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5 Best Island Life Simulation Games in 2023

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The bright horizon in open-world sandbox game Tchia.

Island Life Simulation games allow players to travel to faraway lands. And while they may differ in how they depict island life, each title has its own nuances. These games are great getaways and offer vibrant worlds to explore. This makes these games really appealing for players who want to get away for a while and relax. So if you are looking for an escape through these fabulous games, look no further. Here are our picks for the 5 Best Island Life Simulation Games in 2023.

5. RiME

Today, we begin our list of the best Island Life Simulation games in 2023 with RiME. This is a game that features the main character washing ashore on a deserted island, and they must survive by using the resources on hand. This leads the player to scour the landscape in search of answers as well as resources. The art style for the game is incredibly charming and manages to capture the beautiful island aesthetic remarkably well. That is hardly all that this title has to offer players, however.

The story behind Rime is one that is very interesting and unfolds in such a way as to make it enticing all the way through. While the game is a single-player puzzle adventure, it still captures the vibrance of island life well. Along the player's journey, there will be many obstacles in the way. This will require the player to use their puzzle-solving skills and wits in order to succeed. So, if you are someone who enjoys Island Life Simulation games, make sure you check out RiME.

4. Raft

For the next entry on our list of Island Simulation games, we have Raft. This game, rather than taking place solely on an island, begins on an abandoned raft. On this raft, players must work in order to gather materials in order to make the raft larger in order to survive. The game can be played in co-op, which really adds to the fun. Once players make landfall, they will be tasked with securing resources and many other tasks in order to survive. This is great, as it not only makes it interesting when you reach an island, but it almost serves as a self-contained adventure for the player.

This is where the game's crafting mechanics come into play. Players are able to craft the necessary items for survival but will have to obtain the resources on their own. This makes it so that players are rewarded greatly for exploring the area and securing these resources. The overall art direction of the game is also fantastic, with all of Raft being depicted in a really distinct style. So, if you are someone who enjoys Island Simulation games, but don't want to delve too deep as far as difficulty, then check out Raft.

3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Switching things up just a bit, for our next entry we have Animal Crossing: New HorizonsAnimal Crossing: New Horizons is a fantastic entry in the beloved Animal Crossing series, with its latest iteration becoming massively popular. In this game, players are able to live out their most amazing island life fantasies. However, that isn't to say that they have to do everything alone. Along the player's journey, they will collect different villagers to live with them on their island. In doing so, players must keep their villagers happy in order to succeed.

There is quite a bit of gameplay variety within the game, with players being able to fish, hunt for fossils, and plant gardens. Each of these activities manages not only to vary the gameplay but allows players to put a personal touch on their island. This is fantastic, as it gives the player great control over what happens on their island. Later on in the game, players are able to somewhat control which villagers stay on their island. So if you are looking for one of the Island Simulation games that allow you to get away, check out this title.

2. Coral Island

For the next entry on our list of the best Island Simulation games you can play in 2023, we have Coral IslandCoral Island is a wonderful game in which players will be able to explore their island and meet a diverse cast of characters. This is wonderful, as the adventure and thrill of exploring an island, is only made all the more special with fantastic characters surrounding you. As far as activities in the game go, all life-simulation staples are here, such as fishing and other crafting mechanics. This is great to see, as it gives players a way of impacting the game world around them.

Additionally, for players who wish to have a romantic experience on their island, this game supports that wholeheartedly. There is a number of romance options for players to choose from, and while it isn't necessary to enjoy the game, it's a great addition. Also, for players who enjoy completing community projects in their games, Coral Island has a great number to complete. So all in all, if you are looking for one of the best and most charming Island Simulation games. You should make sure you take a look at Coral Island.

1. Tchia

Wrapping up our list of the best Island Simulation games, we have TchiaTchia is an incredibly charming game with an immense amount of love and heart poured into it. This is something that can be seen in not only the game's mechanics but more importantly, the world of the game. The island that players will explore in the game is simply fantastic and has many varied parts to it. This is great, as it keeps many of the landscapes from feeling too samey. The entire game is centered around a fantastic story, which we won't spoil here. This story alone makes it a journey well worthwhile.

However, it is in meeting the islanders around you and experiencing the many flora and fauna that truly brings the island to life. The game has a possession mechanic in which the game's main character is able to take control of different animals briefly. This system is fleshed out remarkably well, with each animal having their own strengths and weaknesses. To close, if you are looking for a game with tons of heart and inherent charm. While also being one of the best Island SImulation games, make sure you check out Tchia.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Island Life Simulation Games in 2023? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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