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Fort Solis Vs The Callisto Protocol

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In the spirit of unfiltered honesty, I can say that Dead Space still stands as the quintessence of terror in the survival horror genre. The game brings your fears of being trapped in the vast expanse of outer space to life. Unsurprisingly, other games have sought to step into these shoes, embracing the desolate frontier as a backdrop for an enthralling survival escapade.

The Callisto Protocol is simply a sublime homage to the chilling brilliance that Dead Space portrays. And now, we get to witness yet another spectacular display of survival horror with Fort Solis. While both games adhere to the premise of fighting for survival in space, they offer distinct variations in the atrocities they unleash upon players.

As we eagerly anticipate the eventual release of Fort Solis in August, why not delve into a cosmic clash of horrors to deduce which one takes the cake? Here's Fort Solis vs The Callisto Protocol. 

What is Fort Solis?

Fort Solis

Fort Solis is an upcoming intense narrative thriller title developed collaboratively by Fallen Leaf Studio and Black Drakkar Games. The game was announced to the public last year during the Summer Game Fest, creating anticipation among gaming enthusiasts. The showcase was particularly notable as it featured an array of games that drew inspiration from the acclaimed Dead Space franchise, indicating a promising fusion of atmospheric horror and captivating storytelling in Fort Solis. 

A glimpse at the new title reveals a deep storyline with impeccable voice acting by Troy Baker (The Last of Us) and Roger Clark (Red Dead Redemption). The game also stars the Scottish actress Julia Brown. 

According to the developer, they aim to ensure the new title has an HBO-worthy storyline. And they could be on the right path with this. The Game's director, James Tindale, said,” It has to fit the storytelling of those shows. Because if it's not, they're already getting it elsewhere. That's why you get the actors like Troy and Roger because they can do these extremely intense scenes. You need these guys to sell the characters. It all comes back to characters”.

As the riveting “Moon meets Dead Space” storyline goes, Set in an isolated outpost on the far side of Mars, Fort Solis plunges players into a chilling and suspenseful experience. Players assume the role of Engineer Jack Leary, who responds to what initially appears to be a routine alarm at the outpost. 

However, as the night progresses, the dormant outpost reveals eerie secrets and unsettling events that push the boundaries of Jack's sanity. Jack is accompanied by Jessica Appleton, his witty yet funny counterpart. 

What appears to be a get-in-get-out job unravels into a long night on Martian land. Something is awry in the desolate land. 

What is The Callisto Protocol?

The Callisto Protocol review

Launched in 2022, The Callisto Protocol is a survival horror game by Striking Distance Studios. The game is a spiritual successor to the Dead Space series. Moreover, the game was directed by the series co-creator. 

The Callisto Protocol adds a layer of gore and horror to Dead Space's premise. You play Jacob Lee, a wrongfully incarcerated prisoner at Black Iron Prison on the moon of Callisto. Things in the prison get complicated and become chaotic. The convicts become infected by a bizarre virus that turns them into monstrous creatures. To survive, Jacob has to fight his way to safety while revealing the prison's deep, dark secrets. 


Fort Solis Vs The Callisto Protocol

While there's not much about Fort Solis, the trailer reveals much of its gameplay. To draw parallels between the two games, you play both of them from a third perspective. That's pretty much the only similarity we can draw at this point. What we've gathered so far is that it mimics real-life scenarios that can have your heart skipping a beat and holding you to the edge of your seat.

Unlike the Dead Space recreation, where you fight off monstrosities, an isolation sensation creeps over you as you explore the desolate station in Fort Solis. Piecing together the mysteries that happened at the mining station reveals the genuine jump scare that the developers aim for. Moreover, the game exhibits various interactive elements where you'll spend more time pursuing personnel logs, examining objects, and examining surveillance cameras. While it's unclear whether you'll face off with enemies, something dark is going on that will put you on your toes.

In contrast, combat takes center stage in The Callisto Protocol. The game seamlessly combines melee attacks and weapons to overcome adversaries. Melee combat proves invaluable when evading enemy gunfire. It is also an over-emphasized strategy that's uncommon. You don't see it every day in the survival horror genre. During the first hours of the game, weapons are generally scarce. Hence, you have to rely on melee. 

Fret not; the monsters are akin to zombies, so you have a head start. You just need to know how to leverage it. For instance, you can lure the monsters close to you, wait for them to throw a punch, dodge, and then retaliate with an onslaught of strikes.

Additionally, Jack possesses a neck implant that displays his health level, allowing you to witness the damage you sustain. Fortunately, the game provides injectable packs to restore your health. 


Fort Solis Vs The Callisto Protocol

Now, it's down to the ultimate question, which of the two games is superior? From the horizon, Fort Solis is a promising game that doesn't rely on fictitious events. It portrays natural scenarios such as your helmet cracking in space, resulting in you running out of air. I'm confident this ranks high among astronauts' fears while in space. 

From the trailer, the game creates an eerie ambiance without introducing ostentatious characters. With only a few weeks until the game drops, the developers may opt to unveil more details on combat or whether you'll be facing formidable foes. 

That said, The Callisto Protocol is a solid game with an impeccable storyline complemented by its gameplay. The game's atmosphere depicts a supremely scary knacker's yard. Moreover, being a game I have played before, I must say the scales tip in its favor. However, we can only give a better verdict after playing Fort Solis. But before it launches, The Callisto Protocol will prepare you for the horrors that lie ahead. 

So, what's your take? Who do you think takes the cake in the Fort Solis vs. The Callisto Protocol face-off? Will you be getting Fort Solis when it drops? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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