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5 Most Anticipated RPGs Coming Out in 2024



The RPG genre has had a wealth of content in recent years. 2022 and 2023 have both had their share of RPG success stories. That being said, today, we would like to look forward to the genre's future. And take a look and the games set to release in 2024. These are games with fantastic scope and detail that hope to blow us away. So if you like us and are interested in RPGs, please enjoy our list of the 5 Most Anticipated RPGs Coming Out in 2024.

5. Black Myth: Wukong

We begin today by starting off our list with a title that has raised quite a few eyebrows. However, with only the brief glimpses we have received of the game. Black Myth: Wukong appears to be an absolutely visually stunning title. One in which players will be able to interact with Chinese mythology. Firstly, The gameplay for this game appears to be exceptional and fluid, making it a great selling point for the game. Certainly, the creature designs and overall combat make this a game that is certainly worthy of much praise.

Finally, players will be able to play as the mythical Sun Wukong from the Tales of Journey to the West. Additionally, this is a character that has gone on to inspire many characters in fiction, such as Son Goku from Dragon Ball and many others. The game is currently being developed in Unreal Engine 5, which gives the game a stunning level of graphical fidelity. It is through the power of this engine that the game hopes to wow players. So while there is no currently no definitive release date, Black Myth: Wukong is certainly already one of the most anticipated RPGs we hope to see in 2024.

4. ARK 2

Firstly, ARK 2 is an incredibly anticipated release for 2024. This is a game that has a ton of potential and a lot to live up to. With the success of its predecessor Ark: Survival Evolved, a sequel must capitalize on this success in a great way. Additionally, this title has a ton of different systems that it can stand to improve when compared to the first game. It would appear that the developers at Studio Wildcard appear to be working tirelessly on making this the best game possible. Lastly, the game's overhauled combat system appears to be the stuff of dreams.

And if the final product is anything like the trailers would lead us to believe, then we are in for quite a ride. The graphical fidelity that is achieved through the use of Unreal Engine 5 is simply stunning. Everything from the facial animations to ground textures and foliage, everything has been leveled up significantly. So if you are someone who enjoys the survival gameplay of Ark, then definitely look forward to ARK 2 as it is not only one of the most anticipated RPGs of 2024 but one of the most anticipated games.

3. Like A Dragon 8

The Yakuza series as a whole is one that has maintained its legendary status throughout the years. With Like A Dragon 8, however, the series hopes to somewhat reinvent and revitalize itself. The game appears to have series protagonist Kazama Kiryu as a part of the game. An interesting change is that the game will be dropping Yakuza from the title. However, the game's core cast of characters is from that franchise. As far as gameplay goes, this title appears to be a turn-based RPG in which players will use a plethora of weapons.

The same commitment to storytelling and character development appears to still be intact with this title. This is wonderful to see, as the Yakuza series is one that has long been highly praised, especially for its marks in this regardIt should be noted, however, that if past entries in the series are anything to go by, we certainly are in for one wild ride. So if you, like us, are interested in the Yakuza series and what to see what it will have to offer in 2024. Definitely be on the lookout for one of the most anticipated RPGs set to release that year.

2. Path of Exile 2

For fans of RPGs, or more specifically ARPGs, Path of Exile has been a shining beacon of quality and consistency. It would appear that the team behind the game will want to take it into the future with a sequel. While there is currently little information surrounding this sequel, it is already of the most anticipated RPGs around. This isn't without reason, either, as the quality held within the first Path of Exile is simply stellar. In addition, the storylines within this game appear to take on an amazing sense of scope and scale.

There will allegedly be seven acts within the main storyline. However, this is far from the only content that this game will offer players. There will be a total of nineteen new classes to choose from, which is great for player agency and gameplay variety. Path of Exile 2 hopes to build on the foundation placed by its predecessor in many ways. This includes changes to the game's skill system and many other aspects. Well, we cannot wait to see what this title shapes up to be. So if you like us, consider this one of the most sought-after RPGs of 2024. You should definitely be on the lookout.

1. Final Fantasy XVI

What can be said about the Final Fantasy series that hasn't already been said? Since the polarizing release of Final Fantasy XV, many fans have been clamoring for more from the series. While many fans criticized various aspects of that game, it would appear that Final Fantasy XVI is a different beast altogether. The game itself features combat animations that are simply top-of-the-industry type content and are sure to wow any naysayers. The scale of the game has also increased, and given the additional power of today's consoles, this title will only grow.

The game follows a new hero, Clive, as they make their way through the world. The world itself also appears to play a more significant role than in the previous game as well. The game's side characters appear to have received quite a bit more love as well. This is great to see, as many players thought that in the previous game, too little time was spent on the game's side characters and content. All in all, Final Fantasy XVI is undoubtedly one of the titles, specifically within RPGs, to be looking forward to in 2024.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Most Anticipated RPGs Coming Out in 2024? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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