gear to help players catch up to this point.

During the stream it was also noted that alongside the Sunbreak expansion, a sizeable patch of 13GB will release for all Monster Hunter Rise players. Bringing with it a host of balancing changes, item packs and additional gear for players to have fun with.


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