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Games on Steam: Squirrel Paparazzi

Games on Steam: Squirrel Paparazzi



Games on Steam: Squirrel Paparazzi

Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games from this popular platform. Today, we will fight Mongolians in Eastern Europe, explore the dark side of social media, hack our way into your friends’ private messages, and photograph squirrels.


To start, we have a casual adventure mystery that revolves around squirrels. In NUTS, you will collect information on these mischievous little creatures by placing the cameras throughout the Melmoth Forest. By analyzing the footage, an engaging story will quickly begin to take shape. NUTS also has a mesmerizing visual style that sets up the right atmosphere. If you are looking for a chill adventure to relax in these times, you’d be NUTS to miss this one. Okay, maybe not, but it’s really good.

Games on Steam: NUTS

Set up cameras and dive into the secret life of squirrels Steam

Field of Glory II: Medieval

For fans of realistic turn-based strategies, we have a sequel of the popular simulation. Fields of Glory 2 takes us back into the madness of the High Middle Ages, where we will experience epic conquests of the various European forces. Command British forces and fight Scots and Irish, prevent the Mongol invasion in East Europe, and much more. The game is loosely based on history and has a pretty entertaining campaign. All in all, this is a rewarding sim with a deep combat system that will be enjoyable for the fans of the genre.

Slay the Dragon!

Next, we have a short but sweet adventure in which you have to save your brother from the hands of a mighty dragon. To do this, you will take a voyage through fantastical environments and hack through waves of charmful but dangerous enemies. Slay the Dragon! is suitable for everyone, but is mostly aimed at those who want to reinvigorate their childhood imagination. If you have an hour to spare, Slay the Dragon! will pleasantly surprise you.

Slay the Dragon! gameplay

A fun and  free hack-and-slash adventure Steam


Now, let’s get a bit weirder. Psycholonials is a quirky and dark visual novel about 2 influencers that come in contact with supernatural forces. With their advice, they decide to start a new social media brand which lands them in a whole bunch of troubles. Psycholonials has a captivating story that is brimming with ironic commentary about the age we all live in. So far, only 1st of 9 episodes is out, and we are eagerly anticipating the rest. Psycholonials gameplayA dark and intriguing commentary on the culture of social media Steam

Cyber Manhunt

To continue with a similar theme, we have Cyber Manhunt. This is a unique puzzle/detective game that tackles modern social problems, most importantly the loss of privacy. In it, you play as a hacker who has to collect info on various targets by entering their e-mail, social media profiles, etc. Cyber Manhunt is inspired by real-life events, which gives it a sinister tone. It is a thought-provoking and very engaging look at the perils of our time.

Games on Steam: Cyber Manhunt

A creepy but addictive puzzler Steam

Games on Steam is a never-ending series, as there are always new amazing games to play. Check the previous edition here.

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