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Gibraltar Licensing Authority – Gambling Licenses (May 2024)

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Gibraltar Licensing Authority

Gambling in Gibraltar is regulated by the Gambling Division in the Government of Gibraltar. It works in cooperation with the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association, a trade association that represents the Government of Gibraltar in the gambling industry. The Licensing Authority is responsible for reviewing applications and finally issuing licences to companies that wish to operate under the laws of Gibraltar. Currently, over 40 companies are licensed under Gibraltar law, including B2C operators and B2B operators. 

Gambling in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory that is in the Iberian Peninsula and lies just south of Spain. It covers 2.6 square miles and is home to 32,000 people – and is a popular destination for tourists. Gibraltar is famous for the great Rock of Gibraltar and the thieving Barbary macaques that steal all kinds of items from unsuspecting tourists. It is also the place where John Lennon and Yoko Ono got married. Back to the relationship with gambling, Gibraltar became an epicentre for online gambling operators in 2005. This was when the Gambling Act was launched, opening the country to the world of online gambling.

The UK Gambling Act 2005 changed the gambling scene in the UK and its territories. The act was enforced by the Gibraltar Licensing Authority. The act legalised all forms of remote gambling, and the favourable tax laws in Gibraltar gave operators a perfect opportunity. As Gibraltar is a white-listed territory by the UK Gambling Commission, operators can advertise and supply their content to the UK market.

Remote Gambling Licence

Gibraltar can issue 6 types of licences. Originally, the Licensing Authority would only consider “blue chip companies with a track record in gambling in other jurisdictions”. This narrowed down the list of applicants, but in recent times Gibraltar made its gambling laws more flexible, to support start-ups and expanding operations that want to partially, or wholly, relocate to Gibraltar.

  • Remote Gaming B2C Operator
  • Remote Betting B2C Operator
  • Other Remote B2C Gambling Products
  • Gambling B2B Support Services
  • Non-Remote B2C Gaming Operator
  • Non-Remote B2C Betting Operator

The non-remote licences relate to land-based casinos, so we can skip explaining them. The B2C licences are those where the operator will provide services directly to the customers. The B2B operators supply their content to other businesses, such as software, turnkey solutions, and so on.

B2C operators can apply for gaming, betting or other (gambling products) licences. The good news is that gambling operators looking to open either a casino or a sportsbook can cover all their services with one licence. The bad news is that operations that want to supply both casino and sportsbook services will need to acquire two licences.


The regulation is quite strict, and the Licensing Authority will investigate any applications in meticulous detail. The cost of applying for a remote gambling licence fee is £30,000 which is non-refundable. After that, the companies are subject to duty:

  • Remote Gaming B2C Operator: £100,000
  • Remote Betting B2C Operator: £100,000
  • Other Remote B2C Gambling Products: £100,000
  • Non-Remote B2C Gaming Operator: £100,000
  • Non-Remote B2C Betting Operator: £100,000
  • Gambling B2B Support Services: £85,000

These are fixed fees that need to be paid annually. On top of that, companies need to pay taxes.

  • General Betting Duty: 0.15%
  • Betting Intermediary Duty: 0.15%
  • General Gaming Duty: 0.15%

The first £100,000 of profit is exempt from duty. This means that the profit after £100,000 will be charged with a fixed 0.15% duty.

Pros for Players

Players can benefit greatly from the strict legislation and standards of the Gibraltar Licensing Authority.

Awesome Content

Many top developers have obtained licences from the Malta Gaming Authority. IGT, Evolution, Pariplay, Pragmatic Play, Play'n GO and Blueprint Gaming are amongst some of the suppliers that hold licences in Gibraltar.

Tested for Fairness

The Gibraltar Licensing Authority has approved several major independent testing houses. These third-party auditors are responsible for testing the content of each operator, ensuring that it is completely fair and uses RNGs. This way, you are guaranteed fair games and a safe environment to play your games in.

Multiple Payment Methods

The Gibraltar Licensing Authority requires licensees to offer multiple and trustworthy payment options to their users. If you are playing from Europe or the UK, you will certainly find a suitable payment method that will suit your needs.

Cons for Players

Gibraltar may be an ideal destination for operators, but there are some limitations. You may come across some of the following points when browsing through Gibraltar-regulated online casinos and sportsbooks.

Options May be Limited

The strict legislation gives operators a lot of red tape to get through, and this is why there is a shortage of licence holders. It is easier for operations that are licensed in another jurisdiction to get a licence in Gibraltar. This makes it more viable for larger companies and not smaller ones.

Two Licences for Casino & Sportsbooks

Though the tax rate is extremely low, holding a licence is highly expensive. You may find that many operators decide to stick to one licence, and therefore will not provide both sports bets and casino content. That is not to say there are none at all, but there will not be many.

Responsible Gambling

Keeping players safe is paramount for the Authorities in Gibraltar, and the law stipulates that operators must provide tools to help players. These can be self-exclusion, time limits, deposit limits, and so on. However, the Licensing Authority does not regulate them. These tools may vary between operators, so be sure to check them thoroughly before joining any online casino or sportsbook.

International Operators

The Gibraltar gambling regulation is recognised by the UK and most European countries. The chances are, if you are playing in Europe then you are eligible to play at a Gibraltar-licensed casino or sportsbook. Gibraltar has a good reputation in the world of online gaming, and its reach is expected to grow even further in the coming years.


Gibraltar is an important player in the online gambling industry. Its legislation makes it tough for operators to obtain a licence, but those that do guarantee safety and fair content for players. The annual fees are high but this is compensated by low taxes. Still, its current rules benefit the larger operation rather than the startups or small-scale operators. With access to the UK market and many jurisdictions across Europe, it is a trustworthy jurisdiction and you can feel safe at establishments that hold licences with the Gibraltar Licensing Authority.

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