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Curacao Gaming Control Board Licences (May 2024)

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Curacao Gaming Control Board

The Government of Curacao is responsible for issuing licences to all gambling operations based in Curacao. The Curacao Gaming Control Board is the regulatory body that creates and enforces the legislation on gambling establishments that are registered in the country. With its low tax rates and modern infrastructure, Curacao is a fantastic place for online casinos or sportsbooks to set up shop. Not only is the Control Board highly reputable but it is recognised in many jurisdictions around the world, providing offshore operations with great opportunities.

Online Gambling in Curacao

Curacao is an island country that is located in the Caribbean Sea. It is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and lies around 40 miles off the Venezuelan coast. Around 155,000 people live on the island, which covers 171 square miles. Though it is relatively small, this island is well-known across the world for its role in the online gambling industry.

In 1993, the National Ordinance on Offshore Games of Hazard was formed. This institution legalised online gambling, and in 1996 the authority started issuing licences. In 1999, the Curacao Gaming Control Board became the regulatory body of gambling in the country. It covers licensing, supervision and enforcement, promotion of responsible gaming, and anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML and CTF). These apply to all land-based casinos and online operations.

The Gaming Control Board has a simple mission: to protect the interest of players through integrity, reliability and stability. All licensed operations need to uphold the laws that create a safe gaming environment and honour players.

Gambling Licences

The Curacao Gaming Control Board can issue two types of online gaming licences. These are the Master Licence and the Sub-Licence. Both licences cover all forms of gambling, including casino games, sports betting, bingo, poker rooms, and so on.
There are only four companies with Master Licences. These are Cyberluck Curacao NV, Gaming Curacao, Curacao Interactive Licensing NV and Antillephone NV. Operators who want to launch new sportsbooks or online casinos need to apply for a sub-licence. Now, this is where it gets tricky.

Master Licence holders are allowed to issue sub-licences to operators. With the sub-licences, these operators are allowed to run their businesses independently. They have the freedom to provide whatever gambling services or content they wish, as long as they comply with the laws set by the Government of Curacao. Each Master Licence holder has its own policies regarding certain issues such as handling disputes. Sub-licence holders need to abide by the policies of the Master Licence holders. These policies vary between the Master Licence holders, but they need to follow the “core” regulations – as set by the Control Board. Master Licences are valid for 5 years and can be renewed by the holders. Once a sub-licence is issued, it is valid indefinitely, as long as the Master Licence is still accepted.


To apply foer a Curacao gaming licence, operators will need to form a company that is registered in Curacao. They will need to submit paperwork with details about how the ownership of the company, how they intend to operate, their financial framework and more. Furthermore, the company will need to sign the AML and CFT forms and provide proof that it is capable of providing gaming services. The Gaming Control Board reviews applications, a procedure that usually takes around 6 weeks. Once everything is approved, the online casino or sportsbook can go live.

Cost and Taxation

The cost of the application for the sub-licence fee is a one-time payment of €4,000. After the application is approved, the establishment needs to pay a yearly licence fee of €12,000. Any net profit made by the establishment is taxed at a rate of 2%, which is incredibly low. Just compare it with the Malta Gaming Authority, where there is a 5% tax rate and a Compliance Contribution tax – which ranges from around 0.40 to 4%.

Pros for Players

So what does a Curacao Licence mean for you as a player? Here are some of the advantages of playing at an online casino or sportsbook licensed by the Government of Curacao.

Great Coverage

The Curacao Gaming License is recognised by many countries. This allows players from those countries to play at those casinos, sportsbooks, bingo rooms and so on. Moreover, the licence is intended to serve offshore online casinos and sportsbooks. The Curacao licence holders cannot offer their services to residents of Curacao.

Numerous Operations Under the Same Licence

Companies that are registered and licensed by Curacao can own numerous websites. Parent companies take advantage of this and may create several online casinos. What this means for players is that there will be more content out there, including themed casinos, casinos that target specific audiences, and of course, better bonus packages and promotions.

Quality Games

A lot of the top software providers are licensed with the Curacao Gaming Control Board. As it is quite a popular licence amongst operators, plenty of software providers have jumped on the bandwagon.

Cons for Players

Having a Curacao licence ensures quality and security, but there are a few things you should keep an eye on when approaching any casino or sportsbook.

Not Recognised in Some Major Markets

It may seem contrary to the pro about great coverage – but we have to point out not all markets recognise the Curacao licence. Major markets such as the US, the UK and the Netherlands are among some jurisdictions where these operations cannot offer their services. This may hit you particularly if you are looking for niche games or betting markets. For example, if you are looking for an extensive NFL sportsbook or special betting markets on English rugby leagues. This is not to say these niche bets are not available, but you may have to do much more digging to find them.

Contacting the Control Board

You can contact the Control Board via email, telephone, or leave a message on its website. However, the Control Board does not handle complaints. You may have to contact the issuer of the Master Licence or other authorities if you have a dispute with the operator.

Fewer Regulations

There is less red tape involved for companies when trying to obtain a Curacao gaming licence. This does not mean they are less safe than casinos or sportsbooks operating under other licences. However, you may find that they do not offer as many tools for self-exclusion or help with responsible gambling.


Whilst the Control Board's legislation is loose in some areas, it remains a highly popular licence for operators. You will find lots of casinos and sportsbooks using the Curacao licence. These can be companies that target massive markets such as Australia, India, Europe (where it is allowed), the South Americas, and so on.


Curacao is constantly updating its laws regarding online gambling. It is at the forefront of the industry and it is perhaps on par with the Malta Gaming Authority in how much of the market it regulates. Whilst there are some obvious concerns from gamers, there is no denying that it is a highly successful institution. Lots of highly reputable casinos are registered in Curacao, serving millions of players across the world with top-quality content.

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