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5 Two Point Games We Want in 2022

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There's no ignoring the fact that Two Point Hospital, being the long-awaited spiritual successor to Bullfrog Productions' Theme Hospital, was the breath of fresh air every simulation and park management fanatic needed. Two Point Campus, well, that's a chapter that has yet to unravel. That being said, it hasn't stopped us from looking way into the future of the series, if only to rustle up ideas that the studio could gravitate toward after brushing up on the education bracket.

Fortunately, when it comes to management simulators, settings and ideas are pretty much infinite, meaning the guys over at Two Point Studios have more than enough to keep them carving up video games until the end of days. But as for what comes next, well, that's anybody's guess. But if it were up to us, then we'd shed light on these five ideas. Take notes, Two Point.

5. Theme Park

Bullfrog Productions' Theme Park World

Alright, we admit it. The theme park scenario has been played out more than enough times to span a good few generations. But then, seeing as the guys over at Two Point Studios actually had a part in Theme Park World‘s development, it does mean the tools and assets are already in place, should they choose to go down that particular route. The only question is, have they grown tired of venturing back and forth over fairgrounds and rollercoaster parks?

Whatever the case, there's no denying the fact that everybody enjoys a quality theme park management sim. And although rival sim Planet Coaster has recently amassed the lion's share of the genre's wealth, we definitely think the Two Point guys could give it a run for its money. After all, these guys are the OGs of simulation games, so we're not exactly short on faith if push came to shove.


4. Hotel

Enlight Software's Hotel Giant 2

You know, it's funny, because I for one can't remember that many genuinely good simulation games based around hotels. Hotel Giant, perhaps, though nothing that ventured into Bullfrog's pockets. Of course, that's more the reason for Two Point to make amends for their previous errors by acting on the concept now. Even if it's built around static homes and RV parks—we will happily take whatever we can get, so long as it's Two Point pulling the strings, that is.

Picture this: you've just established the lobby for your hotel. You've got a few hundred guests lining up to get a foot in the door, and your trusty bellhop is desperate to escort them to their rooms. Unfortunately for you, you haven't quite erected the tower—let alone the rooms to accommodate the guests and their needs. And then, of course, there are the pools, the restaurants, the tennis courts, and everything else one could possibly fathom when it comes to a lavish retreat. Sound interesting? It's a challenge we'd definitely onboard, that's for sure.


3. Crime Ring

Romero Games' Empire of Sin

Besides Empire of Sin, and perhaps Peaky Blinders Mastermind, we haven't been treated to that many criminal underworld simulators over the past few years. And that's a crying shame, truly, given the fact that building a dingy organisation that runs through the back alleys of civilization is an absolute blast, as well as award-winning content in most of our eyes.

From a bird's-eye view, Two Point Studios has more than enough paints and materials to craft a well-rounded criminal underworld sim. So long as it sticks to what it knows best and uses the same tools that made Two Point Hospital a global success, then it can only work wonders for the team piecing it together. At least, that's how we picture it.


2. Zoo

Frontier Developments' Planet Zoo

The zoo scene has been sucked up and spat out on numerous occasions, and not once has the idea ever dwindled into the lower levels of park management video games. That's because, well, people love animals. And building an entire resort where various species from all walks of life can mesh together is a feature that will never really fall into monotonous territory. We have Planet Zoo to thank for that, of course.

Knowing that the popularity of the zoo scenario is already alive and kicking, it would seem like a waste for Two Point to discard the idea altogether. Fortunately, trends are pretty much irrelevant when it comes to the animal kingdom, meaning a game could be put out ten years from now and still amass the same amount of hype. That's the way we see it, anyway. So, no pressure on this one, Two Point.


1. Island

Limbic Entertainment's Tropico 6

Tropico and Civilization are both reliable alternatives when it comes to massive construction simulation games. The fact both have been able to stay afloat with an almost identical structure for so many years just goes to show the sturdiness of the island lifestyle. And, you know, that sort of proves that the idea behind it is both profitable and popular.

So far, Two Point has only really narrowed its focus on relatively small stages. But that isn't to say the team are incapable of branching out into even bigger worlds. An island, for example. With something as accessable as a plot of land, nearly anything can be taken under the wing. Cities, resorts, an entire countryside—you name it. With the right attitude, the possibilities are endless. And if there's one team we know that can pull off such a feat—it's Two Point Studios.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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