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Games on Steam: Into Another Dimension

Games on Steam: Into Another Dimension



Games on Steam

Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games from this popular platform. Today, we present you with a great beat-em-up, a puzzler that will make you question reality, an angry cat, and one fun paper plane. And so it goes…

Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues

To start, we have a great beat-em-up based on a popular YouTube Series. In Cobra Kai, you will swap between 8 characters, each of which has unique combos and ultimate attacks.  Rather than relying on series, the game has a unique storyline that lets you play as Miyagi-Do or Cobra Kai disciple. Cobra Kai is also infused with RPG elements, giving you 40 skills to master and various character upgrades. If you are looking for a fun fighter game, this one definitely delivers.

Games on Steam: Cobra Kai

Strike first, strike hard, no mercy Steam

The Call of Paper Plane

Next, we have a relaxing indie where you take the role of an adventurous paper plane. Prepare yourself to stroll through towns, idyllic fields, and beautiful forests on a unique journey. The Call of Paper Plane is a perfect game for when you just want to relax and listen to some chill music.

The Call of Paper Plane gameplay

… with flying colors Steam

Curse The Magic Cat!

Yup, Magnus, the Wizard has just turned you into a cat. However, this curse will get him in more trouble than he anticipated. To get back at him, you will annoy him by meowing loudly and destroying his things, all while collecting spellbooks. Curse the Magic Cat! is a fun casual game that will entertain you for an evening.

Games on Steam: Curse The Magic Cat

Break things, meow, and hide to irritate a powerful wizard Steam

Endless Voyage

Endless Voyage is a roguelike card game in the vein of Slay the Spire. In it, you play as Qin, a female captain who takes her sailors on an interesting journey to find ghost dimension. Endless Voyage lets you deeply customize your deck, which consists of Attack, Summon, Resources, Skill, and Curse cards. This variety lets you build a high number of devastating combos. The game goes a step further by letting you level up your characters through battles. Although it’s not quite finished, Endless Voyage provides you with a lot of options that make it fun in the long run.


To end this week we have a mind-bending arcade title called EQI. The game places you in a constantly moving digital world that will challenge you through a series of spatial puzzles. EQI has a dreamlike quality that is only emphasized with synthwave music, weird level design, and trippy visuals. If you are into puzzle games, it would be a waste to not try this one out.

EQI gameplay

That wasn’t a regular tea … Steam

And that’s all for this week. If you are looking for more titles, check our previous edition of Games on Steam right here.

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