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Beginner’s Guide to LEGO Brawls

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LEGO Brawls, now available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam, and Apple Arcade, is a fast-paced platformer that combines your favorite building blocks with battling your way through multiple opponents in a tight race to the top. 

Once toys for building fantasy themes, your favorite LEGOs are now alive and at war. Here's how you can get a head start.


Attack Moves

There are four regular attack moves that deal roughly the same amount of damage to an opponent: moving left, right, jumping, and dropping. You can also use dash moves for a more slick attack.

If you want to look even slicker, deal damage to your opponent while they're falling to the ground rather than in the air or on platforms. If you're taking too much damage, you could dash away from your opponent while jumping to sustain less damage.


Customization Options

There are 77 trillion customization options, from melee weapons to power-ups to emotes; all you have to do is dream it up and start building your ultimate minifigure fighter. Ideally, you could build your character to fit exactly what you want, from their appearance to their fighting skills.


Gaming Modes

LEGO Brawls offers four gaming modes. You could play 4v4 in Control Point mode, where each player defends their area from capture. Collect mode is all about hunting for collectibles at varying stages. There’s the classic Brawl Royale battling experience and the solo, free-for-brawl mode testing the last man standing. Plus, if you’d like to bring a friend or two, LEGO Brawls has you covered, whether playing on the couch co-op style or online with cross-play.


Unlocking Content

Oh, your favorite LEGO themes are there too. From the saloons of the Wild West to the over-the-top landscapes of LEGO Monkie Kid, there are plenty of themes to choose from and brawl through. To move from one theme to the next, you’ll need to unlock the new theme by earning enough Studs and using those Studs to unlock new mini-figures, power-ups, and much more. 

There’s no pressure, though. You could decide you’re into the Wild West and spend as much time working on getting that cowboy hat. However, each theme has its own winning terms, challenges, and other features that make a difference when transitioning to another theme. So, to get better at defeating opponents regardless of your stage, it’s good to hop from one theme to the next, gaining experience on all fronts.



You may want to turn off your Camera Shake and Vsync. You won’t need these as much, plus you’ll get more refresh rates.

Overall, LEGO Brawls could feel overwhelming. There’ll seem to be a ton of content and items to collect, but with a little experimenting to get familiar with the variety of power-ups, weapons, and collectibles LEGO Brawls offers, you’ll soon have yourself a blast.

And there you have it, our Beginner’s Guide to LEGO Brawls. Got more tips on how to get to the top? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here.


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