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Yakuza 8 Announced, Official Title and Trailer Revealed

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Yakuza 8

Developer RGG Studio and Sega have officially announced the next game in the Yakuza series. 

The game will officially be titled Like a Dragon 8. Executive producer Masayoshi Yokoyama revealed the game with a trailer during the Ryu Ga Gotoku Summit 2022 live stream. Kazuma Kiryu, the protagonist, and hero of the Yakuza 1-6 will make a return in the new game.  Ichiban Kasuga, the main character from Yakuza: Like a Dragon will reunite with Kazuma Kiryu in the new sequel. The trailer shows a quick glimpse at Kiryu and Ichiban, who will both star in the game. According to Yokoyama, the game is also an RPG and will have two protagonists. 

“The game is about Kiryu who has all of his past on his back and Ichiban who has all of the future ahead of him. We felt we had to bring back Kiryu for that theme,” said Masayoshi Yokoyama.

The game’s reveal has taken a bit of a turn from what many fans of the series anticipate. The game is a follow-up to Yakuza: Like a Dragon that ostensibly does away with the Yakuza branding entirely. Additionally, it will switch from the action-RPG combat of earlier Yakuza video games to the turn-based combat style first seen in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. in the first teaser for Like a Dragon 8, both of the protagonists are seen sporting their new hairstyles for the title. Kiryu in particular has experimented with his hair a bit since the last time we saw him. According to Yokoyama, There were “a lot of reasons” behind Kiryu's new hairstyle. However, he insisted that they would be kept a secret for the time being.

Like a Dragon 8 will launch in 2024 for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One. Sega and RGG did not reveal a specific release date fo Yakuza 8 which is okay considering the game is in the early stages of development.

What is your take? What do you think of the Like a Dragon 8 trailer that has been revealed so far? Are you anticipating its 2024 release? Let us know here on our socials or in the comments below. 


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