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Headbangers: Rhythm Royale – 5 Best Tips for Beginners



Battle Royale games are a popular genre in video gaming, attracting millions of players daily. This genre characterizes gameplay that involves players in groups or individuals battling to be the last man in a warzone. However, the focus is fast-changing as the genre explodes to new heights. This time, Headbangers Rhythm Royale takes the frontline in changing the narrative with a musically-themed, quirky video game. 

The game isn't the first of its kind in its rhythm subgenre. Titles like Untitled Goose Game and Super Animal Royale also grace the franchise. However, with hundreds of animals to choose from, the developer decided to be a little more eccentric, with cartoon pigeons and some dope rhythms. It's a great game that lets you feel the vigor of metallic music rhythms and test your reflexes against fellow funky pigeons. But for starters, a heads-up will definitely serve you. Without further ado, let's dive into Headbangers Rhythm Royale's five best beginners' tips.

5. Understand the Game Mechanics

pigeons on battle area

Headbangers Rhythm Royale by Glee-Cheese Studio adds to the growing list of party battle royale games. The game features funky pigeon cartoons and tons of delightful musical rhythms. As one of the players, the game pits you against 29 other pigeons to form a group of 30 players at the start. You then compete in a variety of randomly appearing minigames in four rounds. You will follow the usual format of players getting knocked out until the last few battle it down to be crowned the Master Headbanger.

In each round, the goal is to eliminate players who fail to meet the challenges of each minigame. Therefore, your survival is crucial. The game offers 23 minigames, each with a different challenge and musical twist. As you progress in your gameplay, the challenges become more difficult. 

Garden Party is one of the most challenging minigames you will have to maneuver. The quest tasks you to reproduce a series of short fragments of music accurately. As you take center stage, the game presents your character with a number of hearts. The hearts display as you play your rhythm notes. However, a heart is lost with each error until you lose your last heart and die.

4. Join a Community

Headbangers: Rhythm Royale - Tips for Beginners

As a multiplayer battle royale video game, Headbangers Rhythm Royale can never lack an online community. You can easily find the official Discord server for the video game or communities on other platforms, like X and Reddit, and join. This is one of Headbangers Rhythm Royale's best beginner tips that can be easily forgotten.

With an online community, players can benefit by learning from experienced players, sharing their experiences, or even getting useful tips from peers. Being a member of these platforms also helps you learn about new game changes or additional features you may have yet to explore. 

3. Turn Power-Ups and Distractions to Your Advantage

pigeons movements

Glee-Cheese Studio spices up its new rhythm game with power-ups and other items you can use to your advantage during gameplay. These unique additions can give you an edge, including easing challenges and installing distractions to trip your opponents into their loss. Such bonuses bring a sense of mischief and chaos to the title's rhythm-focused competitions.

Another epic distraction is the pigeon movement. Fortunately or not, such scenarios are easily distracting to players. Each time a new tone is hit, all the pigeons move their necks and bodies up or down quickly, forming some pretty humorous dances. It's easy for players to get distracted as they marvel at the movements, so you will have an edge if you can maintain your focus.

2. Choose a Game Mode and Practice Often

unlock challenges

You can play Headbangers Rhythm Royale head-to-head against the opponent pigeons online or battle in a multiplayer mode. The head-to-head mode is the most popular and provides extra features like the ability to customize your character, take on in-game challenge passes, and multiple unlockables within the game.

Players can even have different costumes for their characters once they unlock the features with the in-game currency. Unlocking these additional elements adds to the personalization of the character and offers a more personalized gameplay experience. You can personalize your character's look to fit any mood.

With the multiplayer mode, players form a group with friends and compete against other global bands. Both modes are quite immersive once you become well acquainted with the game. However, the head-to-head mode would be a better place to start for beginners. Besides, you're probably yet to have friends with whom you can form a virtual band to start competing globally. Once you've started with your mode, just keep practicing. Being consistent will prove worthwhile if you want to conquer rhythm games. 

1. Set Distractions Away

Headbangers Listen

Besides the predominant metal beats, this video game title includes other musical genres and soundtracks that move in diverse styles and rhythms. It could be an interesting pop beat, a funky tune, or more, but there's a musical track for every pigeon character's taste. These tunes produce an infectious flow of melodies that make the gameplay more electrifying and drive the game forward. At the same time, the beats form a major part of the basis for the challenges as they test and reward players' mastery of the tunes. There are also other aspects you will need to master besides the rhythm, such as the fitness instructor's moves or the order of moles in the Whack-a-Mole minigame.

Ultimately, it tests your listening skills, coordination, memory, reaction time, reflexes, and rap ability with each increasing difficulty level. As a result, setting up your gaming environment away from distractions will help you focus on the key parameters to become the Master Headbanger. You can quickly identify and memorize common sequences and pay more attention to the timing for speed and precision in actions like hitting the correct notes on the piano. Overall, the gameplay is delightfully easy but requires high concentration.

So, what's your take on our Headbangers Rhythm Royale 5 best tips for beginners? Do you think we missed any key pointers? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here

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