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Beginner’s Guide to Immortality

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beginers guide to Immortality

Half Mermaid Productions' Immortality is a 2022 mystery game following a dramatic narrative. The game is based on a fictional character, Marissa Marcel, a model and actress who goes missing after starring in a couple of films. It's up to you to connect the puzzling clues in order to solve the mystery of her disappearance. The concept of the game seems simple but gets complicated as you dive into its gameplay. Hopefully, this beginner's guide to Immortality gives you the support you need in understanding how to play the game.


Basic Gameplay

The game provides you with clips from three different films that Marissa started between 1969 and 1999; here is where all the clues lie. For you to piece together the puzzle of the character's disappearance, you must begin with the first film. You then have to pause at any point whenever you spot any interesting items or people. 

You get an array of content to search through. From the three films to interview clips to behind-the-scenes footage, you ought to be careful to examine them as well. You may also choose a single clip multiple times, especially if you spot more than one clue in one image.


Identifying Clues

The easiest way to identify a clue is when you spot the same item on two different clips. Another way is when an eye icon appears when you move the cursor over an item; this happens in image mode. Various useful selections that often carry clues include images of Marissa, art pieces, plants, and other items that stand out. 

You have to be keen to spot any poetic references as well. By looking at some characters, you may note a sparkle that may pique an interest in the individual. Anything odd you spot must be an object of scrutiny, so there are no puzzles left unsolved. Distinct items such as reflections or figures may be essential in uncovering some clues. 


Clips Arrangement 

Once you collect the necessary images, they are set up in an archive for your review. There is a collection screen displaying all the tools needed to arrange your images. For better record keeping, each selected clip on a film grid will have the date and project name at the bottom. Similarly, each image is accompanied by specific objects that it is associated with at the bottom. Below are the tabs featured:

  • Clapperboard– Let's you shift between the image and film grids.
  • Funnel With Heart– Highlights a filter to show items assigned as favorites.
  • Clapperboard Funnel– Highlights a filter on clips of the same project.
  • Clapperboard– Indicates the order of arrangements shifting from both the date and collection number.


Other Hidden Actions

Make sure to turn on the vibration on your controller while playing. This helps alert you of hidden clips; the device vibrates when you scroll through clues. There are hidden moments concealed in normal clips. These clips can be forwarded and rewound so you can scrub blurred images to uncover clear clues.

You can go even deeper into these uncovered clips to reveal more layers of clues that will see you sink into multiple layers of scrubbing. That's why to go back to the starting clip, you just press start. That is after you save the hidden clips as favorites in order to maintain their record. 

And there you have it? Has our beginner's guide to Immortality been helpful? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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