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Most Anticipated Life Simulation Games in 2023



Life simulation games have developed into a staple in the gaming industry, and are, without doubt, some of the most popular forms of entertainment amongst players, too. It makes sense, then, that countless creators would go on to write detailed love letters to the likes of The Sims and other noteworthy IPs, if not to celebrate them, then to one-up their custom innovations. And that’s exactly what’s happening in 2023: life simulation games are kicking up a storm left, right, and centre — and we’re all for joining in for the ride to see what comes of them.

Of course, there are life simulation games that are attracting a little more attention than others, more so on PC than other major platforms. But what’s trending right now, and which of the many, many games should you be keeping an eye on as we push closer towards year’s end? Well, here’s what we’d recommend adding to your wishlist in 2023.

5. Life by You

Life by You | Announce Trailer

Life by You is the freshest take on Electronic Arts’ The Sims formula, and arguably one of the closest things we’ll get to a true spiritual successor to The Sims 4 and Sim City. Visually, it dabbles along the same wavelength as its Maxis-led cousin, as does its building and life simulation model. As such, players are invited to live out their wildest virtual fantasies in an all-new and flawlessly modernised world—a paradise where boundaries cease to exist and creativity is encouraged.

Built with an entire open world to explore and customise, Life by You will allow for its users to build without limits and tell stories that’ll pass on for generations to come. So, a lot like The Sims 3 before it adopted the squelched semi-open world blueprint in the fourth instalment, from the looks of it.

As well as having a home to construct and design, Life by You will also open the doors for an entire city-building element—a feature that’ll let you build every shop, home, and point of interest. So, if you thought The Sims and its entire network of DLC had a lot of material under its belt, then wait until you get a load of what Life by You has to offer. If it’s a sandbox sim with oceans of freedom you’re after — then you’ve found your home away from home.

Life by You will be launching in early access on September 12, 2023 for PC. You can add it to your collection here.

4. Sengoku Dynasty

Sengoku Dynasty - Official Cinematic Trailer

Sengoku Dynasty is a mismatch of genres bundled into one package; life simulation and open-world RPG, being the primary themes. Set in feudal Japan, the ambitious world builder will provide players with an entire province to shape and develop over several generations. And not only that, but also give budding rulers the tools to learn how to survive, build alliances, and withstand the natural elements that shroud everyday life.

It goes without saying that Sengoku Dynasty is a variation of things, but a life simulation game at heart. And what separates it from other sandbox games of its kind is ability to provide not just the one pathway, but four completely unique avenues to pursue. As either a Leader, Craftsman, Warrior, or Monk, you will have the opportunity to develop a dynasty that snaps to your strengths and weaknesses. So, hardly your bog-standard God simulator, after all.

Sengoku Dynasty will be heading to PC via early access in Q3 2023. You can keep an eye on it here.

3. Paralives

Paralives - House Building Gameplay

Paralives is yet another life simulation game that draws its inspiration from The Sims’ cutesy sandbox aesthetic. A life simulation game at its core, the upcoming Sims-like offers up the chance to recreate idyllic homes from the grassy roots up and manage the lives of those inhabiting them. Oh, and not to mention every aspect of the open world town that you’re supposedly in control of, also.

As it stands, Paralives is stacked up as one of the most sought-after life simulation games on Steam, with a whopping 100,000 registered users gearing up to test its waters for when it finally comes to shore. And while Paralives Studio has yet to hammer in a concrete release date for it, followers are still coining it as the most anticipated role-playing sim on PC of 2023. Here’s hoping we can see it in all its glory before year’s end, then.

Paralives will be heading to PC via Steam at some point in the foreseeable future. You can keep up to date with its development milestones here.

2. The Ranchers

The Ranchers | Official Announcement Trailer | 4K

The Ranchers is a lot like My Time at Portia, in the fact that it revolves around a mixture of community building through the power of fine farming, and learning how to find your place in an open world that’s rife with clean-cut innovators and love interests. Much like the latter, it’s a sandbox game, and one that aims to let players both build their dream plots and manage the everyday lives of the people that populate them. And that’s barely scratching the surface, believe it or not.

As well as having all the returning tropes of any modern farming sim, The Ranchers also opens the door for a four-player co-op mode and a myriad of opportunities to explore dungeons, battle monsters, and even raise animals. That’s quite the selection, even by today’s standards.

The Ranchers will be heading to consoles and PC via Steam in Q3 2023. You can follow the updates for the game here.

1. Nivalis

Nivalis - Official Announcement Trailer (4K 60fps)

Nivalis is a cyberpunk-infused life simulation and city-building game set in, well, Nivalis, a city that stretches “from the ocean to the clouds.” As the overseer of the bustling neon metropolis, you must not only forge a legacy that’s worth remembering, but learn how to build lifelong friendships, manage businesses and nightclubs, and even accrue unique skills that’ll help expand your community beyond the city walls.

The aim of the game is simple: own the nightlife that feeds the general infrastructure of Nivalis. From humble beginnings and a simple noodle shop to a lavish lifestyle littered with high-class joints and commodities, the world of Nivalis will see you journey through a high-octane life that only rests when the moon dips below the horizon. So, never, then.

Nivalis will be launching on PC via Steam in 2024. You can keep tabs on the game’s progress here.


So, what’s your take? Will you be starting a new life in any of the above games this year? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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