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The Crush House: Everything We Know



The Crush House Promotional Art

Picture this: you’re the driving force behind a cult classic virtual phenomenon—a reality TV show that just so happens to televise and, on the rarest of occasions, exploit some of the biggest personalities in the book. The good news here is that, while what you’re doing is, to some degree, morally wrong, the general public is head over heels in love with the drama that you generate for the small screen. In this world, you are Big Brother, and it’s your sole responsibility to acquire raw talent for the show and conceive story arcs that’ll get viewers falling from the edges of their seats. This is The Crush House, in a nutshell, and it’s currently due to arrive on PC at some point over the next year.

So, aside from being the all-seeing eye for this reality series, what more are we likely to find stowed away in Nerial’s upcoming project? Well, if we have caught your interest, then be sure to read on for a few more updates. Here’s everything we can tell you about the so-called Crush House and its cabinet of suitors.

What Is The Crush House?

Cast conversing outside the mansion (The Crush House)

The Crush House is a Big Brother-like “thirst-person shooter”—a game that revolves around two things: four potential lovers, and a house that’s crammed to the brim with thematic elements and monetized ads. It’ll be your job, as the series’ producer, to uncover hidden talent, and capture the events that unfold from within the home, whether they be a little crude, or devilishly entertaining. As it turns out, the audience is hell-bent on seeing all sorts of drama pan out over each episode, therefore it is vital that you capture each and every critical moment; the better the footage, the more likely you are to earn a higher intake of the profits. And with that, of course, comes new furnishings for the house, and more advertising opportunities to boost revenue.

“Each season is unique based on your chosen cast and the ever-changing audience demands,” the game’s description adds. “The longer you manage to keep your show on air, the more questions start to arise. What’s up with the cast’s dependence on Crush Juice? Where does the Success Slide even go? Clandestine conversations and some good old-fashioned snooping will help you uncover the truth.. providing the Network doesn’t get in your way.”


Cast standing by the pool (The Crush House)

Again, it’s difficult not to compare The Crush House to Big Brother, or even Love Island, if that’s your thing. Its setup is pretty straightforward: you take on the role of Jae, a producer who’s been given the opportunity to cast, record, and produce one of the most prolific reality TV series of the nineties — The Crush House. As Jae, you must figure out not only how to keep the show above water, but also secure new relationships with potential partners and other sources of income, whether it’s through ad campaigns or audience participation.

“Jae has scored the gig of her dreams as the producer on 1999’s hottest reality TV show, The Crush House!” the game’s description reads in part. “The demands are high and the stakes higher as she must cast, film, and produce each season. Play as Jae as you capture the budding romances and explosive drama of each unique season in the iconic Malibu mansion. And no matter what, remember to satiate the demands of your rabid audience or risk cancellation.”

On paper, it sounds all rather lighthearted, for sure, but according to the devs, there’ll be another twist that’ll make an appearance, too. As for what this will be, however, is still a bit of a mystery.


Living room area (The Crush House)

It appears that the gameplay will be split into several parts, with the main element being a “thirst-person shooter”—the game’s tongue-in-cheek way of saying, well, to record the glitz and glamor of people’s love lives from behind the lens of a money-hungry producer. Aside from that, players will also need to secure deals with external partners and potential cast members, and even “explore” the mansion every once in a while to learn all there is to know about who’s dating whom, and what sorts of sparks are being brewed from within.

“Choose between twelve eccentric personalities and find your four-person cast for each season’s run. Mix and match conflicting or complementary attractions and watch as tensions run and sparks fly,” the blurb reads in part.

“Entertainment as good as this isn’t free, so set down the camera and pull up some tasteful TV ads now and then to bring the cash. Spend that delicious ad revenue each night on new furnishings for the house to mix things up for the audiences and the cast.”


The Crush House is being developed by Nerial, a firm best known for games like Reigns and Card Shark. Suffice it to say, that the studio’s upcoming project is a little (or a lot) different from its previous titles. Nevertheless, it has certainly caught our eye, and we’ll be sure to keep tabs on it as it continues to iron out the creases and prepare for its eventual launch on PC later this year.


The Crush House | Reveal Trailer

Yes, there is a trailer for The Crush House, and it’s currently making its rounds over on Devolver Digital’s streaming channel. You can check it out for yourself in the video embedded above.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Character selection (The Crush House)

The Crush House will be gearing up to launch on PC via Steam at some point in 2024. Does this mean we can scratch out the likes of Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch? From the sounds of it, yes. But then, who’s to say that it won’t find its way over to consoles at some point in the near future? The jury’s out on that one, I’m afraid.

Interested in staying up to date with The Crush House ahead of its worldwide launch? If so, then be sure to check in with the team over at Nerial for all the latest pre-launch updates via their official social handle here. Alternatively, you can check in with the folks at Devolver Digital for additional information here. If, by chance, something does change ahead of its release date, then we’ll be sure to fill you in on all the key details right here on


So, what’s your take? Will you be picking up a copy of The Crush House when it arrives on its chosen platforms? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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