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5 Best Horror Games You Can Get for $20



Gaming on a budget in 2022 couldn't be easier, thanks to the countless $20 indies that make up the market. And when all's said and done, anything that comes in at $20 or less is beyond worthy of being considered for your library. Plus, horror games, in specific, are known to be questionably cheap, which makes the genre a go-to realm for gamers who only wish to shell over a few dollars apiece.

Whatever your choice of platform is, it's safe to say that Xbox, PlayStation, and PC each host a number of fantastic deals and ridiculously cheap games. So, if horror is what you're after, and you're only looking to spend $20 or less on whatever's available, then be sure to consider onboarding these five titles.


5. The Park

The Park - Launch Trailer

The Park is a relatively short episodic memoir about the trials and tribulations that revolve around a broken mother-son relationship. Set during the aftermath of the son's untimely disappearance, players are tasked with venturing into an abandoned theme park, a place which holds the scattered memories of the fractured family and the last known location of the missing boy.

This two-hour walking simulator doesn't rely on cheap jump scares, though it does utilize a certain level of psychological horror to segue its narrative towards a grand conclusion. And on that note, for less than $20, it's definitely a trip through memory lane worth taking — especially if you're looking to cram in a compelling horror tale on a short Sunday afternoon.


4. Infliction: Extended Cut

Infliction: Extended Cut - Console Launch Trailer

If you were to mesh Visage with Silent Hills' P.T., you'd wind up with something like Infliction: Extended Cut. Like the two, its goal is mostly the same, in the fact that you're led around a ghostly manor home in search of clues to unlock certain household mysteries. And while that doesn't seem all that unique at face value, its atmospheric world is most definitely on par with some of the $70 high-rollers that make up the top shelf.

Although it may be somewhat short, Infliction: Extended Cut still provides a ridiculous amount of thrill-heavy content for you to indulge in. Its opaque world is heavy on the jump scares, and its well-orchestrated soundboard is unsettling enough to keep you jeering for the lights. Add a few twisted ghosts and ghouls and you've got yourself a stellar setup for an engaging horror game. The fact that it's under $20 is merely the icing on the cake.


3. The Bunker

The Bunker – Announcement Trailer | PS4

The Bunker is an interactive live-action drama that stems from the same writers that built SOMA, The Witcher, and Broken Sword. In this full motion point and click adventure, you must navigate the forgotten areas of a nuclear fallout shelter. With two interconnecting timelines to unveil, you will need to connect the repressed memories of the past with the present. Through flashbacks, you will come to learn the secrets of the dreaded bunker.

Thanks to its high-end budget and innovative ideas, The Bunker comes to life as a near-perfect hybrid of a movie and a video game. With quality acting and a convincing story arc to boot, the feature-length project makes for one fantastic flick. Therefore, if you're between ideas for Halloween, then you can rest assured that The Bunker provides a two-for-one package. Movie? Game? Might as well kill two birds with one stone and go for The Bunker.


2. Welcome to Hanwell

Welcome to Hanwell - New Gameplay Trailer (Open World Horror Game) 2017

Welcome to Hanwell is an open world survival horror that blends the atmospheric undertones of Outlast with the twisted creatures of Silent Hill. As the last remaining citizen of the British town, you must work to uncover the truth behind the city's downfall. In order to solve the mystery, you will need to infiltrate The Council, an underground organization that orchestrates the paranormal.

In this dark and suspenseful horror, the thrill the chase is everything. And if, for whatever reason, you enjoyed being endlessly pursued in Outlast's Mount Massive Asylum, then you're sure to feel right at home in Hanwell. With a whole bunch of puzzles and collectibles to boot, this short but gripping tale most definitely justifies the tag.


1. Emily Wants to Play Too

Emily Wants To Play Too Official Trailer for PC

Emily Wants to Play Too is the follow-up chapter to one of Steam's most streamed horror games of 2016. Like before, its premise revolves around surviving from dusk till dawn while battling the titular antagonist and her band of unruly dolls. Think Five Nights at Freddy's, but with the ability to meander around a pitch black office building in the dead of night. That's Emily Wants to Play Too, and it is utterly terrifying for all the right reasons.

The goal is simple: navigate an office complex and survive for twelve hours straight. For every hour you pass, a new obstacle will present itself to you. And when we say obstacle, we mean porcelain dolls with the ability to stalk, torment, and kill. Question is, are you ready to play the most dangerous game of hide and seek ever conceived for the horror world? For just under $10, you can reveal the answer to that question yourself. Emily awaits your arrival.


So, what's your take? Will you be picking up any of the above five? Are there any horror games you'd recommend? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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