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Custom Mech Wars: Everything We Know



Ever dreamed of piloting a giant robot in a world where you're humanity's last hope? What if you could make that robot any way you wanted, picking its arms, legs, and weapons to fit your style? Now, imagine teaming up with friends to take down big threats and save the world together. Sounds like a video game you'd want to play, right? Well, get ready, because a game like this is on its way. It's called Custom Mech Wars, and it's shaping up to be a one-of-a-kind experience that lets you build your dream mech and use it to save a world in crisis. Let's dive into all the exciting details. Here's everything we know about Custom Mech Wars.

What is Custom Mech Wars?

Custom Mech Wars

Custom Mech Wars is an upcoming third-person shooter that promises to take the mech genre to an entirely new level. The centerpiece of this revolutionary game is its Omega Customization System, which opens the door to unlimited creativity. Unlike traditional mech games that confine you to predefined builds, CMW liberates you to create battle robots as unique as your imagination allows. From multi-headed mechanical marvels to mechs with arms and legs at unconventional angles, the design canvas is truly limitless.

The choices you make aren't just for looks. The parts you choose for your mech will change how it performs in battle. If you add a heavy weapon, your mech might move more slowly. If you go for lighter armor, you might be quicker but easier to damage. Every choice you make will shape how your mech fights, so you're really crafting your own gaming experience. The game also promises a rich multiplayer experience, but what sets it apart is the co-op functionality that is deeply integrated into the very fiber of the game. You'll have the opportunity to team up with other players who have their own uniquely designed mechs. This sets the stage for a dynamic, ever-changing battlefield where every player brings something special to the table.


The story of Custom Mech Wars puts you in a world that's falling apart. Bad robots, once made to keep us safe, are now causing chaos and destroying cities. This sets the stage for a real-life superhero moment, but instead of capes and masks, we've got giant mechs—huge robots piloted by people. These aren't just any people; they're heroes willing to risk it all to save the day.

You get to be one of these heroes. As a player, you step into the shoes of a mech pilot with their own unique story. Maybe you're the tough and serious pilot of the Full Armor Bot or the daring leader of the Beast Bot. Whoever you choose to be, you'll feel connected to them. You're not just fighting to win battles; you're fighting for these characters and their lives.

But here's a twist—the bad robots are more complicated than they seem. The game dives into why these machines, made to protect us, are now our enemies. Are they just broken, or is something more mysterious going on? This makes the game more than just a shooting spree; it makes you think. You're not just battling robots; you're solving a big, life-changing puzzle. And that makes the story of Custom Mech Wars something really special to look forward to.


CMW Gameplay

Based on the trailer and what the game makers have shared, we can expect some pretty cool stuff from Custom Mech Wars' gameplay. First, let's talk about the Omega Customization System. This feature lets you design your own mech robot in a super detailed way. Want more arms? Go for it. Want a faster mech? You can do that too. Each choice you make affects how good your mech is at fighting, running, or taking damage.

Once your mech is ready, it's time for battle! The game switches to a fast-paced action mode where you and your unique robot fight against rogue AI robots and other player's mechs. You might have to capture specific areas, protect important places, or even fight big boss enemies. What's even interesting? When you beat enemy robots, you can take their parts and use them to make your own mech even better. This makes each fight important because it can help you in future battles. If you're playing with friends online, you all can strategize together, making it a fun and engaging experience.

So, to sum it up, Custom Mech Wars looks set to offer a gameplay experience that's full of choices, fast action, and teamwork. It's going to be a game that keeps you thinking and keeps you playing.


The development of Custom Mech Wars is in the capable hands of D3PUBLISHER. They're known for making fun and good-looking games. This time, they're blending deep customization with exciting robot battles. Given their history of making great games, many are excited to see what they'll bring to this new title.


Custom Mech Wars - Announcement Trailer | PS5 Games

The Custom Mech Wars trailer is out and it's amazing! We get to see different types of cool robots that will be in the game. Plus, it shows off some great game features. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the video above. It's really worth a watch!

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

The Custom Mech Wars game is set to come out this winter. That's right, soon you'll be able to dive into this awesome world of robots and action. You'll be able to play it on PlayStation 5 and Steam, which is great news whether you're a console gamer or prefer playing on your computer.

Even though the price hasn't been shared yet, the buzz around this game is super high. As for special versions of the game, we don't have any news yet. But given how cool this game looks, we wouldn't be surprised if they offer some limited editions with extra perks. So whether you like to play games on your own or team up with friends, keep an eye out for more details. You can follow the official social media account of the game here. They might reveal more exciting news about the exact release date, prices, or special editions soon!

So, what's your take on the Custom Mech Wars? Are you excited to team up with friends for some co-op action? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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