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5 Best Games Like Disco Elysium

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Best Games Like Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is a 2019 RPG game that gamers continue to hold in high regard. That's because it dared to break away from tradition, a bold move that paid off handsomely. Disco Elysium forgoes the action-packed component of most RPGs in favor of more dense dialogue. 

As an amnesiac detective, you are tasked with solving the mystery of a hanged man. Along the way, you begin to unearth your own lost memories, leading to a clash between you and your self-identity. It's a gripping narrative that's mostly text-based and allows players to choose how to proceed through dialogue prompts. 

Players progress through skill checks and dialogue trees. They bombard themselves with heavy, mature themes and opposing stances. In the end, no two stories are the same. However, you may have had enough playthroughs to want to experience the same strong narrative elsewhere. In that case, check out these best games like Disco Elysium which are a great place to start.

5. Batman – The Telltale Series

Batman Shadows Edition - A Telltale Bundle Official Launch Trailer

Award-winning developer, Telltale Games, is highly esteemed for curating such deep-dive adaptations of popular films, fans of Disco Elysium ought to at least try one of their titles. I recommend Batman – The Telltale Series, a 2016 episodic point-and-click graphic adventure that puts you in the shoes of the DC superhero, the Dark Knight. 

As with most Batman films, Batman – The Telltale Series maintains a similar dark, eerie atmospheric vibe. I can’t imagine Bruce Wayne’s life being any easier, leave alone his mind. Telltale Games exploits that idea and takes players into the fractured mind of Bruce Wayne as he juggles his daytime life as a Billionaire and owner of Wayne enterprise and his side hobby as the masked vigilante, Batman. 

Through dialogue prompts, players choose how the story proceeds, impacting the future and fate of Bruce Wayne. Each choice could have dire consequences, both for an already conflicted Bruce Wayne and the corrupt Gotham City as a whole. Your actions and choices hold so much importance, you’ll find yourself deeply buried in the narrative and feeling chills roll down your spine as the consequences of your actions start to unfold.

4. Undertale

Undertale - Nintendo Switch Release Trailer

Undertale is also a narrative-focused RPG game where the player falls underground into a world crippled with monsters. They must work to find a way out or remain trapped forever. Undertale starts off rather bland. However, when the story picks up, it’s difficult to sway from it thanks to an overrun of creative ideas. 

Although your life is at risk, it’s possible to escape without harming anyone. Simply, negotiate your way out using Undertale’s unique battle system. In the moments where negotiations lead nowhere, though, then you can bring out the big guns and time-critical strikes for extensive damage. 

Will you make friends or enemies? Ever thought about dating a skeleton? One thing’s clear, Undertale’s goal is to stand out from the rest with its original art design and a soulful, character-rich story. It induces playful humor here and there and makes sure that each moment spent here is worth every dime.

3. Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 - Official Gameplay Trailer | X019

If you’re not quite ready yet to give up RPG tactical turn-based combat, then check out Wasteland 3. This is a squad-based RPG that features challenging action yet still maintains a deeply engrossing story full of twists and turns. The Wasteland series is almost as old as time, with the first entry released in 1988. Over time, the series has perfected its craft, building up to become one of the greatest post-apocalyptic RPGs of all time.

Wasteland 3 doesn’t shy away from gore. It’s unapologetic in its themes, perfectly emulating the rawness of building a society from the ashes. Corruption, warring factions, cutthroat gangs, and rivalries run wild in this land. It’s nearly a losing battle. Slowly and surely, though, you start to build a reputation for yourself and make decisions that hopefully will lead to Colorado thriving.

2. The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us - Trailer

I’ve always loved the story twists that reveal the presence of a mole. Have you ever had any luck guessing who the mole could be? If yes, The Wolf Among Us is probably the place to put your detective skills to the test. This is an episodic graphic mystery-drama adventure that is also from developer Telltale Games and adapted from the comic book series, Fables. 

Players take the role of Bigby Wolf who’s tasked with investigating a series of mysterious murders. In no time at all, though, it quickly becomes apparent that the violent, bloody murders are the least of your worries. Using quick-time event prompts, players make time-sensitive decisions that have the potential to drastically alter how the story unfolds. 

Even if you’ve read any of the Fables’ entries, rest assured you won’t see the hook coming. Each step grips your attention, constantly juggling moral quandaries and terrifying revelations. Bigby Wolf, also Sherriff of Fabletown, as it turns out, hasn’t seen it all after all.

1. Sunless Sea

Sunless Sea: Launch Trailer

Sunless Sea stole the hearts of many, thanks to its creative take on exploration, loneliness, and frequent death. It’s creepy, yet exciting at every turn, infusing an unforgettable adventure at sea. Set in the award-winning Victorian Gothic universe of Fallen London, players are asked to commandeer a steamship and set sail into the unknown. 

Turns out, being the captain of a steamship isn’t that simple, particularly when sunk into an underground sea filled with all sorts of atrocities.  Giant crabs leap out from the depths of the seas, swarms of bats come after you, and sentient icebergs threaten another Titanic from happening.

Rest assured, you’ll die more times than you can count. Most times, you have to choose the lesser evil of the cards dealt to you. Will you succumb to madness, eat your crew for survival, or, in some way, come out victorious against all odds?

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our list of the best games like Disco Elysium? Are there more games like Disco Elysium we should know about? Do let us know over on our socials here.

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