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Helltrench is an upcoming action-roguelike from indie developer Zenmai with a visually striking and unique art style. The game sees players piloting a ship known as a T.O.N. in which they will have to eliminate waves of enemies. Noticeably, the game's HUD is rather unique as well, allowing players to rely on the information placed before them to succeed. A heavy emphasis is placed on movement in the game as well, which feeds into the overall gameplay loop. So without further ado, please enjoy Helltrench: Everything We Know.

What is Helltrench?

Helltrench is an upcoming action-roguelike title with a distinct art style. It is also the first foray into game development for the developer Zenmai. The game not only has a distinct visual style. But its gameplay is centered around a shoot-to-move mechanic which allows for frantic firefights. The game itself appears to be rather challenging but seems to give the player ample resources in order to survive. For example, players have a significant amount of control over their ship. This control makes the gameplay feel very intuitive and controlled. This is no doubt a testament to the solidity of its design from a gameplay standpoint.

It appears that Helltrench will feature many characters and shopkeepers that players will be able to familiarize themselves with as they play. This no doubt will play a pivotal role in upgrading your ship, as well as securing other items that players will need to survive on their journey. This is a rather daunting task as the game's difficulty appears to be at the forefront of the game's design. All around, if you are looking for a retro-inspired roguelike, full of bombastic bosses and tons of indie charm then continue reading on to learn more about this fantastic title.


The story behind Helltrench is one that doesn't have tons of information on it as of writing this article. What we do know is that players will have to delve into massive trenches in order to eliminate enemies and collect resources. So while the game appears to be more gameplay-focused than story-focused. It is sure to have a narrative that players can get behind and characters that some will no doubt find endearing. Additionally, we know there will be multiple boss characters in the game, leaving a lot of potential for players to learn more about their fierce foes.


In terms of gameplay, Helltrench appears to be taking a traditional roguelike design, and applying it to ship-shooters like Resogun. It appears that players will have tons of customization options available to them when the game releases. This can be seen in the varied gameplay shown in the Helltrench‘s most recent trailer. It also seems as if the game's HUD is going to play a key factor in the overall gameplay as well, which is great to see. The stylized design of the HUD is one of the upcoming game's strongest features.

The HUD seems carefully considered and has a fantastic look and feel to it. Players can see the things going on around them via the game's minimap tucked way non-intrusively in the corner. This makes it so players aren't likely to be distracted from the gameplay by unnecessary HUD intrusion. Also, it should be noted that dialog is often relayed through this system as well, which comes off very retro, which really suits this title.

Players are able to upgrade their ship as well, which is sure to help during the game's more difficult content. Players have moves such as the Spin Attack, as well as the Snap feature, which allows their ship to turn on a dime. This can be really useful in evading enemies. Or ensuring that you maneuver out of the way of enemy fire in time. Additionally, the Spin Attack has another inherent feature, that makes it supremely useful, it also destroys enemy projectiles. This is great, as it gives players a way out of sticky situations.


Little is known about the development behind Helltrench other than its creator Zenmai. The only aspects of development that we are currently aware of are the gameplay mechanics and graphical style of the game. This gives the developer plenty of time to craft the game they want, which is great. It would seem there is an emphasis on making the different levels of the game, have differing effects on the combat. This can be seen in the inclusion of effects that differ based on their environment. This means players will have to use the environment to their advantage, as well as be aware of enemy locations. All around, this is sure to not only vary the gameplay but add some depth as well.


Here we have the Helltrench trailer. The trailer opens up with a great shot of the opening moments of the game, and then immediately drops players into the action. There is a lot to love about this trailer, such as the stylized look, as well as its presentation. A lot of information can also be gleaned from this as well. This information includes things such as the ability to upgrade your ship. As well as a sneak peek at enemies and bosses, and much more. Couple these things with the fantastic splash of the logo at the end, and you have a great trailer for a phenomenal-looking indie roguelike.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Now comes the time for our final section. Here we will discuss the release date and platforms planned for Helltrench. As of writing this, there is no current release date set for the game. This means that other information such as platforms, as well as editions are quite a ways off. In conclusion, we are certainly keeping an eye on the development of Helltrench, and fans of the roguelike genre can expect a title that stays true to the genre's roots, all with a modern, sleek presentation.

So, what's your take on Helltrench: Everything We Know? What are you looking forward to the most from this title? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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