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Play During the Valentine: Best Co-Op Games

Play During the Valentine: Best Co-Op Games



Play During the Valentine: Best Co-Op Games

Romance is in the air, and you might be wondering what you to play during the Valentine with your partner. We went on Steam to find some of the best cooperative games that are casual, relaxing, and, ideally, have that romantic touch. Here’s what we’ve found.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

To start, we have a charmful space shooter in which you will explore a quirky neon galaxy. Your goal is quite simple: defeat the forces of hate and bring back space-bunnies. You have a quite powerful ship at your disposal, but each turret has to be manually controlled, so cooperation is necessary. The game is frantic and very addictive, while also having randomized levels that will keep surprising you. All in all, this is a funny and lighthearted casual shooter that can entertain you for hours.  Play During Valentine: Love in a Dangerous SpacetimeSteam

Out of Space

Living in a spaceship with a bunch of roommates has its challenges. For one, you’ll have to be on the lookout for alien infestations and figure out how to upgrade your home to make it more sustainable. But, this is just scratching the surface, as you can also adopt dogs, plant gardens, automate cleaning with robots, and much more. Out of Space expertly treads a thin line between boring and simple, and gives you a lot of things to do with your partner.

Out of space gameplay

Welcome to your space crib Steam

Juicy Realm

How about a cute roguelike RPG in which you will fight fruits? Juicy Realm is set in a quirky futuristic world where plants have developed self-awareness, along with some limbs, and are ready to kick humanity’s ass. Now, there’s no other option but to fight back. On your quest, you will constantly unlock new gear and capabilities that will help you build out your base. Although Juicy Realm isn’t that challenging, it has enough charm to keep you occupied for a while.

Play During Valentine: Juicy Realm

Guys, if you see pears, don’t hesitate to shoot them Steam

Unravel Two

Next, we have a story about 2 balls of yarn or so-called Yarnys. Unravel Two is an action/adventure puzzler that sets you on an epic adventure where you will learn the value of true friendship. The game features natural landscapes, placed in a way to really test your problem-solving capabilities. It also has a heartwarming story that revolves around the concepts of love and fear. In short, if you want a charming adventure that will pull your heartstrings and entertain you, you’d be pressed to find a better one. Unravel Two is currently on a 75% discount, thanks to the Steam Lunar New Year Sale.

Unravel two gameplay

When you said barbecue, I had something else in mind, Frederick Steam


Haven is a romantic RPG about lovers who decided to leave everything they know and go to the lost planet. This beautiful and mysterious place is now their home, where they will collect resources, craft new materials, and defend themselves against dangerous creatures. Haven expertly weaves gameplay with narrative and brings an intimate and mature relationship between its 2 characters. The game also has a soundtrack that works perfectly in setting up a relaxing atmosphere. If you are looking for a chill adventure to play with your SO, Haven is a way to go.

Play During Valentine: Haven

A mesmerizing adventure on a distant planet Steam

In case you didn’t find what you’re looking for, you might be interested in photographing squirrels.

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