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Fallout 76: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

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Fallout 76- 5 Best Tips for Beginners

Are you thinking of getting into the world of Fallout 76? If so, here are some great tips to help get you started! From understanding the basics of survival to learning how to scavenge for supplies, these tips will help set you on the right path as you explore everything that Appalachian wasteland has to offer. So whether you're a Vault Dweller looking for your first adventure outside or a seasoned Wastelander seeking even more challenges, be sure to check out these five best tips for beginners. 


5. Conserve Ammo

Conserve Ammo fallout 76

Make sure to pick up any guns your enemies drop after defeat. You will soon notice a scarcity of ammo, which will render most of your guns useless at some point. That's why it's important not to shoot at every enemy you encounter. Make sure to keep a melee weapon on you. This way, you can conserve your ammo for more deadly encounters. To top up your ammo supply, you can visit Tinker Stations and craft some more. Although you start out the game with a few basic recipes for armor and weapons, you can always learn more. 

The best way to do this is by either buying recipes from other players and traders or scouting for more recipes in the wild. You may also find them in chests that provide a whole lot of other essentials. Another way to learn the temperaments of the weapon you intend to craft includes scrapping. You can scrap a weapon that is in perfect condition in order to learn how to make it and craft more of the same. As your weapons break down over time, you may need to repair them once in a while.


4. Avoid Unnecessary Killing

While you are still new to the game, you will not be able to access PvP until you reach level 5. Once you are past this level, you will have to deal with other players. You can either be hostile or non-threatening. However, you may also need to defend yourself against attacks. If you shoot at another player, their damage will be reduced if they choose not to shoot back. But once they return fire, the damage is normalized, and you can engage in combat. If you don't wish to run into accidental PvP, you should go to Options and re-enable Pacifist Mode just to be safe. 

This also helps you avoid the repercussions that come with killing someone who has not fought back. Some of these include being labeled a murderer, which turns your icon red on the map. You will also not be able to see other players' positions, which will make surviving much harder. What's worse is that you will have a bounty on your head for those who want to seek revenge.


3. Drop Your Junk

In the previous Fallout title, the biggest part of survival was finding and scrapping junk. The same goes for Fallout 76. You can scrap junk to create various useful items through building, cooking or crafting. However, junk can turn out to be a burden since you have to carry it around. To avoid dragging around this baggage, you have to scrap your junk constantly just after scavenging an area. Scrapped junk can incredibly reduce the amount of initial weight once you turn them into components. 

You can then go back to your camp and store the items you scrapped or build a Vault-Tec Stash that lets you store your components with ease. The store is easily accessible even when building from your camp or at any workstation. There's a weight limit of 800lb on your stash, therefore, it's important to scrap all your materials before stashing. This also helps you save your collected materials in case you die and drop all your junk, and another player collects them.


2. Move Efficiently 

There are a lot of factors to consider when trying to survive in Fallout 76. One major factor is your health which you can keep in check by constantly eating and hydrating. Stay in shape by monitoring your hunger and thirst meters; if you're lucky enough to stay above 75% in both, you can earn bonus stats. Since the game is online and everything happens in real time, you don't want to get distracted constantly checking out your Pip-Boy. Make use of the quick buttons to swiftly swap weapons or access Stimpacks.

Keep essential items such as food and chems on your Favorite list so that they appear on the Favorite wheel. This saves you a lot of time when you need to quickly access such items. Although there are a lot of crafting stations available, only one player can use them at a time. So when you find yourself in a crowded area, it may just be best to keep moving. Fortunately, this becomes less of a concern once you build your own crafting station at camp; all you have to do is fast-travel back at no cost. 


1. Prepare to be Looted

Containers and other unique items are allocated for every player. This way, you can always find a chest and not have to worry about someone else getting to it first. However, bobbleheads and anything else lying around can be grabbed by anyone who gets to them first. It's a good thing that these items respawn after a while; otherwise, there would be a lot of pressure to move fast. When your health drops to zero, your character will drop down and await death. 

This period of vulnerability gives other players the opportunity to attack you to death. However, if they choose to, they can revive you using a Stimpack. Once you die, all your junk will be dropped, and anyone who finds you before you recover them can collect them. To recover them, you will receive a quest with a map marker. Complete the quest, and you can get back your dropped junk. To better prepare for such situations, you ought to build a camp close to a dangerous area where you can respawn for free.

Have you played Fallout 76? Which tip do you find to be the most useful for the game? Do let us know how your experience is in the comments below or our socials here.


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