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Games on Steam: A Trip Through Shadowy Lands

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Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games from this popular platform. Today, we will learn how to clash swords, successfully catch other gorillas, bankrupt the government, and deal with the horrors lurking in the shadow.

Little Nightmares 2

To start, we have a sequel to the popular horror adventure/puzzler. In it, you take the role of Mono, a young boy trapped in a distorted evil world. With the help of Six, a girl in the raincoat from the original, you will travel to the mysterious Signal Tower, which is a source of weird transmission. Little Nightmares 2 brings back the stunning art style and improves on the original with an even better atmosphere, great soundtrack, and engaging storyline. If you are looking for a smart and emotional adventure that will give you the creeps, Little Nightmares 2 is the game for you.

Games on Steam: Little Nightmares 2

A dark, tense masterpiece Steam

Hellish Quart

Now, let's jump to badass swordplay indie. Hellish Quart sends you back to the 17th century where you will clash swords, sabers, rapiers, and more with other skillful warriors. The fighting mechanics are very realistic, as the game uses motion-captured animation and real-time physics. As such, the game is quite challenging and you will have to really work to master various combinations that differ from weapon to weapon. Overall, Hellish Quart is maybe the most realistic swordplay game around and will appeal to the fans of games such as Mount & Blade and Bushido Blade.


Medievalien is an action roguelike set in a Medieval world that's attacked by aliens. It's your job to defend your country from the hordes of robots and weird creatures, all the while unlocking an interesting story. The game also mixes strategy and RPG elements to remain fresh and gives you many playable characters. Thanks to the permanent power-ups and the usage of fate shards, you can easily do dozens of runs without getting bored. Medievalien is still in early access, but there are a lot of indications that this might be a popular title. Medievalien gameplayLoot, Shoot, and make the aliens go Poof Steam

Gorilla Tag

If you've ever wondered what it was like to be a gorilla, look no further. Gorilla Tag is a free and addictive VR parkour game where you will chase survivors or try to escape infected players. The game has an intuitive locomotion mechanic that uses your arms and hands for all movement to provide you with a good workout. And when you get tired of running around, you can just chill with other players in a jungle and invent new games. Despite the choppy graphics, Gorilla Tag is an immersive experience and one of the better VR indies around.

Gorilla Tag gameplayDid you eat my bananas Kimbo?!? Steam

Urban Cards

We will conclude this week's edition of Games on Steam with a wacky roguelike deck builder. In Urban Cards, your enemies are not zombies or demons, but developers, casino gangsters, and the government. Your goal is to make more money than them, while also taking care of your debt. The game lets you choose between 3 factions, all of which have unique decks. In short, Urban Cards is a solid card game with a lot of personality and depth.

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