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Farming Simulator 22 Vs Farming Simulator 23

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Away from the bloodshed and intense, action-packed escapades that other RPGs have; how about an old-fashioned game of farming? Now, you might think farming sounds monotonous at first, but that perception will change once you immerse yourself in the captivating world of GIANTS Software's farming simulation game.

There's always something about nurturing a thriving farm, tending to crop, and reaping the bountiful harvests, which fills your heart with warmth and contentment. These games are perfect for a casual and relaxing gaming experience, providing a soothing escape after a long, exhausting day.

If you've ever dreamt of becoming a farmer, these two extraordinary games will awaken you at dawn and virtually place you in your own farmer boots. We’ve set off to compare GIANTS installments in their farm simulation series to deduce which one takes the cake. Sow, without much further ado, here’s Farming Simulator 22 vs Farming Simulator 23.

What is Farming Simulator 22?

Farming Simulator 22


Farming Simulator 22 is exactly as the title portrays it, an arduous and immersive agricultural experience. The game methodologically takes you through the ideal life of a smallholder farmer with a rags-to-riches aim. There are no shortcuts to this; you must put in the work to reap bountiful harvests.

The game provides a handful of tutorials from the menu. You can read this to learn how to convert your lands from parchments of dirt to a money-making venture.

The game’s aim is straightforward- make your land productive. It's a heavy-going process; you need to plan your farm, manage the crops and animals and do a bit of clearing too.

Farming Simulator 22’s mechanics gradually unfold with every task. Like an easily untangled thread and forgiving instructor, the learning curve in this endeavor is surprisingly smooth.

At the crack of dawn, your character wakes up to a list of chores, from harvesting the wheat to weeding the canola plants and more. It’s an accurate depiction of the toil surrounding farming in real life. Fret not; you’ll have tools to make your work easy -board the tractor to till your fields, readying it up for the next round of planting.

Admittedly, if the agrarian odyssey doesn't appeal to you, you’ll easily get bored with Farming Simulator 22. Don’t expect the scarecrow to turn into a monstrous beast where you’ll need to summon magic seeds to take it down. It's quite simply a farming game where you farm!

What is Farming Simulator 23?

Farming Simulator 23 picks up on the crop-tivating adventures laid out by its predecessor, Farming Simulator 22. Like the previous game, there’s no overarching goal-you simply need to make more money to buy more land and expand your inventory of farm equipment.

Like the previous game, you get to plow your fields, breed your animals and manage your farm. But this time, you can do so while on the go. As the 12th installment in the simulation series, the game is the first to be accessible on portable devices, after Farming Simulator 19. This includes the Nintendo Switch consoles, iOS and Android devices.

We recommend playing the game on the Switch consoles. Owing to the heavy graphics of the semi-open world, the game loads better on Switch than on Mobile devices. It is an expensive option compared to Android or iOS, but the experience makes it worthwhile.

However, the Switch versions feel bland and dated. Farming Simulator 19 had more to offer in terms of exploration. The game’s map was big enough to accommodate a train for players to use when touring the farm. With 23, the radius is significantly smaller.

Despite this, Farming Simulator 23 sticks to precedence by using modern brands in their tools and equipment. Everything is impressively detailed, akin to Old MacDonald’s Farm receiving a remodel from the Homestead Rescue. The game adds 15 new brands, including Landini, Welger, and TMC Cancela.


Farming Simulator 22 Vs Farming Simulator 23

Farming Simulator 22 introduces a new feature where players can clear their fields of stones and forests. For Animal Crossing enthusiasts, this is a familiar activity.

We see the same replicated in the game's successor, but crop growing has a profound difference. In 23, the entire gaming experience exudes a newfound sense of speed, with crops maturing faster.

Moreover, it also introduces the seamless tool attachment to vehicles by simply driving into them. Gone are the days of lingering in anticipation and puzzling over tool-to-tractor matches.

Furthermore, there's plenty more to do in Farming Simulator 22 thanks to its three bigger semi-open worlds; Haunt-Beyleron, Elmcreek, and Erlengrant. Following the Platinum Expansion release, the developers added a new map-the Silverrun Forest Map. The map unfolds layers of activities like building boats and planting trees. In contrast, Farming Simulator 23 offers two maps, Neubrunn and Amberstone. Besides their respective German and American settings, that’s pretty much about it for the maps.

Also, Farming Simulator 22’s seasonal system propels the game to a new level of immersion. This system forces players to plant seeds only when the time is right. The system mimics the four seasons, which guide your planting, harvesting, and selling activities. This system plays with the demand-supply technique. Leveraging on the changing weather, you can increase your product’s pricing when the supply is low, and the demand is high.


At the end of the road, Farming Simulator 22 and 23 stand tall as shining examples of excellence, each proudly boasting unique merits. Farming Simulator 22 gave us a complete dive into the farming world, grappling with formidable foes such as weeds and pests while working the machines. The game’s impressive attention to detail was replicated in the sequel. However, Farming Simulator 22’s graphics are significantly better, mainly because the game runs on the new generation consoles.

On the other hand, Farming Simulator 23 has fewer vehicles and machines, but it's cheaper. You may miss out on beekeeping, but the game’s chicken-rearing feature makes up for it.

For newcomers to the genre, Farming Simulator 23 serves as an excellent starting point, allowing you to grasp the fundamentals before exploring the glimmering realms of its richer and more elaborate predecessors.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our Farming Simulator 22 vs Farming Simulator 23 verdict? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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