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Fortnite Vs Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds: Which One is Better?

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Fortnite Vs Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

Fortnite and Player Unknown's Battlegrounds [PUBG] are among the most popular survival games that have dominated the gaming community since their debut. They are similar in more than one way; both can host 100 players per match and take up huge roles in the battle royale genre.  PUBG transformed the battle royale game mode to a mainstream audience, while Fortnite improved its quality and presentation. However, a few differences set the two games apart. Such aspects may help you determine which game is more suitable for you. Let's now look at the major differences between Fortnite vs Player Unknown's Battlegrounds in terms of weapons, content, maps, graphics and gameplay.


What Is Fortnite?

Fortnite Vs PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Fortnite involves the building of ramps, walls and platforms to create forts that act as a defense against attacks from enemies. The game has however introduced a non-build battle royale mode that allows players to play without building. While in build mode, players can build forts and barriers, which allow them to move easily during combat. This provides a strategic advantage that you do not see in many shooting games. It is the player's creativity that determines the quality of defense they build to survive attacks and win battles. But, in ‘zero build mode’ players do not build any defenses, instead, they just sprint straight to action on open ground.

What Is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds?

PUBG is a survival game responsible for a lot of concepts in the gameplay most battle royale games now utilize; which also includes Fortnite. From the looting, shrinking shield, to squad-based matches. However, from a technical standpoint, PUBG has been out-matched when it comes to modification and performance execution. The game still faces random disconnections during ongoing games, which can be frustrating for players.  


How Does Fortnite Compare to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds?

The mythology we see in Fortnite is deep compared to PUBG, which has a pretty straightforward presentation. Fortnite's cartoon design attracts a larger audience. Despite the game involving violent acts, it is still appealing to younger players. Stealth is rare in Fortnite, considering the scarce amount of vegetation where players can take cover. On the other hand, it is much easier for PUBG players to find a grassy plain and hide in plain sight from enemies. 

However, with the launch of Fortnite’s ‘zero build’ mode the game has become more like PUBG, as it now purely involves weapon action, fierce speed and loot collection. Moreover, without the option to build, players must use the recharging overshield as their first defense before running for cover. To gain the upper hand they have to get to higher ground using ascenders where they can easily spot approaching opponents.


Fortnite Vs Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

The most critical difference between Fortnite and PUBG is the maps. PUBG has a larger map which provides a greater distance between players as they drop for battle, whereby players in less popular locations may have to traverse the land for a while before they face a single opponent. Unlike Fortnite, which has a significantly smaller map which results in players being grouped much closer as they drop on the battlegrounds. 

Players who drop into a main city face intense action as they try to scramble for supplies while at the same time avoiding enemy attacks. Having a larger map can be advantageous in the sense that players have a chance to make strategic moves, whereas having a smaller map exposes players to immediate combat that leads to desperate, irrational moves.

Fortnite has a shorter load time due to a smaller map which means matches end faster. PUBG's loading time is relatively long as the last players often have the chance to strategize and apply diligence in their approach before initiating attacks.

Gameplay and Graphics

The graphics in Fortnite are more visually appealing and much easier to control. PUBG's visuals are somewhat dull in comparison to its colorful battle royale counterpart. This, however, may be favorable when it comes to gameplay. PUBG players can easily blend into the terrain and vegetation to hide from enemies. On the other hand, because of the bright cartoon-themed Fortnite characters, it becomes harder to hide since players visually stand out from their surroundings. 

Weapons and Shields

Fortnite Vs Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds: Which One is Better?

Weapons play an important role in determining a player's chances of survival. In that sense, one must consider a weapon's damage capacity, accessibility and complexity. Fortnite has a wide unique range of weapons to pick from. This also includes some extraordinary fun weapons like the ‘boogie bomb,' which, if thrown on an enemy, will subject them to a five-second involuntary dance, leaving them vulnerable to an attack. Besides, the game is constantly adding new equipment, which ensures there are new weapons to pick from. 

Still, on the weapons front, PUBG offers a range of classified weapons, from standard, rare, to common. Fortnite uses a color system to classify weapons. This way, it's easier to tell a loot's worth from afar. The weapons are classified as gray for common, green for uncommon, blue for rare, purple for epic and orange for legendary.

To acquire armor, Fortnite players need to drink specific shield potions, while in PUBG, players have access to materialized helmets and vests they can acquire between levels two and three. 

Considering the large map, using a vehicle is logical in PUBG; however, one is more prone to defeat while driving as they may topple over due to unnoticeable bugs. Fortnite vehicles can spawn from anywhere, and their locations can be very unpredictable; therefore, moving on foot is much easier. PUBG has an overall calculated pace compared to Fortnite's chaotic action-filled approach, leaving players with excitement and desire for more battle. 

Now lets explore our verdit on Fortnite vs Player Unknown's Battlegrounds to know which is better.

The Final Verdict

With the launch of different modes for Fortnite’s battle royale, the game has become much similar to PUBG, only that it is more stable and easy to control in comparison. In terms of accessibility, both games are fairly available on most popular platforms. For instance, players can access both games via PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile. The matches on Fortnite are much quicker with faster loading time which is quite the contrary with PUBG. The cartoony graphics make the game appear fantasy-like, fun and unrealistic, which is appealing to most gamers.

PUBG is more realistic and appealing to adult players, especially because of the stealth and strategy required in the gameplay. A larger map makes vehicle operation necessary for players to cover more ground. Although it may seem like the most difficult, it is also the most rewarding. In that, players feel a great sense of accomplishment after competing through great tension to eliminate all opponents and emerge victorious.

Which game do you think is the best between in this duel of Fortnite vs Player Unknown's Battlegrounds? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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