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5 Best Life Simulation Games of 2022, Ranked



Farming simulator games like wyldee flowers

The life simulation game has a relative niche market. However, in 2022, these games broke out of those confines and were introduced to a whole new crowd of players. This success has opened up the floodgates for more life sim games in the future. These are games that you can easily sink countless hours into. Worlds you are meant to get lost in and simply relax while you play. With that being said, here are our picks for the 5 Best Life Simulation Games of 2022, Ranked.

5. Harvestella

Harvestella is a brilliant game that attempts to merge JRPG elements as well as farming sim elements. It is this unique blend of gameplay styles that gives Harvestella its unique flavor. The game quickly garnered attention with it being compared to a Final Fantasy or, more closely, a Rune Factory title. The game also has a rather unique premise, with the world being plagued by the Quietus, a disease that kills all the crops. This gives the player a sense of urgency when approaching their tasks within the game.

Naturally, this simply will not do, and the game’s protagonist will have to correct these problems. While this game does quite a bit to separate itself from its influences, they are clearly seen within the game’s DNA. So players who are familiar with these JRPGs should find themselves at home in this imagining of a life-sim game. So if you or someone you know enjoys either farming sims or JRPGs, introduce them to this wonderful blend of the two genres as it is one of the best life-sim games of 2022.

4. Little Witch in the Woods

Little Witch in the Woods is a fantastic charming title with a delightful art style. Players will be able to play as Ellie, a girl who is becoming a witch in training. Along her journies, you will be able to brew potions, cast spells, and much more. In addition, players will be able to study the various magical creatures of the world. This creates a really immersive experience for players who want to get involved in the game’s lore. So there is more than meets the eye with this title, as players can quickly become immersed within the game world and its characters.

If players can cultivate interpersonal relationships with the villagers in the game, they can learn more secrets about the world. This commitment to storytelling within the game gives the game its charm. Players can also complete various tasks throughout the game, which keeps the gameplay from getting stale. So if you are interested in a game with plenty of heart and a commitment to a comfortable gaming experience, then Little Witch in the Woods is for you.

3. Potion Permit

Potion Permit is a game with a somewhat unique premise. The premise of the game sees you undertaking the role of an alchemist who helps out the village of Moonbury. The villagers in this town are all personable and easy to talk to, which can lead you to befriend them rather quickly. However, even if you aren’t necessarily the social type, you can also forage for resources needed to craft medicines for the townspeople. This game is incredibly charming and inviting in terms of its art style.

This style lends itself well to being able to play the game for hours on end without you needing a break. In addition, players will be able to socialize and even romanticize the characters within the game. But if combat is more your speed, there is also quite a bit of that, too, as many of the ingredients you will need for your potions are gathered from monsters worldwide. This game is a dream for players that are looking for a game to shake up the life-sim genre, as it has a unique premise that separates it from its competition. Potion Permit is one of the finest life simulation games you can play in 2022.

2. Wylde Flowers

Wylde Flowers is a game that has an identity all its own. This game, at the surface, appears to be a farming sim, much like Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley. However, it quickly shows that it is quite different from those games with its inclusion of magic into the mix. Whereas most games focus on the farming aspect of the life-simulation game, this title blends it together with a magical element in a way that makes it feel unique.

The town of Fairhaven is also rather extraordinary, as it features many different townspeople of various backgrounds to interact with. This game also includes romance options for players looking to go down that path. One unique aspect of the game that helps it stand out amongst its peers is that it is fully voice-acted. So if you are one of those players who doesn’t really care for reading or simply becomes more immersed with the addition of voice acting, this game has you covered. In closing, Wylde Flowers is one of the best experiences you can have with a life simulation game in 2022.

1. My Time At Sandrock

My Time At Sandrock is the fantastic sequel to My Time At Portia. This game includes all of the lessons learned in that first game and improves upon them. The game still requires players to craft items, as that is at the heart of the gameplay loop, but the player has more freedom regarding how they approach this. Once again, players will be in charge of building their very own workshop.

They will use this workshop to help the people of Sandrock with various tasks. Working for and befriending the people in the town is one of the most enriching experiences you can have in this game. That isn’t to say that it is the only thing to do in the game; however, far from it. Combat also plays a pretty heavy role this time around, with players being able to engage in combat whenever they want in certain areas. Additional gameplay content can be found within the game’s minigames for players looking for even more variety in their experience. In closing, My Time At Sandrock proves that when life simulation games are solid enough, players can pour hours into them and be enriched by the experience.

So, what’s your take on our picks for the 5 Best Life Simulation Games of 2022, Ranked? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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