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Everything We Want in Alan Wake 3

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It had been a gruesome 13-year wait for Alan Wake 2. Fortunately, Remedy Entertainment left nothing to chance as far as “a triumphant return to darkness” is concerned. Dare I say, the long wait was worth every moment? Now, our impatient selves are already dancing with joy at the possibility of a sequel. We can’t help scribbling down everything we hope to see in Alan Wake 3. Interestingly, after the critical acclaim of 2010’s Alan Wake, Sam Lake had already started to draw up plans for the sequel. He had planned to adapt more elements from TV shows of Alan Wake’s genre into the next game. At the time, he also drew concepts for Alan Wake 3 as well.

Looking back, Alan Wake in 2010 set a high standard, and Alan Wake 2 in 2023 exceeded expectations. Now, it seems Sam Lake is taking his time with the third game, possibly aiming for a launch in the 2030s. No complaints from us. Speculating on Alan Wake 2's gripping storyline and intense horror experience, we eagerly anticipate what's to come in Alan Wake 3, even though it's not officially confirmed yet.

5. We Want Answers!

All Thomas Zane scenes and dialogues in Alan Wake 2 - Full story

As any writer will tell you, a good mystery is better than a bad answer. This couldn’t be any more apparent in Alan Wake 2, where we’re left scratching our heads at too many questions left unanswered. But that’s the beauty of gaming—you can always enjoy another rendezvous in a sequel. Hopefully, Sam Lake masters the genius to wrap up the loose threads left hanging in the balance.

Among the questions we have are: What's Zane's deal? He seems to be an even bigger enigma than Alan Wake. What is Ahti? What's up with Door? I mean, Door is Saga’s father. But lingering questions remain. What was Door doing in Bright Falls? Who does he work for? Is his role solely to help Saga? It’s funny that the story interweaves concepts of writing and writer’s block. Could this have actually happened in Sam Lake’s real life? Or is he simply setting the stage for the limitless possibilities Alan Wake 3 will have to offer?

Of course, we don’t presume the third sequel will tie every loose thread with a bow. We can still leave breathing room for a little bit of mystery. Still, if Sam Lake decides to wrap up the Alan Wake saga completely, it’ll still be a banger. And then, possibly, leave the universe open to explore.

4. Return of Saga Anderson

Welcome Saga Anderson - Alan Wake 2 PS5

We love to see new characters join the party a little late, yet they still manage to grab our attention by the time the credits roll. Saga Anderson is a newly introduced character in Alan Wake 2. However, she’s taken on such an incredibly integral role in the twisting tale of the game. We see her character and story interweave their way throughout the plot. So much so that it makes little sense to see her missing in the third sequel.

You may even go so far as to argue that Saga steals the spotlight away from the titular protagonist. She’s an FBI profiler who’s more likable and seems to take on a more well-rounded character design. Both Alan and Saga are playable characters. But to write out Saga from the third game might cause more harm than good. 

3. Keep the Survival Horror Genre

Alan Wake 2 Is A Survival Horror Game

The transition from Alan Wake to Alan Wake 2 introduced some quality-of-life changes. It kicked off as a cult classic action-adventure game in 2010. Now, the series has transcended into a full-on survival horror experience. While changing genres is usually a risky move, Remedy Entertainment pulled it off perfectly, as if to say Alan Wake should have been a horror game from the beginning.

But with Remedy Entertainment’s other projects failing to capture the same rapid success that Alan Wake has, it makes you think that they may be trying to make the series the alpha and omega of the studio. While changing genres worked for the good of the series, even elevating the gameplay to become more exciting, another genre change could take away the essence of its story. The Remedy verse has a lot to offer. Hopefully, Alan Wake remains the survival horror experience we've loved so far. Let’s maybe leave the action thriller to Max Payne and Control.

2. A Sooner Release Window

Alan Wake 2 - Launch Trailer | PS5 Games

It turns out the long, hazardous 13-year wait for Alan Wake 2 has a logical explanation. Microsoft wanted to own the rights to the series, but Sam Lake wasn’t ready to turn over the project so soon. So, Remedy went on to work on other projects before finally resuming to release Alan Wake 2.

But the gist of the matter is that talks about Alan Wake 2 were already underway over a decade ago, along with the base concepts for Alan Wake 3. Who knows? Maybe Sam Lake already has the main concepts for the third game locked and loaded. So, we could possibly get the third sequel sometime sooner. Next year, even? We simply can’t wait too long again.

1. More Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 - Gameplay Reveal Trailer | PS5 Games

A little confusing? Let me explain. So, Alan Wake 2 nails the profound writing and innovative storytelling we so crave in survival horror games. It’s one of the best parts of its convoluted mystery thriller plotline. Now, we want more of the same in the third sequel—an intriguing story arc that keeps you guessing about what might happen next.

There’s also a bit too much walking around and mindless stuff. It would make sense for an RPG. But Alan Wake 3 could do with more meaningful gameplay and combat to launch it to its rightful place on the survival horror throne.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with everything we want in Alan Wake 3? Are there more features you want to see in the third game? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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