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5 LEGO Games We Want in 2022



With LEGO being one of the most popular brands on the planet, it comes as no surprise that the likes of Traveller's Tales and other brick-loving creators port whatever they can get their hands on for the video game world. And to be fair, with the number of LEGO ports that have been built over the last two decades, it becomes more the question of what will come next, rather than how will a developer find the material to make another game at all.

Of course, with so many entries in the book, we're not exactly starved of choice, and Traveller's Tales has been known to do a pretty tidy job of keeping up with the trends too, meaning a new series is never all that far away. But if we, just a small group of wannabe creators, were able to pull the strings, then things would look a little different. If we had our say, then these five franchises would be the next in line to become LEGO video games.


5. Fantastic Beasts

We'll start out by saying one thing: Fantastic Beasts, although never released as a full game, was once included in the LEGO Dimensions collection. We're aware of this, and yet, we're also still pretty salty that Traveller's Tales never went the extra mile to bring the whole world surrounding Newt Scamander and his collection of otherworldly creatures to life. And so, here's us reminding TT that the demand is still present and accounted for.

Of course, Harry Potter received the full body treatment, with two collections spanning the entire eight years of epic adventures. Fantastic Beasts, on the other hand, received the rough end of the stick, with only an expansion pack in a much larger game. And for what it's worth, we think the witchy trilogy deserves a grander spotlight. Perhaps not the whole Skywalker package—but a more inclusive experience, one that Potterheads could proudly label as their own.


4. Fast & Furious

If you had mentioned Fast & Furious on such a list ten years ago, then you would have been laughed out of the door. And yet, ask today, and it seems like a perfect fit—especially with the series taking a complete U-turn towards a more action-based structure. And racing, you know, because that's also a thing. Sometimes.

As the series approaches its tenth entry, now would be a good time to rustle up a video game to flesh out its portfolio. And after the car crash that was last year's Crossroads, I think I speak for all when I say, we could really do with something, you know, better. Just don't put Slightly Mad Studios behind the wheel when piecing it together and it might just turn out alright. Traveller's Tales, that's your cue.


3. LEGO Nickelodeon

Crossovers aren't exactly a thing of the past. If anything, they're more common than ever, and both the LEGO and Nickelodeon kingdoms are known for dipping toes in waters that aren't their own. That said, we have yet to cast eyes on a LEGO SpongeBob game, or any sort of Nickelodeon spin-off for that matter.

A LEGO Nickelodeon game could come in many shapes and sizes. Take All-Stars Brawl and Kart Racers, for example. Both games featured a mixture of instantly recognizable characters and a completely different genre, meaning Traveller's Tales would have a field trip should they ever take the time to explore it. Or, keep it simple and just build a LEGO version of the first SpongeBob movie. Any way is fine, so long as it has bricks to break and sandwiches to drive.


2. LEGO 007

The fact that a LEGO adaptation of the James Bond movies was in the works once upon a time just goes to show that there's potential there. Why it was never fully developed and put on the shelves remains one of the biggest mysteries in gaming. But if we're being honest with ourselves for a second, I think we can all agree that a 007 port would be a crowning moment for Traveller's Tales.

Anyway, let's face it. James Bond isn't exactly short on movies, spin-offs, or even action sequences. The franchise is basically made up of all three, which of course begs the question of why it never came to fruition. Though, to be honest, our hopes are still relatively high. It may not be here just yet, but it remains higher than the vast majority of ideas put out by LEGO fans.


1. LEGO Hunger Games

The Hunger Games may not be keeping in line with the usual happy-go-lucky theme that LEGO usually employs, but it's definitely a concept we'd like to see come to light. Battle royale and brick-breaking go hand-in-hand, and we honestly thing a LEGO switch up would be a sturdy addition to the library—even if it does deface one or two old school values.

Picturing not only The Hunger Games springing to life, but the build-up to the event, including the training and sponsorships, all feels like platinum material to us. Call it what you will, but we can't help but believe Katniss Everdeen would make a fine addition to the LEGO roster. Change our minds.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? What movies would you turn into a LEGO game? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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