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Call of Duty League London Final Results

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Call of Duty League London

Call of Duty League London event is just over. We are bringing you the results and talking about what exactly happened at the Royal Ravens Home Series.

London's famous Copper Box Arena was the location of this week's epic competition. There were 8 teams duking it out, spread in 2 groups. Ultimately, Chicago's Huntsmen proved to be victorious, earning $10, 000 and 50 CDL Points with a dominating performance.

Group A

Chicago Huntsmen vs. Guerrillas (3:0)

Dallas Empire vs. Seattle Surge (3:0)

Chicago Huntsmen vs. Dallas Empire (3:1)

Seattle Surge vs. LA Guerrillas (3:2)

Dallas Empire vs. Seattle Surge (3:1)

Empire and Huntsmen both scored a flawless victory against Seattle's Surge and LA's Guerrillas respectively. Huntsmen also breezed through the Empire, proving that they are one of the teams to watch out for. The second day showed Surge dominating Guerrillas, but losing from Empire.

Group B

New York Subliners vs. Paris Legion (3:1)

London Royal Ravens vs. Toronto ULTRA (3:1)

London Royal Ravens vs. New York Subliners (3:2)

Paris Legion vs. Toronto ULTRA (3:1)

Paris Legion vs. New York Subliners (3:0)

Royal Ravens kicked the things right on their home turf, by easily defeating Toronto's ULTRA. The Subliners managed to get a win against Paris Legion but were stomped by the hosts after having a massive advantage. In this case, the crowd definitely played a big role in helping the Ravens win. Legion managed to get itself together and scored 2 big wins, which put them in the semi-finals.

Big Finals

Chicago Huntsmen vs. Paris Legion (3:2)

Dallas Empire vs. London Royal Ravens (3:2)

Chicago Huntsmen vs. Dallas Empire (3:0)

Royal Ravens, unfortunately, didn't pass through the semifinals, where they got stopped by Dallas Empire. It was an intense match, which was resolved in big showdown on Piccadilly. There, even home advantage didn't help. Meanwhile, Huntsmen defeated Legion thanks to the good plays made by Scump. The big finale was between Huntsmen and Empire, which the former basically crushed. Chicago scored an impressive victory against Dallas on all 3 maps: Hardpoint, Chicago, and St. Petrograd.

Call of Duty League Final Placements

Call Of Duty League London Placement

Similar to their start at Launch Weekend, Huntsmen showed no sign of slowing down. The finale was played  Dallas Empire pleasantly surprised us by getting 2nd place, compared to the 11th on the opening week.

However, this was only enough to secure them the 3rd place overall, while Paris Legion remains the 2nd best with 40 points. I was also underwhelmed by the performance of the Guerillas, who just didn't get the break.

CDL Ultimate Rankings

Both LA teams are currently lagging behind

This is only the 2nd of 15 events in the Call of Duty League, so things can still change dramatically. The ranking will be updated on the main page of CDL. Check up the schedule here so you don't miss any of the remaining tournaments.

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