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5 Best Games Like LEGO Brawls

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5 Best Games Like LEGO Brawls

If you've had any experience with the 2019 LEGO Brawls multiplayer fighter game, you may have an idea of the level of fun to expect with its upcoming remaster. Like its predecessor, the game maintains a PvP mode featuring four players on each team, but this time you'll have more LEGO themes to explore. You can play against friends all around the world in one of the most competitive action brawls across the LEGO universe. In addition, LEGO Brawls features various other game modes, including a battle royale mode where the last man standing takes the prize.

With limitless customization features, the game lets you design miniature characters of your own liking. From a clown outlaw to a prickly cactus and even a janitor ninja hero, you can go whichever way with your character designs. There are several titles similar to this one, and you may just have as much fun playing them.  Let's take a look at the five best games like LEGO Brawls.


5. River City Girls

River City Girls Official Launch Trailer

Team up with three other tough River City girls on a rescue mission in this beat-em-up game called River City Girls. The two main stars of the game are Misako and Kyoko, who lead the team through six different regions in the city. To move to the next area of the city, you are required to complete a number of battle objectives. Your primary mission is to rescue your kidnapped boyfriends from their captors. The more bosses you defeat, the tougher the next batch of enemies become. 

Like in LEGO Brawls, River City Girls players have access to a range of special attacks, combos, and counters. You can also level up thanks to the experience points you gain after winning fights. Similarly, each defeated enemy drops cash you can collect and use to purchase food and merchandise from various shops. Upon defeating the final bosses in specific areas, your enemies might surrender, and you can add them to your team to fight for you. River City Girls is a colorful yet action-filled experience that any brawler fan can enjoy.


4. Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 - Official Cinematic Launch Trailer

Team up with friends to make a squad of up to four members for a gun-fueled adventure in Borderlands 3. The game features several classes which, like most RPGs, determine your character's skills. Therefore, you and your teammates must select the best complementary characters, as each of them has special abilities. Embark on numerous exciting missions that you accept from NPCs to gain XP experience, in-game money, and other rewards.

As you advance through the game, you gain more skill points, allowing you to use the skill tree to introduce more epic character abilities. Unlike previous entries in the Borderlands series, where each character on the roster could possess a single skill, here you can gain up to three unique abilities; the only drawback is the skills cannot all be equipped at the same time. In the event of death, your teammates can revive you, but the match ends if all team members die. 


3. Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 - Launch Trailer | PS4

Moving on to a more iconic brawler, we have Streets of Rage 4, a recreation of a classic 90s arcade game. Like most beat 'em up games on this list, Streets of Rage 4 lets players fight in teams of either two or four. The gameplay involves side-scrolling to take down ripples of enemies with the help of various disposable weapons as well as other items. Each character has a unique set of attacks they can perform. However, these moves are made at the cost of your health.

Although this may be a drawback, you can still regain the lost health every time you initiate a combo attack without suffering any hits. The game features a Story Mode where you advance through each level, unlocking new events in each stage. The number of lives for each player is limited, and the level restarts once every player is down. However, if you earn a particular number of points, you can increase your life count. The developer has perfectly balanced this remastered version of the game such that it retains some nostalgia for those familiar with the original.


2. One Finger Death Punch 2

One Finger Death Punch 2 - Launch Trailer | PS4

Silver Dollar Games' One Finger Death Punch 2 is one of the fastest brawlers you can play today. This is one of a few games where you only need two buttons to move through a wave of raging enemies. Outnumbered and surrounded, you will need every kind of weapon at your disposal to defeat each attacker. The game does its best to maintain some original elements from its prequel, such as its unusual two-button mechanic that has now been improved to perfection.

Here, you gain control over 26 skills that you can unlock as you progress through the levels. Therefore, you need accuracy and speed as you juggle between various skills and weapons. The game's visuals may appear simple, but its animating style makes it more appealing; this way, you can concentrate on the fun combat and avoid distractions. Compared to its prequel, the game may be much easier to play, mainly because this version lets you explore more abilities and skills.


1. Big Crown: Showdown

Big Crown: Showdown - Royal Ruckus Trailer | PS4

Go head to head with other players in one of the most competitive 3D platformers, dubbed Big Crown: Showdown. You and three of your friends compete for the crown through some fun, wacky combat mechanisms. Moving across various risky courses through the three colorful worlds featured in the game, you must avoid crashing while also looking out for other players. The game adopts a one-button combat mechanic, which makes it easy for all audiences to play while still maintaining the depth of content.

Aside from the ludicrous combat, Big Crown: Showdown also features classic platforming that requires players to constantly be on the move. The need for quick reaction challenges you to invest all your attention in the task at hand. This makes this game one of the most robust yet fun titles on the list. The music is also a major part of what makes the game an epic experience. If you are looking for something that will have you and your friends laughing for the most part, this game may be the best choice.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our list the best game like LEGO Brawls? Are there other games you’d recommend? Let us know on our socials here or in the comments below.


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