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5 Amazing Fan-Made Animal Crossing: New Horizons Islands

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been floating about for a little over a year now, meaning the number of islands laced between the community chain has reached quite the mountainous milestone. Of course, the Dream Suite does play a major part in the overall popularity of the game, allowing players to traverse other worlds without leaving so much as a footprint behind. And it's because of this that creative players all over the world are branching out to mould the next big tourist hotspot.

Of all the things one can do in a world like Animal Crossing, it comes as no surprise when we discover fantastic settlements brimming with potential. Plus, with DLC constantly finding its way to the platform, those outstanding worlds are only continuing to expand and grow even more remarkable by the day. However, five fan-made creations definitely seem to sparkle a little brighter than others. Of course, while there are thousands of worthy kingdoms on the market, we do have to give credit where it's due. And as far as these five go — it'd be an insult not to shower them with eternal praise for the experiences they've brought to life.


5. Gaming Den

I can’t get enough of my game room🥰 from animalcrossingdesign

Although forging an entire island and filling every nook and cranny can be an incredibly time-consuming job, a lot of hours can also be lost to the smaller things — like constructing your own home, for example. And in this case, rather than settling for a pop-up tent and a few quaint accessories, this user made the decision to literally transform their home away from home into the ultimate gaming den, packed full of classic Nintendo memorabilia and bite-sized trinkets.

From retro arcade machines to Switch posters, collectable caps to the many mounds of shelved video games — this quirky little hideout is pretty much every gamer's living dream. It's cute, it's compact, and it's incredibly cosy. It's one of the many reasons Animal Crossing: New Horizons is considered to be one of the best recipes for unlocking total creativity. If only it were that simple in reality, eh?


4. Starlight Island

Setting aside the fact that Animal Crossing is flooded with tranquil getaways and sugar-coated kingdoms, Starlight Island does pique our interest a lot more than the others in the pipeline. Perhaps it's the burgundy backdrops, or maybe even the mapped-out chain of islands sewn between the homestead. Whatever it is — it has us hooked by the tethers. And as far as fantasy vacations go — Starlight Island definitely tops the list of must-see places.

Clearly, ambition wasn't in short supply when building this wondrous marvel. Sure, it's somewhat lacking in population — but that's beside the point. The main thing to take away, of course, is that Starlight Island's sole purpose is to distract players from the hustle and bustle of daily life. And if that truly is the intent — then this user has passed with flying colors with this wonderful creation. A definite A+ in our books, without a doubt.


3. Haunted Mansion

It's one thing to turn an adorable concept into an even cuter one, but to drift the other way and transform it into a bone-shattering horror? Now that's something you don't tend to see in Animal Crossing very often. However, this extremely talented user has managed to incorporate all things spooky into a ghostly island cloaked with ghastly ghouls and whomping witches. And yes — it is pretty creepy — as far as Animal Crossing goes, that is.

With a supernatural collective patrolling the cloudy island and a series of whimsical obstacles to boot, this haunted getaway stands just shy to the apex of our finest selection of New Horizons worlds. Of course, there is more to the island than paranormal ports and wandering wisps of mist, though it is better to experience the place for yourself to avoid spoilers. But you'll have to trust us on this one. You don't want to pass up the opportunity to explore this hidden gem.


2. Japanese Metropolis

One thing New Horizons isn't exactly short of is chic market towns and Japanese-themed homesteads. That being said, only a select few have managed to completely blow us away with their interior and exterior designs. Take this one, for example. Now here's a user who knows their way around a toolkit and drawing board.

Packed with market stalls, towering lights and neon decor left, right and centre — this concrete jungle harnesses a true ambience that screams urban development. And that's all in the space of a hundred yards. As for the rest of the region that reaks of opportunity, well, we can only begin to imagine what lies in store for the bite-sized Tokyo. Speaking of which, I think it's time we took a dip into the world to see the progress for ourselves. Now, where's that Dream Address? Please, tell us it's not exclusive!


1. Harry Potter World

Hogwarts has been redesigned for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and it truly does look fantastic. Of course, having a few wizarding bits and bobs is enough to sway almost any Potterhead to the dream world alone — but actually moulding an exclusive Triwizard tournament and fleshing out the world with spools on mini-games? Now that's something we don't see every day!

It comes as no surprise that this user has put a whole lot of detail into their wonderful wizarding world. Plus, it's even more impressive knowing that the island isn't a simple classroom or broom cupboard spread over a whole region, either. In fact, players can expect to see the iconic Platform 9 3/4, Diagon Alley, Hogsmead, and Hogwarts in all its glory all nested within one jam-packed world. Fan of the franchise or not — that's quite an accomplishment to behold. Hogwarts Legacy —  be on your guard. The podium is up for grabs with this talented creator on the prowl.


Do you have an Animal Crossing island you wish to share with us? Why not submit your picks to our social handles? We'll be returning to New Horizons in a few weeks with another batch of magical creations. Until then, you'll have to settle with reaping Hogwarts of all its witchcraft. You can find Dream Codes by looking at player Passports or through their shared posts online.

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