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5 Things We Want in Red Dead Redemption 3



With the massive success of Red Dead Redemption 2, players are looking forward to what comes next. The developers at Rockstar definitely have their work cut out for them when it comes to topping the game. Featuring a sprawling open world, and some of the best representations of the era depicted in the game, this is no small order. That being said, there are many things that they can improve upon. Without further ado, here are 5 Things We Want in Red Dead Redemption 3

5. Improved Game and Gunplayvideo game prologues

One of the weaker aspects of Red Dead Redemption 2 was its gunplay. The controls for the weapons, as well as the auto-aiming function, felt quite stiff to some players. This is an area in which Rockstar has the potential to improve upon itself. With the massive amount of resources allocated to the next Red Dead Redemption game, better player interaction and gunplay seem like a relatively small order. Improving upon this element would significantly improve player retention as well as provide better moment-to-moment gameplay.

While the second game in the series is no doubt stunning, there are still many aspects that feel rather clunky. These include the way you interact with the world, as well as the Weapon Wheel system. Both of these things are examples of things that can be significantly improved upon to bring a better feel to these elements in the game. Additionally, gunplay, especially for the amount of time you engage with it, could definitely use a second pass. All of these elements being improved on in Red Dead Redemption 3 would no doubt make it a better experience for players overall.

4. Enhanced Random Encounters

Random Encounters were an aspect of Red Dead Redemption 2 that attempted to bring a sense of immersion to the game. For those unaware, these are randomly occurring events that happen around the player as they travel through the open world. While these are enjoyable and offer a break from whatever the player may be doing at the time. They soon grow stale after completing them once or twice. At their core, these events are a great idea and breathe a sense of life into the game's world.

That being said, it could definitely be improved upon, whether that be through the addition of systems. Or simply a look at what is there already. It is our hope that these events can go on to be something more meaningful in the world. This, in turn, would significantly add to the experience. So, for example, if you saved someone in the wilderness, perhaps you meet them in town and enjoy a nice discount for your efforts. Either way, you look at it, enhancing the overall experience of these random encounters would be a great way to increase the longevity of Red Dead Redemption 3.

3. Simulation Systems

While the simulation systems that are present in Red Dead Redemption 2 are great. Many could argue some of their purposes. The game does a great job at setting a tone and immersing the player in the world, yet some of the tasks simply either don't feel fleshed out enough or become tedious. This is a fine line to walk for the developers, as many of the tasks in the game can quickly become monotonous. Improving upon these systems would allow the player to focus more on the world itself.

While it may be impressive from a developmental standpoint to have certain things happen in the game. Sometimes these can impede the player. For example, perhaps AI could be improved to give them a better sense of realism. This would help the player feel more immersed in the world as well as their actions. These steps could go a long way toward improving the sequel to Red Dead Redemption 2. To close, the improvement of the simulation systems in the game would help the game feel all the more accurate and would be a great addition to the development of Red Dead Redemption 3.

2. Train Robbery

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While it is certainly doable in Red Dead Redemption 2, robbing a train doesn't give the player the rewards you would think that it would. Oftentimes players that do take their game time to rob trains will often find that the loot they get for it isn't exactly worth it. This is astounding considering the fantasy of robbing stagecoaches and trains, which should offer more incentive to the player to participate. Unfortunately, as it stands currently, there is a little actual incentive to do so in the game. So if the sequel wants to improve upon this, then it certainly can.

We can see that this could be made possible by borrowing the Heist framework from Grand Theft Auto V. This would no doubt give players something worthwhile to do, as well as simply be fun in its own right if players want to stick up stagecoaches and trains for money. They absolutely should be able to make a viable living off of it. Instead, what we are greeted with in Red Dead Redemption 2 are relatively paltry offerings. This is one aspect that Red Dead Redemption 3 could definitely improve upon in the future.

1. Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online sounded like a no-brainer on paper. Players would be able to form posses with their friends and get up into all kinds of mischief. What occurred, however, was quite the opposite. At the same time, players did indeed engage in these hijinks. The gold grind that the developers left for them made making any real progress in the online game quite a hassle. This became such an issue that the developers constantly had to rebalance their own market. So while the offering of online play was fun in Red Dead Redemption 2, it has a long way to go.

If the developers can accomplish several improvements to the multiplayer. Such as the implementation of the Heist system, better currency balancing, and so on. Then perhaps the next game will be the Wild West players will want to create for themselves. Finally, improving upon the online aspect of the game will definitely increase the game's longevity, as we have seen with Grand Theft Auto V. So, in closing, it could be a fantastic idea to improve the Red Dead Online system for future games.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Things We Want in Red Dead Redemption 3? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.



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