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Fortnite: Competition with Superpowers Dislike Players

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The new season of Fortnite, which added skins, weapons and Marvel-themed items, has been a lot of fun for those who play battle royale outside the competitive landscape. And it has been a full plate for content creators. But the update has been the subject of constant complaints from professional players. American Bugha, one of the biggest names in electronic sports and last year's World Cup winner, expressed his indignation on a social network.

Bugha refers to items that simulate superpowers used by Marvel heroes and villains. Among the new superpowered weapons available in the game, at least two of them are competitive so far. Two powers of Doctor Doom, a glove that casts lightning without stopping and a ball of energy that destroys buildings.

Doctor Doom statue in Fortnite. (Image: Epic Games)

Other Complaints

For Brazilians Mojak and Spitflow, these new powers should not be in competition.

“In a championship, for example, if you use mythical powers you can easily make a trio focus. A trio becomes focus when several other opponents start shooting at the same building. With infinite ammo or a stronger energy ball , the walls are destroyed more quickly “.

“A trio with stronger items than everyone else gains an advantage over that. Example is Doctor Doom's gauntlet that unleashes” bullets “endlessly”

Therefore, it is common in competitions that several players struggle to dominate this point in search of weapons. With 100 players in a match, only one will be able to use the items.

Other powers were only in casual play. Like a powerful Iron Man beam, and blows with Wolverine's claws. Something that, for the professional player Blackoutz, should also happen with the weapons of Doctor Destino.

Complaints are not exclusive to superpowers

Professional dissatisfaction with weapons or unbalanced items goes beyond the new superpowers. The dance grenade, for example, returned to the game this season and is practically a negative unanimity between them. With that, Epic Games decided to take the dance grenades out of Fortnite's competitive mode. The latest update has been subject to constant complaints from professional players as mentioned above.

The dance grenade is one of the most criticized items in Fortnite. (Image: Epic Games)

“The item does things that don't have counterplay or the counterplay isn't enough,” explained Blackoutz. “The grenade makes the opponent dance for a few seconds, preventing him from firing and countering the blow – leaving him completely vulnerable to opponents.”

“Both deal 200 damage, which, in my view, does not guarantee a fair fight. This hinders the championships, as the players no longer depend on their ability, but on luck”

Recurring issue

The complaints have not started this season. In the last two, mythical weapons dominated the discussions. These items were found only in bosses located at specific points on the map. And who dominated those points, ended up finishing the season winning the main tournaments.

In season 2, the Brazilian Frosty won the FNCS Invitational with the mythical scar and grappler – considered the most unbalanced items of the time. The following season, another victory for those who conquered the ground with the best weapons: the Argentine K1ng dominated Toca do Gato and won with the grenade launcher.

Despite the duo's undeniable talent, many opponents questioned whether the results would be the same if these mythical weapons were out of the championships.

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