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Disco Elysium: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



Disco Elysium is a unique role-playing game that immerses you in a world where dialogue and decision-making are key. In this game, you play as a detective in the fictional city of Revachol, navigating through complex stories and characters. The gameplay is centered around conversations, skill checks, and exploration, with a focus on character development rather than traditional combat.

This game stands out for its deep integration of skills into every aspect of play. Your choices and skills shape how you interact with the world and its inhabitants, making each playthrough unique. For beginners, understanding this intricate system can be challenging, but the following tips will guide you through the essentials for a rewarding experience in Revachol.

5. Take Your Time to Explore

Characters engage in conflict, snowy setting depicted

First up, exploring Disco Elysium is like diving into a deep ocean of stories. Picture yourself walking through the city of Revachol, where every corner, every person, has a tale to tell. You might find an old wall with a story carved into it, chat with someone interesting, or even find a clue that helps solve your case. The game is full of little details, and each one is part of a bigger story. So, as you start playing, take your time to look around and soak in all these details. Let your curiosity lead you. Maybe you'll wander into a hidden alley or find something special on a busy street. The more you explore, the more you'll understand this complex world.

And it's not just about looking around. Exploring is a big part of how you play the game. The choices you make, the places you decide to check out, and the people you talk to change your experience. The best parts of the game aren't always right in front of you. Sometimes, they're tucked away, waiting for you to find them. You might come across a rare item, start a new quest, or have a conversation that really makes you think. If you really dive into the world of Disco Elysium, you'll find a richer and more exciting adventure.

4. Experiment with Different Builds

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In Disco Elysium, you get to create your detective from scratch, and the game’s skills are like different tools you can pick. Unlike other games, there are no fixed classes here. You can be whoever you want! Imagine being a super-smart detective who solves mysteries with their brainpower or someone who understands people's feelings and motives. Your choices in building your character can change how you play the game. You might uncover new story parts or interact differently with the characters you meet.

And every time you play with a different set of skills, it feels like a new game. For instance, a skill like Inland Empire might let you see the game in a whole new, almost magical way. Or choosing Physical Instrument could make you really strong and change how you handle challenges. This makes Disco Elysium fun to play over and over. So, you can try out different skills and see new sides of the story and characters.

3. Pay Attention to the Time

Explore ruins for clues, Disco Elysium tips

In this game, time really matters. The game moves through day and night, and what you can do changes depending on the time. This means you need to keep track of the time while playing. Some people you need to talk to or places you need to visit might only be available at certain times. So, it's important to plan your moves and make sure you're in the right place at the right time. This makes the game feel more real and adds excitement to your detective work.

Being smart with your time can make your game experience much better. The city of Revachol has its own rhythm, and as you play, you'll need to balance your investigation with these time-based changes. This can make the story more interesting and fun as you try to solve mysteries and meet people who are only around at certain hours. Paying attention to time can lead you to new discoveries and make each playthrough unique, adding to the fun of uncovering the game's secrets.

2. Utilise the Thought Cabinet Wisely

Disco Elysium thought cabinet interface with skills

Before you get into Disco Elysium, it's important to understand the Thought Cabinet and how it can shape your game. Think of it like a mental toolbox, where your detective keeps all the ideas and thoughts they come across. When you choose to focus on certain thoughts, it changes things like your skills and the way you talk to people in the game. For beginners, learning to use the Thought Cabinet is like getting to know how your detective thinks.

As you play more, the Thought Cabinet becomes a key part of your experience in Revachol. Deciding which thoughts to focus on is a bit like finding the right balance. Some thoughts give you immediate help, like making you better at certain skills or giving you hints about the story. But others can make the game more challenging by adding twists and tough choices. This system makes you really think about how you want your detective to grow and change. It's not just about picking the most helpful thoughts; it's also about creating a story that feels right for you. Here, the Thought Cabinet is like a guide, helping you navigate through the game's rich and exciting world.

1. Understand the Skill System

Character sheet in Disco Elysium

The skill system in Disco Elysium is more than just numbers and abilities. It shapes how you see the world and interact with it. The game has 24 skills, grouped into areas like Intellect, Psyche, Physique, and Motorics. These skills change how you talk to people, what you think about situations, and how you solve problems. It's important to know how each skill affects your journey, as they do more than just improve your character's abilities; they change the whole game experience.

When you start playing, the skills you choose can make a big difference. If you pick a lot of Empathy, you'll understand people better in conversations. If you go for Endurance, you'll be tougher in physical challenges. Disco Elysium lets you mix and match skills in many ways, making each playthrough unique. This means you should try different skills to see how they change the story and your interactions with the game world. For beginners, it's really helpful to play around with these skills to get the most out of the game's rich and immersive experience.

So, what do you think of these tips for starting Disco Elysium? Are there any other strategies you would suggest to newcomers? Let us know on our socials here.

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